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Weight Loss
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Female Losing 100 pounds in 2011 needs buddies to do it with!

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Large frame


GW: 140

Goal date: was sept 29, 2011

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"If you drop an egg, you don't say, 'Oh, shoot' and drop the other 11, do you?"
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Okay, I know I said that since I just got back on track Tuesday that I would wait. But I just weeighed and I have lost!! YEA ME!!!!! So,

height 5'5"

medium fram

SW: 322

CW: 310

GW: 170

My name is Dawn.  I would love to be your buddy. I started at 309 2 weeks ago. I am 301 today and have decided that instead of "dieting", I am making a huge lifestyle change. I joined a gym, and am eating alot better.


Let's follow eachother?




Sure. I just joined 1/3/11. My top weight was 304. Had a gastric bypass years and years ago and lost about 100, but didn't keep it off and gradually went back up because I didn't change my lifestyle, which is what I have to do this time. I started out so good and lost 11# the first 2 weeks, but gained 2# today even though I watched everything I ate. I know it might be water gain, but still it is a gain.

Hurray for you for joining a gym. I did that in the past but getting me to go is like having to go to work. I hate exercising and I know that I have to exercise to lose. I was walking my 2 Yorkies 4-5 x a week and lost without dieting, but quit because of the cold weather (IA). Now if I can just get back into walking it is bound to help.


Hi, Dawn. That works for me. I am not dieting either. I am simply using the food log on the site. I have been lacking in the exercising area. I guess I have been using the weather as an excuse. I have a walk park across the street from my house. But I am joining a 24 hour gym. I have to have commitment to a gym. The lifestyle change is hard though. I find myself wanting things that I don't normally eat. But I have been really good with the water. I get at least six glasses a day.

Yay more joining!  That is great!  Welcome, let's all get this weight off!

This wee is better than last week for me with a loss of 1.6 pounds!  Hoping for atleast 2 lb loss next Friday!

SW: 275



Height: 5'6" Medium frame

Good for you. I expect after this week I expect about 2lbs a week. Once AI break the 300lbs mark I feel like I will be able to stay on task because that would be my first goal.

Good Morning everyone!!

I want to join in on this group!!! Since the begining of January I have lost 4.5 lbs.

My height: 5' 9"

Weight: 286.6 starting now 284.4

Goal: 160.00

I am excited to join this group because so many of the replys sound like me. I think it was Brandy who said she isn't working out or wasn't but kept busy/moving around the house. That was totally me.

I started working out mildly by going to our local park and walking and doing hill workouts. I am using the calorie counter as a guide but I do have to say I am not the best at logging.

Using this site to track my food and activity holds me accountable. I have to be better at logging.

About 2 years a go or so I had lost about 40 pounds and due to a devesating situation I had given all that up because I went into a deep depression and forgot about working out. Hence I gained the weight back.

Now I am ready to commit again!!!!!!HELP!!

Daily I keep saying that I am making a lifestyle change. I repeat it over and over to myself. My struggle with weightloss is not moving. I may eat a burger and fries but for the most part I eat 1/2 of it on a normal basis. Usually my husband and I split meals when we go out but the choices of what we eat are not the best.

I am choosing to not disclose to my husband my current weight because I want to keep it to myself and my new online support group. I guess it is something very very private that I would like to keep to myself. He is very supportive and does not pry so I am very thankful for that.

I could go on!! I will check in a gain with you all!!

Thanks for being here!!

Original Post by cmm9200:

Hi everyone!

I would love to join this group. I will be 21 in March, and I've been heavy all of my life. I also struggle with PCOS, so if anybody knows how to deal with it please let me know. I just found out through my doctor, and it was a big blow to me.

CW: 321 lbs.
GW: 175 lbs.
Date: I want to lose most of this (if not all) by May of 2012. I graduate college then. It'd be a nice present to myself.

Hello, I just joined this group and I saw your post. I hope you are doing great on this life change for yourself.


