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for a female 5'3" and 33 yrs, what is an ideal weight ?

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Please help me to determine my ideal weight. Also, I am now 149 pounds and people keep telling me that I don't need to lose more weight. I just need to tone. Is that true? there is still fat in my midsection. please help.
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Everyone's ideal weight is different, it's why I am so against the BMI chart. Your ideal weight may be 25 pounds off someone else who is female, similar age and height. I am like 5' 9" and a guy and I am trying to get to 185, that is high for some others that are my height, but some pro football player who is 5' 9" maybe be 225 and still be at an ideal weight. If you eat right, and do some exercise your body will find it's ideal weight. It's also about you! I wear 34 to 36 inch pants and a large for shirts. Some would be cool just like this, I want to be in better shape then I am now so it's not ideal for me at 202. Hope that helps!!!
I am almost the same as you; although I am 30 and because I am 5'3.5", I say that I am 5'4". When I first started on this site I put that I was 5'3" with a medium build and it said my ideal weight is 127 pounds. At your weight (I am heavier at 175) your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 26.4 which is considered overweight, so I would aim for a BMI between 19 and 24 (based on the recommendation for myself from my personal physician). This would equal a weight range of: 107 to 135. How do you feel? Just because people are telling you that you don't need to loose weight does not mean you need to listen to them! Heck, if I listened to all of my friends I would still be 197 pounds because, "you don't look fat," but I felt horrible! Now that I have lost about 20 pounds they cannot stop telling me how much better I look and are encouraging me to keep up the good work. To be healthy, your BMI could certainly go down a few points (don't get to adventurious and aim for 107 unless you are a small frame) but I think it is more important to go by what you think about yourself and how comfortable you feel in your own skin. If your goal is 135 then, you might only need to exercise - both cardiovascular and strength training - to be healthy. Also, another good tool to use is your flexible tape measure and take your measurements (the scale doesn't always move). How big is your waist? Your hips? If my memory is correct, then AMA guildelines recommend a waist size under 36 inches for women to reduce your chances for health problems (heart disease, cardiovascular problems, stroke, et cetera). My memory is not 100% on the exact waist size, so I will look at the paperwork when I get home and try and let you know sometime next week (I don't have easy internet access on weekends). Also, a few other tips if you are trying to loose weight - drink lots of water (the more the better), take it one meal at a time, and break your weight loss goals into smaller increments (and reward yourself with non-food rewards when you reach those goals). I hope this helps, but feel free to let me know if you have quesitons. Best of Luck.  Make it a great day! Smiles, Dacia
Many thanks. That certainly helps a lot.

archer531: yes everyone is different but I need to determine my weight goal so I can start a maintaince plan. my freinds keep telling me that if I will lose more I will be too skinny. ( which I think it is not true because as Plume said I am overweight).

Plume: thanks. I know I still carry fat in my midsection. I am not skinny yet. I am size 8 jeans, 10 dresses and 6 skirts, small shirts. I have lost a lot from my upper body and face ( my ribs start to show) but still carry all the fat in my lower body.

daciakaiser: you are right. I need motivation to lose more. I should aim for 125 or so.. I just started to feel lazy and that I reached a healthy weight zone where I can enjoy life a bit but hey I think I am dreaming:)
But Plume is going off the BMI chart, that is not a good judge of healthy people or fit people. According to the BMI chart Emmitt Smith was the best play in football and close to morbidly obese. It lacks too many factors. You can go with that, i'm not trying to tell you what to do but keep in mind there are many things to consider.
Hi there.  I am 5'3" and 35 yrs old.  I have a small frame and currently weigh around 110lbs give or take a few lbs, most often a couple of lbs higher.  I feel that I am at a good weight for my height.  However, my family tends to disagree and want me to gain 10lbs.  So, I would say between 110-125lbs would probably be a good weight range for your height and age.  Just my opinion.
I agree with archer - there are some factors that the BMI chart doesn't take into account - like age and body composition. If you are 33, have been working out and are fairly toned, your 149lbs looks a lot different than someone who is 75, not working out, is the same height and is 149lbs.  I wouldn't discount the BMI chart altogether, but just use it as a loose guideline and know that it has its limitations.

It's hard to find an "ideal" weight....everyone's own perception of healthy and skinny is so different. You just need to figure out where you will be happy. Ramping up the exercise portion of your weight loss journey will definintely help you "lean" out - even though you may (or may not) lose any more weight. You have to decide for yourself where you will be happy with your body. Wherever you end up....Good Luck - and congrats on your weight loss so far!
Original Post by archer531:

But Plume is going off the BMI chart, that is not a good judge of healthy people or fit people. According to the BMI chart Emmitt Smith was the best play in football and close to morbidly obese. It lacks too many factors. You can go with that, i'm not trying to tell you what to do but keep in mind there are many things to consider.

