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Finally, goal met!

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Anyway, I'm a lurker on this forum most of the time, but I think I have a post today to share.

I finally made my weight loss goal of 105 lb.  I know that may sound excessive, but I'm barely 5' tall and I'm 22 years old with a small frame.  Two years ago I was 150 pounds, and totally in denial that I was overweight until I saw some pictures of myself at a wedding (I couldn't avoid the camera, haha) and had to admit that I had a problem that would escalate if I let it.

Well, it seemed like that weight would never come off.  Many of the people on here seem to be able to take it off so quickly, but most of those pounds just never seemed like they would come off.  Many times I wondered if it was really worth giving up some of my favorite foods in order to lose those extra pounds.  It was hard to go out with my friends and watch them order and eat what they wanted while I ordered salads (which I later grew to enjoy) and healthier fare.

I just want to share that it's worth it!  I know that I didn't think I would ever meet my goal, and I know that there are others that feel that way right now.  I know how others must feel, and I want to offer some encouragement because I know how hard it is to stay on track and follow your diet.  It's agonizing to lose a half of a pound in one week and wonder how much longer it will be before you're finally where you want.  Modifying your lifestyle and eating habits is worth it!  The exercise is worth it.

I'll probably increase my caloric intake now for maintenance rather than weight loss, but I was eating approximately 1300 kcal/day to begin with, and then I later added some light exercise and bumped my intake to 1400 kcal/day until I had about five more pounds to lose.  I'm more fit now, so lately I've been consuming about 1600 kcal/day while exercising about an hour to an hour and a half, four to five days per week.  I'll probably bump that up to around 1700-1800 kcal/day; we'll see.  I alternate between cardio and weight training, and I do abs every time I exercise.  I've lost 5" from my waist, and I finally feel healthy.

I know that everyone can meet their goals and be successful with their own exercise plans!  I just want to wish everyone good luck, because I know they'll be happy when they obtain their goals!
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Congrats on meeting your goal!!!  You must feel great!  :D
you did great! congrats! now go bask in the glory of losing 45 pounds and all of those inches!!

p.s. i hit my goal yesterday, woo hoo... it does feel good, doesn't it?!
What a great day for a party to celebrate all your hard work and successes!!!

*throws confetti and brings out the party hats*
Woooot! Paaaaaaarty! :D
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Excellent!!!! You should be proud of yourself. 
Congratulations on achieving your goal!! Great job!!
Thanks for the encouragement.

Congratulations SO MUCH on reaching your goal. I'm glad you're so happy about it, enough to keep healthy and not gain it back. That's excellent!
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