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Feeling Shaky

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Hi everybody,
I have this problem - usually in the morning (but sometimes at other points in the day as well), within an hour and a half of breakfast, usually after going on a walk with the dog, I get really really shaky and I feel light-headed. Usually a bit hungry, but not entirely... I don't understand why I would feel this way, especially when I've eaten so recently.
Some info that might help in analysis: I definitely eat enough - around 1 200 calories a day, sometimes more, never less. I'm 20 yrs old, 120lbs (down from 155-ish) and 5'6". My breakfast seems good enough to me - 1/2 cup ff cottage cheese w/ 1/2 cup all bran cereal, coffee and a grapefruit. 
Does anybody else have this problem? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. 
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Do you think that maybe your coffee is giving you the jitters?
Maybe drink a cup of water along with your breakfast and see if that helps.
 I should have mentioned that I usually drink 3+ glasses of water in the morning. 
I do that because of the coffee. I would think it would help. 
Are you still trying to loose weight? Are you doing any exercise? Suffered any recent illness?
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You might want to have your blood pressure checked...
Are you diabetic? Maybe have your blood checked for sugar levels. If your sugar is to high or low it would affect you that way.
I am not diabetic, no. 
Blood pressure? But I thought only older people had problems with blood pressure?
Could blood sugar levels be an issue? What effects blood sugar levels? I'm gonna google it. 
Curalium: I'm not "actively" trying to loose weight, but I'm definitely watching it. I was 115lbs in the summer (and maintaining) and since school started I've gained 5 pounds. I would like to loose a few of those again, but we'll see. School is enough to worry about. In terms of physical activity, nothing major 1 or 2 walks a day - one of those walks is usually going up a mountain (takes 30 minutes, 15 up, 15 down) I live by. No recent illness at all. Not even a cold. 
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Go to the doctor. Do NOT, under any circumstance ignore it.

It is a problem I've had for two years now (assuming it is anything similar to what I feel - lightheaded, dizzy, the need to hold onto things?), I was originally diagnosed with vertiginous migranes (migranes with no headache - with only dizziness and lightheaded feeling) but now the doctors are looking at diagnosing me with epilepsy.

It could very well be vertiginous migranes, you fit the description - most common in females in late teens early twenties.

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I mention blood pressure because I was diagnosed with high blood pressure about a year ago...I'm 25 now.  It's unusual, but not unheard of...and your symptoms could be indications.  I'm not even really overweight (doctor says ideal for my body type is 190, I'm at 207 now.

Blood sugars is probably closer to the real problem...I just have blood pressure on my mind right now (just started medication for do I feel old).

Regardless you should talk to a doctor.



yes i can definately relate.  This happens to me a lot.  I just want the feeling to go away so i usually eat something but that sometimes doesn't really help.

But lately i have been uping my protein intake and i haven't felt dissy or weak durring the day.
You really should have your blood sugar levels checked...tell your Doctor just what you told us. A lot of the diabetics I know have issues with breakfast cereal...I'm not saying this is the case but you could be diabetic.  Often times cereal, no matter how healthy will cause a blood sugar spike, and then it falls rapidly about 1 ½ to 2 hours later causing the feeling of being shaky. It??s only one possibility mind you, and my experiences are limited to the affects breakfast cereal has on my husband and his diabetic father but if this is the case you do NOT want to let it go.
Thanks everybody.
wow. I'm suddenly pretty scared... 
I have begun to get migraines in the last two years. And my dad was diagnosed with epilepsy a while back (though shows no symptoms and hasn't in my lifetime and does not take medication. apparently sometimes it can go away?).
I guess this means I'll have to see a doctor. *sigh*


First of all-are you on ANY type of med's???  These little creatures cause alot of side affects. 

Voice from every 4hrs....that's what my dr. told me and the dizzy-lightheadness stopped.  It doesn't meant full meals every 4 hrs...a healthy snack (it also aids in weight loss).

Blood sugar levels raise and drop, but as long as you give your body the fuel it's asking, you should get better.

As for exercise-instead of 30 minutes, break them into 2 - 15 minutes ones.  Still works and you'll feel refreshed!

Good luck!

It sounds to me like you're hypoglycemic, which would mean your body is overreacting to sugars and dropping your blood sugar. I've recently realized (and confirmed with a nutritionist) that I have this problem, and I feel shaky and weak and somewhat hungry, exactly as you described. I've learned to control it pretty easily by watching the amount of sugars/carbs I eat, especially fruit, and eating more protein throughout the day.

 My advice, if you think you are hypoglycemic: make sure you have protein whenever you eat. Never eat just fruit or bread, etc. all by itself. (Good call on the cottage cheese!) Cut down on how much fruit you eat at once - maybe 1/2 a grapefruit instead of a whole one for breakfast.

For example, I now buy soy protein bread instead of regular bread. If I want some fruit, I will eat a little cheese or cottage cheese with it, and make sure not to have more than a small serving. Eat protein bars instead of granola/cereal bars.

 I hope that helps, and good luck solving your problem!

Blood pressure is definitely not only a problem with older people; I'm 19 and I have low blood pressure. Sometimes I'll have blackouts or get really confused and lightheaded. Definitely go see a doctor.
I'm not on any medication. I'm pill-free, aside from the odd advil. 
Every 4 hours doesn't seem to do it, for some reason. I need to eat constantly. I'll try cutting back on the fruit, though, and the carbs... Not that I eat much of them (aside from fruit+veg) to begin with. 

I've never heard of soy protein bread. What are the calories in that like?
It's possible you aren't getting enough salt in your diet.  I have low blood pressure and I feel woozy sometimes if I haven't had enough salt.  Your doctor will be able to figure out if that is the culprit - as it will show in your blood pressure. 
I get this way too, if I don't eat enough sodium.  I have chronically low blood pressure and must eat a lot of salt to keep it up.  If I eat low-salt for several days, I get very light-headed when I stand up, etc.  So perhaps it's that.  Get it checked by a doctor, or at least at a pharmacy automatic-blood-pressure machine thing.  I hope this helps!

1200 calories? That's all? That is not enough calories. (odd to say this, I know) but based on your stated size, you should be about 1700 - 2000 calories, depending on your activity level. That may have something to do with it. Also, you stated you have lost 35 lbs, was this a fairly rapid weight loss? Certainly should talk with your doctor. Jittery, light headed, could be low blood pressure.  Could also be the caffeine in the coffee.  Are your hands clammy? Is there any family history of any medical condition? When I was 22 I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I was thrilled about the amount of weight I had lost, like 20lbs in a couple months, but was alsways feeling like I needed to go do something. Unfortunately, radioactive iodine put me on the opposite end and I put on 50lbs. 

Just make sure that your caloric intake is met, that you're eating a balanced diet (which it sounds like you are) and talk with your doctor, sooner than later.

Unfortunately, if I eat more than 1200cals on a regular basis I tend to gain weight. 
I think I get enough sodium because I add salt to a lot of my foods and I, like I said, cottage cheese. I drink large amounds of water because I'm concerned about my sodium intake. 
My hands are not clammy. 
The weight loss was conscious and not rapid. It was due to diet and lifestyle changes (including a move and the purchase of a puppy). From June to September 06 I lost twenty pounds, and maintained 135lbs for six months, and then started dropping again and from March to August 07 went down to 115lbs, and then in September gained around 5 back. It fluctuates but I'm managing to maintain that so far. 
My activity level is moderate. Like I said, one or two walks a day, usually totalling to 1-1.5 hours. One walk is fairly rigorous (uphill), but I rarely actually work out. 
I really hope it's not hyperthyroidism. 
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