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How do I figure % of body weight lost??

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The community is doing a losing contest thing and it is based on percent of body weight lost, but I can not figure out how to get that #. I started out at 314.1 and weighed in at 302.0 for a 12.1 pound loss. Can someone tell me how to figure out the percentage for that? Thank you.

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You have lost 3.8% of your original weight.  To find that out, I took your loss divided by your original weight.


12.1 / 314.1 =  0.038

To turn that into a percentage, you multiply the result by 100.  

0.038 * 100 = 3.8

That is your percent.  3.8%



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It's simple, if you know how to do it.  You always take the difference between the old and new weights, then divide it by the starting weight.  So...........in this example, you lost 12.1 lbs, and you started at 314.1


12.1/314.1= .03852

 By moving the decimal to get a %, you lost 3.8% of your body weight.


Good luck....keep going!

Thank you so much, I feel like a total doofus now.  But i'm a slightly skinnier doofus.  lol


thanks for posting this! helped me!


my calculation was slightly wrong! :)

I have a spreadsheet if any one would like me to email them it. We had a biggest loser thing at work last year, and I have it still. It calculates the forula for you, just insert your weight, and lbs lost. It is in Excel format....message me if you would like it!
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I would really be interested in that spreadsheet!  My husbands office is doing the biggest loser contest and I am in charge of it! I'm not sure if I have excel but I have windows on my computer. My email is deanna @dependableam.com.  Thank you!!!

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Hi -- I would love to get your spreadsheet. We are starting a weight-loss challenge here at work and I think that would be very helpful. Thanks again! My email is sherylldean@yahoo.com.

Hey there... I have sent it to you guys!

Good Luck!

Hi, I would like to get a copy of your weightloss chart.  My email is carson@ag.tamu.edu.



I sent it to you momo!

Hi, I would like to get a copy of your weightloss chart.  My email is


Thank you.  It will help me a great deal

It has been sent Barb :)

Would you please send it to me too.  My email is asuits@tswireless.net

Sent :)


Could you please send the Excel sheet too? I would really appreciate it! My email is lisa25lmg@yahoo.com


I'd like your spreadsheet too, pretty pretty please! Email = wynachaea@gmail.com


Thanks much!

Sent :)

Sent :)

I would also like your spread sheet. My email is citymse1@aol.com. Thanks alot!

Your spreadsheet sounds fab, please could I have a copy too?  My email is bakedsue@hotmail.com

Thanks! Smile

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