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How to fight the urge to binge

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Is it possible? When I get the urge to "binge" it's such an overwhelming feeling. It's like the most strongest force possible just making you feel like crap. I can tell when a binge is coming on. My question is - is it really possible to fight the urge? I know that the one time you fight the urge off and beat it - that is a HUGE stepping stone to overcoming this issue.

For example, I can already tell my body is urging myself to binge today. I'm at work and feel overwhelmingly stressed and depressed, and the urge to binge is totally here. I feel liek a dark cloud is above my head and it's just a matter of time before 6pm hits I go home and game over. But I want to fight it and I know I can do it. Am I doing any harm to my body if I resist the urge? For example, will my body go nuts if I resist the urge and make me extremely tensed up or anything?

Or, do I have everything to gain by just fighting it off?

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Actually, resisting your urge to binge might RELIEVE some of your stress and depression, since doing something so good for your body will make you feel empowered. Stay strong, drink lots of water, and if you need food for God's sake binge on fruit and veggies - they're good for you!

It is possible. It's not just a matter of time. Looking at it as "a matter of time" suggests you are already committed to the idea of giving in, and see yourself as a victim of the binge. Instead, decide you are in control and you are stronger than the urges you may have. Don't you have other urges that you don't give in to? Make this one of them.

there is no harm to you if you resist this urge to binge. you're not starving yourself. just resisting the urge to over do it. you're feeding emotions. not fueling your body. I get these urges for binge days too. i allow them every once in a while but a good way to fight them for me is to go for a walk. it's like it takes my mind off it or something but i don't feel "hungry" anymore. or put on some energetic music and dance. something active to lift your spirits. not only will you burn calories but you'll learn another way to comfort yourself without food.  sometimes, when i do allow myself a little cheat i'll just get a spoonful of ice cream or some lite popcorn if i want something crunchy and a lil salty. getting the single sized bags helps. oreville has really good popcorn that is low in calories. and eat it slow. it's easier to stop yourself then.  

I think the best thing you can do is do something you love. At this point I have lost 169.2 pounds and that took resisting a bunch of overeating. I have a high stress job and I find that keeping active is key for me. If I feel like I am going to over eat I go for a run. If I over eat I will work out to counteract the caloric intake. I weigh myself every day and this enables me to make sure I stay on track. My philosophy is "I will never again be obese".

i know the gym is probably the last thing on your mind after a long day but it makes a world of difference. All day in class when i was tired or in a bad mood I would think about the prospect of stuffing my face when i got home (bad, bad) but if when I got home I changed into my gym clothes and forced myself to go I got rid of that false hunger and emotional need for food. Getting yourself to go is the most difficult thing but you'll feel 100% after some cardio, even if its only 20 mins. When you get back home you'll be high on endorphins and you'll be a little less likely to eat a ton of food because you just worked out. or at least maybe you'll crave healthier foods? works for me. On days when I would get home and eat a ton of food before I got myself moving I would make myself go anyway and walk it off on the treadmill. tell yourself you're going to work out whether you binge or not, and eventually you will naturally train you body to crave a workout instead of junk.

if you can't get to a gym then get out of your house and away from the food and take a walk or go visit a friend. if you're around other people you won't want to stuff your face.

the more you resist the better you will be at resisting!! you can do it!! good luck!

play a video game or something to keep your mind off of food?

drinking water or chewing gum helps me sort of delay the urgency of an upcoming binge...but the real way to make sure it never comes is to be distracted. somehow, playing solitaire works well for me because i get really excited and try to rush through games and completely stop thinking about anything else

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Q. Am I doing any harm to my body if I resist the urge?

A. ABSOLUTELY NOT! Resisting this urge proves that you understand that you DO have power over this urge. YOU control your body, not the other way around.

Q. will my body go nuts if I resist the urge and make me extremely tensed up or anything?

A. No, your body will not "go nuts." When you binge your body releases neurotransmitters. When a person has any psychological addiction - like being addicted to World of Warcraft or any other harmful behavior - the pleasure hormones flood your blood stream. They give you a sense of reward that FEELS GOOD. This is why your body deceives you into thinking something bad will happen if you do not get that hormonal 'Fix'.

Q. Or, do I have everything to gain by just fighting it off?

A. You MUST Fight it off. You have no choice. There is no option here. But you do not have to rely on will power alone to change this behavior. 

PLANNING ahead is the key to controlling the addictive behavior. You are physically addicted to binging. Treat it like an addiction.  Here are my suggestions. 


1. Remove low nutrient, processed foods from your kitchen. Just throw them away. Yes, it is a waste of money. If you have roommates or family members, explain to them that you cannot have this food in the house. If they love you they will understand. Remove all temptation at home.

2. Eat something high in Fiber BEFORE you feel a binge coming on. Fiber makes you feel full. This is because Fiber is a highly cross linked, carbohydrate molecule that cannot be digested by humans. It passes right through your digestive track. If your binge comes on at 6 PM, eat one or two Fiber Bars at 5:30 PM. You will feel too full to binge on anything.

3. Identify the problems that are stressing you. Try to fix them. If this means moving, looking for a new job or whatever.... fix those problems.

4. Create a new activity that will release 'pleasure hormones' into your bloodstream.  This is where you should go to the gym. Working out is addictive also. Start this addiction. Keep your gym bag packed in your car. Fill your I-Pod with great Tunes. Distract yourself with music. Music is a great tool when losing weight.  

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I used to be the biggest binge-eater ever (I would eat 12 cupcakes in a day, a few times a week) but I have now gone over 30 days without doing so. A big reason for this is that school has let out, and I'm not as stressed out.

Instead of swallowing your frustration with food by eating, go home, eat something HEALTHY, and then take some time to sit alone in quiet and talk (outloud if you need to) about your day and what happened to make you tense. Then you can begin to better understand your triggers.


Good luck!

If you're suffering from depression, maybe you should speak with your doctor? He/she may be able to prescribe something if needed, or at least refer you to someone experienced with depression/binge eating disorders who can help you cope with your feelings and learn to fight them.

In the meantime..try keeping healthy, light foods in your house so that when you overdo it, at least you're being good to your body.


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