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Weight Loss
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FINALLY hit the 140's!

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I'm so excited, I just had to post! My starting weight was 210lbs - and today I weighed in at 149.6. Woohoo! My goal is 135 - only 14 to go! Laughing I also shopped a little today. I used to fit into a size 15/16 - 17/18. Today I fit into a size 7/8, Yay!

It's tough but never say never. You all can do it. You're gonna get discouraged at times but don't let that knock you down. Get up and get back at it the next day.Wink

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YAYYYY! haha well done :D I'm on week 1 of my plan so this has given me great motivation! So happy for you chick :)

That's AWEsome - well done!

You are my new inspiration!  I am about 212 right now and trying to get to 135.  Do you have any tips?  Thanks so much!


That's amazing!  Congrats!

Great job!  Keep it up.  I started at 227 a year ago Jan and hit the 140's in Nov.  I was/am heading for 135 as well.  Unfortunately I have stalled the last few months and have been hanging out at 145.  Still not giving up though! 

Congrats Tash! That's wonderful!! Smile

well done very good :D

Congrats on all your hard work.  Can't wait to get there myself. It's so exciting to see success stories. :)  Keep it up you be at your goal in no time

Congradulations and thanks for the encouragement!

Thanks, everyone!

@sgalbraith - wow, it's so crazy hearing that now - being an inspiration to someone. It feels so good to hear that!

Tips? Let's see - Don't have any junk food in the house. That helps out a lot. If it's there, it's very tempting to eat. I basically stick to around 1380cals a day - workout about every other day (4x a week). I eat a little more on the days I workout. I try not to eat past 7PM even though some still lose weight when eating late but for me, I feel like it doesn't help me out much.

My eating schedule pretty much goes like this:

Start work at 7:30AM - Breakfast - I've been eating oatmeal at my desk every morning lately - haven't gotten tired of it, yet LOL - about 130cals

Snack at 9AM - 90-120cals

Lunch at 11AM - 230 - 330cals

After lunch around 11:30AM - I have to have something sweet so I will have like a granola bar or something similiar - 90-120cals

Snack at 1:30PM - 90 - 120cals

The remaining calories I try to save until I get home and I try to finish my calories by 7PM. By the time I get off work (at 4PM) - I have about 600-800cals remaining. (I save it for dinner and snacks)

I am pretty much eating all day LOL - but I think it works out better. Or at least for me it does, because I don't feel like I'm starving myself.

Good luck! If you want more tips on how I do it, feel free to ask Smile



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OMG what I would give to be you right now!! Well done you, how long did it take to lose it and what was you average weekly loss?

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I am so so happy for you! I'm also jelaous! :) good jelaous! So how long did it take you to lose all this weight? I basically am at your same starting point and I had set my goal at 155 to start but wow, maybe I could make it to 135. Again, very happy for you!


That is truly amazing. Good for you. I'm struggling to lose 30-ish pounds but it really is encouraging and inspiring that you have successully managed to lose double that!

I hope you continue to be successful in your journey! :)

Thanks, all! Well, I first started in January 2008. It took about 6 or 7 months to lose 40lbs. I stuck around 165-170ish for like, 2 years. I still ate healthy and worked out but didn't count calories strictly...and I didn't gain weight! Finally I started strictly counting again around Christmas 2010 - I gained a few pounds during the month of December from all the potlucks at work Yell and weighed about 171 on December 22nd. That's when I started up again - and now on 4/10 I'm at 149.

It did take quite some time but that's cuz I took like a 2 year long break, LOL. If you stick to it, and keep yourself motivated, you'll get there much faster.

I think I've been losing at about 1-2lbs a week. I weight myself every Sunday morning. I also set goals for myself this time. I have a friend's wedding to attend end of this month and I used that to motivate me.

I set small goals for myself to lose 5lbs a month for 4 months which is do-able. My list says this:

End of January - 163lbs

End of February - 158lbs

End of March - 153lbs

End of April - 148lbs

So far I met and slightly passed each goal. Now my ultimate goal is 135! Movin on down! LOL

Awsome ! great going. real good job...Cool Keep it up!!

Yay!! Way to go!!

woah!! congratulations Tash well done!!

im soooo glad one of your tips has you eating every 2hrs - note the emphasis on the calories! but YAY because i feel just so bad sometimes when i count the seconds till my next fruit! now i feel loads better!!

please share your exercises as well because cant im trying to get past the walking - tell myself if its up a steep hill, im sorted!!


Congratulations!! Keep up the dedication to being a healthier you! I'm losing also and the daily posting and food search is saving me for the first time in my life! Who knew? :-)

Good  For You.  I know how hard it is, Keep up your healthy eating habits.  Your family must be so proud of you.

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