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Weight Loss
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Feeling like throwing up after eating

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And NOT on purpose. Ok, so the thing it, lately, a few minutes into eating, I begin to feel like I'm going to puke. Sometimes it only lasts for a minute or so, and it's really faint, somethings when I eat, I don't feel anything at all, but other times (like just now) I have to run to the bathroom. (I didn't end up puking just now, but I could have if I allowed it-I just waited it out though.)

It's not like I'm eating anything unhealthy. I was just eating wheat waffles with peanut butter and a cup of watermelon. The only things I could think of were maybe

1.) my increase in exercise upsetting something, or

2.) the vitamins (calcium and an iron) I'm taking


ANYONE have similar problems or know anything about this?! It's only been the past few days, but once, a few months ago, I had special K for breakfast and then threw it up minutes later for no apparent reason.

I'm not ill, I've never had bulimia, and I'm just concerned.

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I think this should be in Health and Support thread.

You don't want to give the impression that throwing up is related to Weight Loss.

Only thing similar I've had is after I eat, if I workout too soon after, especially exercises that work my "core", I have thrown up because of the food not being digested. Also, if I take vitamins on an empty stomach, it makes me throw up. I try to never do these things anymore because I hate throwing up.

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Oh, I didn't even think to put it there! Can I change that now?

And come to think of it, I DID take the vitamin BEFORE I had eaten the food. I wonder if that's it! Thanks!

I don't know how to move threads. Usually a moderator does it from what I've seen.

But yeah, it's not advised to take vitamins on an empty stomach. I thought, "Oh nothing's going to happen". Mine was a One A Day, and I took it before eating and felt sick immediately.

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Wow! Mine was One A day, too! I just think those are too big and have a nasty after-taste to begin with, haha. I thought it would be ok, because I was eating immediately after, but I will definitely follow your advice. Thank you!!

I second looking at the vitamins. I was prescribed a high-dose iron supplement for anemia, and it made me incredibly sick to my stomach.

Otherwise, I would recommend keeping track of what you are eating or doing when you eperience those symptoms, which over time may give you a better idea of what triggers it.

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Well, I'm glad you're not sick. I think I would suspect the vitamins first. I spent a whole week throwing up after eating before my doctor changed my vitamins. They were those pre-natal things, they make lots of women sick. My dad used to throw up a lot until the doctor told him he just ate too fast.

You aren't pregnant, are you?

And if it's related to exercise, how close to working out are you eating? Do you eat before, after? Could some food type be the culprit?

There seem to be so many things that can make a person sick to their stomach. High acid foods, high fat foods, things that are too sweet......

Any other symptoms? Dizzy, sweaty, weak?

I hope you feel better and figure it out. Check out the vitamins first.




Some types of stomach ulcer can make you feel nauseous whenever you eat. If you're also having stomach pain/heartburn you might want to see a doctor.

My One-a-day does the same thing too!! It took me a few days of realizing that i would get hte feeling (and i did throw up a couple times too) to realize that there was a pattern, lol... totally the vitamin! Now i take it AFTER i eat my lunch, and im ok :)


I don't know how often you have something to eat, but I always find that if I eat after not eating for more than 5 or 6 hours, I feel very sick, despite my hunger.

Just a thought...

I have the same problem mostly when I eat pizza, A few minutes into my meal.. I get this sudden pause.. I stop eating.. And realize I feel like throwing up... I always hold it in though because I strongly dislike puking.. but every time I feel like it gets worse.. I haven't had it in a while yet but who knows when it will it come back.. I was wondering if I maybe had diabetes? My father is diabetic.. Not sure I am though.. But also thought it might have been that I've been drinking too much orange juice( I LOVE Orange juice :D).. Which contains vitamin C.. In addition I've been having lower back pains around the kidney area..  Specificly on my left side.. Don't think i've had pain on the right..  

That's really weird...I get it too after eating. I can't think of what causes it. :/

Edit: Just saw that this thread is ancient, lol.

Marvinolivia, I have the EXACT same issues as you minus the OJ. I recently had an ultrasound done on my abdomen and they found scaring on my liver from fat deposits although my Dr. believes the pain to be my gallbladder (more tests to come). If you find anything out let me know this has been going on for years. Doctors never find anything so I just live with it and then a few years go by and feels like it gets worse, they dont find anything. horrible cycle. I've even wondered if I was being a hypochondriac, although the doctors say I'm not. LOL 

I also take a multivitamin, D3 5000ui (I am extremely vitamin d deficient), with an Imodium due to other issues every morning.

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