Gethealthy, welcome. We all have some of the same issues so, don't feel bad. I have found that logging is the best thing. When you see what you are eating you really see how much you are eating. But for me, I find myself using it like an online game, I'm always trying to get a better "score" than I did the last time. I really make sure to check the analysis after I log my meals to make sure I am on track and not going over in areas. So, I totally understand. And I understand not telling your husband how much you weigh. I never did, even when I was 170lbs. Why does he need to know? Anywho, it's a tool, so use it. I fell off a few weeks ago and got back on track. Just be honest with YOURSELF. I am learning that.

Welcome to all the new faces. I am looking forward to getting to know you better in the coming weeks and months.

Here are my results. Not a huge drop but I slightly exceeded my goal of losing two pounds.

SW 280.0

LW 268.8

CW 266.2

Next weeks goal 264.2 (for a total of 15+lbs lost)

Good luck everyone!


I would love to join this group as well.

My name is Joy. I am 33 , large framed, i way 270lbs. My goal weight is 160.  I am married and have 4 kids.  I have been overweight since childhood and an absolute yo-yo for most of my life.... My physician has referred me to a weight management and internal medicine clinic.  I have just started this week... I am trying very hard to do things differently this time.

S/CW: 180

GW: 130

Well, I've gained about 30 lbs in the last 6 months, I'd blame it on moving out of my parent's house for the first time and college... but I like food. Lol. So I'm just starting. I want to feel healthy again! :)

Woo Hoo!  Today is my weigh in day, and I have a GREAT start for the week!

SW:  264.4 lbs

CW:  255.6 lbs

UGW:  164 (by 1/15/12)

Down 8.8 lbs!  I know that seems like a lot, however I'm following all the guidelines.  I have a 1000 calorie defecit.  I think the huge weight lost is water weight, plus my body reacting to such a strict schedule, since I used to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

Hoping for 2 more next week!

Hello Everyone. I recently joined CC a few days ago and I'm loving all the support. My goal is to lose 100 lbs this year but I'll  honestly take anything I can get. Losing weight is hard work and any loss is a good one!


SW (July 2010): 354

Big breaks during this stretch. Was off from late Oct to Late Dec.

SW (Jan. 5th, 2011): 325.5

CW (Jan 24th): 320.6

STGW: under 300 by June

LTGW: under 200 then we'll see from there.


I look forward to getting to know you all and enjoying the support we have to offer each other.

Hello - I'd like to join this group as well. I'm 33 and about 4 years ago I weighed 360lbs and was a size 30. I managed to lose 75lbs in the last 4 years but just gradually becoming more active, eating better and changing my life in a positive direction. I'm happy to say I have never gained even a pound back.

However now at 285lbs (January 1st 2011) I want to make a serious effort at losing weight. I've bought a digital kitchen scale, found this website about a week ago and have been calorie counting since. I also bought myself a Concept 2 rower which is arriving this week - as in the winter I tend to not exercise at all. Once the warm weather hits, I love to hike and garden - but I need a way to stay active in the winter.

Since the beginning of the month I have lost 7lbs - but I know the first month is always the biggest weight loss, so I am trying to psyche myself up to keep going strong.

Height: 5'10"
CW: 285
GW: 160

Hi -- Is it too late to join this forum?  I started working out in August 2009, lost weight through August 2010 (in frustrating fits and starts I have to say) and then took a break from August 2010 through last week, but proudly only gained approximately 2 pounds during that time.

Height:  5' 6"

Medium Frame

HW: ~250

CW: 212.4

GW: ~140

If someone could confirm that weigh-ins are on Friday, I would appreciate it!

Thanks!!  Brooke


good JOB!

sounds good!

Oh thats to bad that you gained the weight back. What happens when you get that surgery and then gain the weight back? Sorry I do not know too much about it.

I would NEVER tell my husband how much I weight lol. I am afraid of what he would think. He is amazing and says I am fine the way I am but I just keep thinking I was 100 lighter when he met 14 years ago so he must notice a difference.


Thank god love is blind lol

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