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Female friends and Sex and the City

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Ok, I just need to get this off my chest.   I saw Sex and the City today and really miss having girlfriends like that.  All of my girlfriends live in other places which leaves me a bit lonely for female friends that know me really well.   Sure, I have friends in my city but not like that......I wonder if this is one of the reasons I constantly battle with my weight?

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really good support is essential, drlpd. it takes time to develop real intimacy. in the meantime try to relax and stay active, too, doing things that make you feel whole. and keep reaching out to others whenever you may be surprised where you find the support.

In the meantime, feel free to message me when you need a boost. I have just joined Curves and a website called Shrink Yourself. I am getting more active w/bicycling and hiking and just plain getting out. I feel as though I am finally getting the support I need in order to lose the weight.

good luck to you!

I understand completely, I havent had close girlfriends (or really any friends at all) since high school...its quite sad actually.

Yes I think it's very important to have girlfriends. My weight skyrocketed once when all my high school girlfriends fell out. I think girls keep each other in check on diets too, we support each other.

I do have my sex and the city girlfriends, they're amazing.. and I still really struggle. 

I feel the exact same way! My current best friend (and really only good friend) is older than me (and heavier), she sometimes doesnt mind what she is eating! Its difficult to diet, when she isnt and we are around each other so much. On the other hand I lost my best friend (since age 12) last March and we were always each others "diet buddy". We would call each other all hours of night and day, just to make sure we were eating healthy and not over-indulging. We lost 50lb each by working together and took a trip to Florida a couple of years ago! Oh how I miss her! I think its true what you said. Friends tell each other everything and support us through anything! If you dont have the support that you need from family and you dont have friends nearby I can see why. I am an emotional eater, without someone to listen to me I head for the kitchen.

I know this was a forever ago post, but I just bought sex and the city the movie, and I figured I'd look on here if there were any other fans and i saw this post...i feel exactly the same.  My friends who I'm that close to live 1200 miles away (i'm a military wife) so I am afraid I won't live near friends like that ever again.  Frown  Everyone I meet in this situation (usualy other military wives) are mean or very very gossipy.  I hate it and will never feel comfortable around them.

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I understand completely, I havent had close girlfriends (or really any friends at all) since high school...its quite sad actually.

 I totally hear you, i am in the same situation. I have a couple of friends from HS that i get coffee with about once or twice a month but thats it :( no one really close or anything

I gotta tell you guys, I really thought i was about the only one who had this situation going on.  when i was a kid, this was a problem for me, but it went away in college and it's back again now that I've moved far from home.  I am actually a little happy to see that i'm not really the only one.  It's ok then, see? We're not alone!  And we're all right, fulfilling lives and all that.  I don't need someone who I can be close to...if I had someone, it would be great, but I'll survive without that.

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