 I know it's not the best way to judge, but it gives an indication. She is not extra skinny and she is not obese.  My husband always tells me there used to be athletes at school with him whose BMI was "too high" but the guys were not actually fat, just lots of muscle mass. We're on the same page 

Thanks again everyone. but I will keep asking myself what is my ideal weight? I know I need to lose extra pounds but how many ? how can I determine that? As I said before, I have started to be lazy and lose motivation because all of the comments I hear around me:(
Don't forget Safina that as someone who like to lift heavy things you are going to weight a bit more but look thinner.  I would be happy at 140 I think.  Too much more than that and I would start losing too much of my boobs and butt.  Which are my best features lol
Thanks Plume. I have been overweight since I was young. I dont have any pics of a lower weight. I do have pics of heavier weight. :) This is the first time in my life I lose weight. maybe that is why i can't determine. It is all new to me:)

Agana: hey I am glad to hear about your new job. pls keep visiting us from time to time. I have already lost boobs:) and my ribs are showing.
Hi.  I am also 33 years old and 5'3".  My start weight was 150 and now am down to 135-136 (depending upon the scale).  My goal weight is around 125.  Right now I'm at the upper end of a healthy BMI--which makes me happy.  I haven weighed this since before my son was born almost 3 years ago.  I think I weight around 118 when I graduated from HS 15 years ago.  That would be an accomplishment to get back down to that, but after having 2 children, I'm not sure if I can do it...certainly going to try.  Best of luck to you on your journey.
The truth is, six-pack abs are difficult to get. Shoot, a flat tummy alone is difficult to get too.You have to burn fat and lose excess weight first. Otherwise, you'll be toning with the setups/exerise that you do but it won't show. It won't be visible because it's hidden under a layer or layers of fat. I'm saying this because you said you were concerned about your midsection. Don't be discouraged if you still carry fat in your midsection because it's difficult for some. Even a slow progress.

An important reminder - Sit-ups will not remove any fat from the waistline; there is no such thing as spot reduction, because muscles do not use the fat that surrounds them as a source of energy. That's why firstly you need to have a flat belly, before thinking of core definition. The reason for which is because it won't be visible, even by toning otherwise.

The abdominal muscle groups are relatively small, and the number of calories expended during sit-ups is minimal. Walking, jogging, lifting weights, etc., will burn more calories than hundreds of sit-ups. That would be the source to lose the excess fat. Until you rid your body of the excess fat on your waist line, than your work won't be visible. It's the first step. Just getting to the starting point to view the toning of your abdomen is work.

Even if you do have an excess layer of fat at the waistline, that doesn't mean you shouldn't continue/ or tone that area. You can do exercises needed to burn fat, while still doing the other to tone. It should be just be something extra that you add to what you're doing to burn fat. I suggest working on a full body workout, to burn the fat at your midsection. It may not come right off your midsection though. We can't choose the place we store our fat, the same as we can't choose where it comes off.  I say switch your goal over without it being in the terms of a number. New goal: New flat tummy!

Then do the exercises to burn the excess weight in a healthy manner. That's a much more realistic goal that a number. In my view. I think you should change your focus from ' ideal weight ' to ' ideal flat tummy.' I think that would please you, more so than a number. Lots of people lose weight, but less have a six pack or even flat belly to show for it. It's doable.

I think that would be a good goal for you. It would switch things over to something more productive. This could happen for you at 120lbs,125lbs,130lbs, ect ect. It's different for everyone but then the an ideal number wouldn't matter, it would be about an idea results instead.

A number is just a number.
I agree with the person who mentioned about the hip to waist ratio being more accurate than BMI indication. The BMI indicator does not factor in body fat vs. muscle weight. Do not focus on the weight scale but how you feel overall. I would continue to look at health as lifestyle change and optimum health is measured on quality of life. If you walk and you are out of breath then need to work on cardiovascular ..if you are weak and have trouble carrying 10 lbs then work on strength..I remember when I was younger I was never overweight but I was also told that I need to tone up ,,,I was skinny growing up and even when I was in my early 20s..Now that I am overweight and over 300 lbs I need to focus on eating habits and exercise...There no one magic number to reach because for my body frame 5ft 8 38 years old and large frame, I would like to be anywhere from 165 lbs to 170 lbs...Based on BMI i should be 149 lbs least but that would be too skinny for me..I want to have some curves and shape not flat as board and skinny..
It's a really good question safina1. Specially since you're coming down from being overweight since you were young. Of course people will tell you that you shouldn't lose anymore weight--that's very common. Since you are unsure, just keep losing until you want to take a break from it. Then maintain for a while and don't worry about losing. It might take a while for you to adjust to the new lower weight. Maybe you'll eventually decide to take it a bit lower, or just stay where you are. I'm about your height and weigh 112. Earlier this year I peaked at 136. Over the years I've always snapped when I get up above 135 and started working to bring my weight down again. I'm really happiest where I'm at now...
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