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Fifteen 100 Calorie Meals / Snacks a Day???

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Has anyone ever tried this? I was thinking about doing it but wasn't sure if it was bad for me.

What are your thoughts on it?

I should be eating 1500 calories a day.  so i was thinking about doing 15 small meals / snacks a day.


7:00 Am - Medium Banana -100 calories
8:00 Am - Oatmeal - 100 calories
9:00 Am - Protein shake - 100 calories
10:00 Am - Pretzels - 100 calories
11:00Am - Salad - 100 calories
12:00Pm - Measure out turkey and chicken deli slices - 100 calories
1:00pm - Quiche Muffins (made w/ eggwhites) 100 calories
2:00pm - yogurt 100 calories
3:00pm - fruit - 100 calories
4:00pm - protein shake - 100 calories
5:00pm - vegetable stir fry - 100 calories
6:00pm - shrimp cocktail -  100 calories
7:00pm - laughing cow cheese & pretzel sticks
8:00pm - popcorn - 100 calories
9:00pm - glass of fat free milk


I wouldn't do this everyday but maybe 3 times a week. Each of those days with different food but similar to this one. Then the other 4 days have 3 meals and 3 snacks.

What do you think?

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I like this idea. I do basically the same thing but with 200 calorie meals 7 times a day. I'm usually over by a few calories each time so in the end I'm pretty close to 1500. It seems to work for me. I've lost a lot of weight doing it this way.

I am just curious why you think this will be beneficial?  It seems like a lot of work

I eat 6 times a day and even that makes me feel like I am always eating...

Personally it would drive me crazy always having to try to find time to eat and when to eat next but it comes down to what feels right for you and it looks healthy enough at least you wont be hungry as your constantly keeping your stomach busy I hope this works for you.

I think it's a great idea and just started doing it myself.

I find I get too hungry throughout the day to just eat three meals with a couple snacks.

My calories are 1200-1350 so I probably have about 14 snacks a day. By the end of the day I'm usually not hungry and must make myself eat the last calories.

My snacks (in no particular order):

-180: 24 mini dill rice cakes

-4: two cups of coffee with a packet of splenda each

-100: all bran snack bites

-100: four medium-sized carrot

-90: 11 triscuit thins

-110: two raspberry fruit bars (like fig newtons)

-110: turkey/chicken/spinach/feta sausage with sauerkraut

-6: four Bicks dill pickles

-180: one package of raisin spice oatmeal

-90: half a cup of artificial crabmeat

-123: two cups of grapes

-49: one cup of strawberries, halved

-75+60: 150mLs egg whites cooked with a little PAM and served with 3 tbsp ketchup

That's about 1275 for a day and gives me something to snack on. I'm at a desk job and am often looking for something to nibble.

PS - It might sound OCD, but I measure out everything the night before and have it all pre-packed and ready to go. That way if I am running out the door I can bring my crackers or just my pickles, etc. I have A LOT of plastic containers.

I don't see how it could possibly be bad for you as long as you're eating your recommended caloric intake and eating good, nutritious food. I think it would just be a pain to sit and eat every waking hour, but if it works, I think it's great! Good luck!

I don't know i just think it would make it easier for me to plan my meals. If i make a whole bunch of packaged 100 calories baggies alls i have to do is grab a baggie. Like make some with deli turkey, or chicken, some with fruit, etc.

Plus i don't think i'd ever be hungry. I like the idea of doing the 200 calorie meals 7 times too...that might be a little easier.

A big thing for me is tyring to figure out how many calories i'm eating each day. Sometimes i feel like i'm way off. If i measure out 100 calorie meals it might be easier for me.


Also consider that eating that often, you're more likely to be eating while you're doing something else and you might be a little less likely to feel satisfied. If you eat your mini-meals at work, you could end up eating while working in front of the computer or something. For a lot of people that keeps them feeling hungry even if they just finished eating.

Also, I feel like I could snack all day and never really feel satisfied like I do by eating some bigger meals. If I have a morning snack, I still look forward to lunch because it's just more satiating for me. But everyone works completely differently, so that might not be the case with you.

For me it's always been quantity not quality.

I wouldn't care what I was putting in my  mouth as long as there was lots of it.

I dont' like feeling hungry because that leads me to binging.

By having snacks all day long I never feel hungry and am always eating, which I like.

it looks good enough, but something that a wise calorie-counter had pointed out to me, it's not just the calories you're eating, it's also about nutrition.  I would keep watch on your analysis - you want your carbs to be about 50%, Protein about 30% and Fats about 20%, also you want to have about 25g fiber per day and less than 2300mg sodium per day and always ALWAYS make sure you get your 64oz water in per day - and that's a minimum...

If it works for you, then awesome!!! :)

Good Luck!!!


Thanks for the tip.  I just printed out your snack list. Wink I too have been at my desk alot lately and I feel like I'm going to start chewing on my hand at times.  For me, its hunger , but more being fidgetty.

pros: constantly eating keeps your metabolism up and constantly working.  Also you feel like you're eating throughout the day so you are less likely to always be thinking about food.  I know i personally eat like 5 or 6 "meals" a day I just makes sure they're small.

cons: sometimes snacking doesn't feel filling.  it might leave you never quiet satisfied.  Also, if everything is not prepackaged you might "accidentally" eat more than you intended.
i like eating big meals, so i don't think this would work for me, but as long as you are eating healthy balanced stuff like you listed i can't see how it could be bad!
I don't think this is bad nutritionally. But it seems like its a bad habit to get into. One of my biggest problems is I always want to be munching on something so I have been trying to wean myself off that habit. You might get yourself into the mode of always wanting to eat something just because you are used to doing so.
I tried something simular where I was eating 150-200 calories every 2 -3 hours throughout the day.  It did not work for me for a couple of reasons.  

