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5'2" and 140 pounds, female. Where should I be??

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When I was 16 I was 107 pounds. Always naturally little, my metabolism was booming, that was my weight on my license. It is now easy for me to notice that when you get that independance it easy to meet up with friends and grab food. When I was 19-20, I was up to 150 pounds. I went through 3 months of depression  last year and hardly ate, my calorie counter log was usually baby carrots. I dropped down to 129. I loved my body. But I then became happier and started eating again, I went back up to around 149-150. I looked at my diet and started eating healthier in december, dropped 10 pounds. I now am around 139-140. Not bad, but I am so short, I feel like I should be at least 10 pounds lighter, if not 20. I work out, but not daily like I probably should. Once or twice a week. Its just boring to go run. I am about to start a zumba class, so I hope that helps. But calorie count says I should eat around 1300 or less a day to lose weight, I keep to it, and have been for months, and can not seem to lose weight. Does anybody have any tips or advice for me. And do you agree that 140 is too much for 5'2" girl.

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Hey Laughing

Something that I learned recently is that 1200 is the bare minimum anyone should eat to lose weight. 1300 isn't that much more...Try boosting your calories to 1400-1500. Especially if you are doing activity. A little more food will not make you gain. It can help you lose by fueling your metabolism. I think 130 is a realistic goal weight for your height.

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The healthy range for your height (BMI between 18.5 and 24.9) is about 101 to 136 lb.  So, by that measure, you are just very slightly overweight--your BMI is 25.6.  Good luck with Zumba--I take Zumba classes at work and love it!  It really works the abs.  I also bought Zumba DVD's to do at home, in addition to my regular aerobics and weightlifting at home.  I also recommend strength training--it will give you more energy and tone you up.  Even in a week where I didn't lose much weight, I could still feel muscles developing and my body firming up.  It really boosts confidence.  Good luck to you!

hey I am also a 5'2' girl at 140 lbs and I also feel like it is too much. I have lost 25 lbs to get here (woohoo) but i would like to lose 15 or so more.  I lose weight best when i count my calories religiously (usually 1200-1400 a day during the week, and a bit more, but never enough for a surplus, on the weekend) i do try to excercise every day, whether running, biking, walking or doing excercise videos (mix it up!)

setting goals with rewards has also been very helpful to me... every 5 lbs or so i get to buy new workout gear, or go see a movie with my husband, get a cute new haircut or a pedicure. and I also do it for running (first time i did a 5 miler, 10 miler, half marathon etc)

Good luck!

I am 5'2 and 147-146 pounds. My goal is 130. I have lost over 60 pounds so far! 


I thought I had a handle on my life style change and could continue to lose weight but I have not. I have been maintaining for the last 3 months. Its very sad.

I like you don't work at as religiously as I should and often only eat 1300 during the week and about 1400 on weekends.

I can't get the scale to budge :(

As to your question is 140 too much for a 5'2 girl I would have to say it depends on the girl. Some girls look great and feel great at 140 (even though its not between 18.5-24.9) while others don't.

I imagine that for someone like you who has always been smaller (107) it would be uncomfortable and you wouldn't feel like your self while someone like me who has always been larger (200+) would feel small.

Good luck!   

yep, me too. I'm 5'2" and I've been hovering between 137-142.  I dislike it a lot. It's too much on my small frame.  I'm wanting to get down to at the very least 120, if not smaller. But I'm older than you, and I have some hormone challenges.  It has been a hardcore struggle for me.  I feel like I"m doing all this struggling to lose weight and all I am accomplishing is at least I don't get bigger.  So I'm in the fight again and now I've gone down from 140.6 to 138.8 this week so far...*sigh*

A lot of people think I look great at this weight, by the way, but I'm not happy with how it feels on me. I feel squishy in the wrong places! :)

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