1st, when I eat that often it seems like I am always thinking of food.  Always checking the clock to see if it was time to eat another mini-meal, looking forward to or dreading the next.  Way too obsessive for me.

2nd, I like to feel full!!!  Not stuffed, but sheesh.  200 calories just wets my appitite.   And since I still had to cook regular meals for my family, I thought it a miracle that I lasted 6 weeks.  

I like my 2 meals, 2 snacks routine.  Kay.

I'm with kay_h on this one. I could never do that meal plan but I can see how it would work for others. I have to feel like I had a meal!

Heh if I tried that plan it would look like this:

7:00 am 100 cals
8:00 am 100 cals
9:00 am 100 cals
10:00 am 100 cals
11:00 am 2,000 cals at Burger King because I lost all will to live if I didn't get a  giant mound of food IMMEDIATELY

IF I had my way, I would eat large meals three times a day! And then snack a lot during the day. But I can't.

I find when I have so much food to eat, I do feel hungrier more often, but at the end of the day am usually making myself eat the last 200 cals.

So far, it works for me!

When I'm not working, thats exactly what I do. As long as you are getting enough protein, it is really effective.. for me anyways.

I wouldn't do it so precise but something like what you are talking about. Eating small amounts every 1 or 2 hours. however I'm a grazer, and the only meal I find myself "hungry" for is breakfast. So I have a solid breakfast and munch all day on fruit, cheese, popcorn, soup, toast, lunch meat, veggies, icecream.. just pick little bits here and there of what i feel like I want when I want it lol 

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To Original Poster: What you are laying out is ambitious, and is an incredibly good idea if you are able to strictly maintain it. What you are planning on doing is maintaining a constant stream of energy....I do not eat meals....there should be no such concept as a "meal" because it is such an arcane idea. Let me explain it in limited technical terms (and I'm sure that there are many people who are aware of this information) ...when you eat, your body produces insulin as a response in order to transport the base unit of carbohydrates(glucose) to your muscular and adipose(fat) cells. When all of the sugar has been transported, your insulin levels taper off until you eat again. Now, picture the person that eats their "3 square meals a day" and separates them out by 4 hours...they eat a large meal, their body receives a spike of insulin, and then they go so long between meals that by the time they eat again, they receive ANOTHER insulin spike at lunch.....then insulin tapers off and then they receive ANOTHER insulin spike at dinner. ....(BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD * Infinity) ...this type of behavior is a serious risk factor for diabetes if you eat meals that are carb loaded (the base unit of a carb is glucose...insulin is a trigger of glycogen synthesis (glycogen is what glucose gets turned into...it is your primary source of short term energy) BUT it is also responsible for increased fat synthesis: insulin forces fat cells to absorb blood lipids and convert them into triglycerides. ....That was the long of it; basically to let you know that it is not just a "yeah, that sounds like an ok idea" behind my support of your plan. The short of it is that holding your plan is what elite athletes do to maintain a steady stream of Kcals and it keeps your blood sugar LEVEL!!! No spikes!!! ...which regulates insulin production as well as its counterpart cortisol. What you will find is that you will have to strictly time yourself so that you eat at regular intervals, but eating with that frequency will allow a lot of variance in the times that you have to eat, as in you won't have to eat at "quarter after on the dot." There is a ton more physiological science involved that I suggest anybody read up on. Of note, "blood sugar", "insulin response", "glycemic index", "cortisol", "adinosene triphosphate", "glycogen", "thermogenesis" should all at least be read on wikipedia to anyone seriously interested in losing weight (or gaining weight) as efficiently as possible.

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There are many simplified methods of doing something like this for people that read and just are like "OMG...there's no way I can spend that much overhead on something like EATING" ....there's a fairly simple way to get the bulk of the effects of eating more frequently....take your "3 a day" and split your regular portion in half. Eat half of it an hour before you would normally eat your meal, and then half of it in the hour after you would normally eat your meal. (i.e. Lunch at noon becomes half of a lunch at 11 AM, and a 2nd lunch at 1PM...you don't eat at noon) ....spread your actual ingestion out as long as you can over that hour...chew slowly, don't necessarily take another bite as soon as you swallow......SSSSSLLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWW down. This should make perfect sense, because if 6 meals a day are better than 3, and 15 are better than 6, the "perfectly machinated" version of our digestive system would be a continuous stream of energy...if you take your 100 calories and spread it out over an entire hour such that you are eating 20 calories within each 15 minute block, then you are breaking things down just that much closer to "continuous stream"

I've done it before. I call it a "Grazing Day" on my menu. It's fun once in awhile and it doesn't matter what order you eat your food in or on a certain schedule. It works just the same. I like seeing how much I can cram into a menu when I do it. It's fun. In fact I might do that sometime soon for a change!

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