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Feeling dizzy on a diet?

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I had the same question in another forum but didn't get an answer. I am just wondering why I feel dizzy in the mornings? what is the reason? I have around 1500-1600 cals a day and my weight is 191 pounds. I sleep like 7 hours a day and I work out daily for about an hour.

Is it a lack of sugar? protein? what?

Thanks in advance.
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I guess one thing to consider is how many hours are you fasting.  How long is it between dinner and breakfast?  Your blood sugar might be really low if you go too many hours without eating even if you are sleeping for most of that time.  Low blood sugar can make me feel really dizzy.
Are you drinking enough fluids?
Thanks for the replies. I drink a gallon of water a day. Also, I eat three or four apples as a snack throughout the day. I even have a banana after my workout. Then I go home and prepare dinner which is usually a plenty of veggies.

I don't understand why I was about to fall this morning. I had the same feeling yesterday and the day before.

maybe you're lacking some essential vitamins/minerals. try logging your food onto and see what comes up.
It might have nothing at all to do with your diet.  How's your blood pressure?  If it's low, that could be a reason.  There are lots more reasons for dizziness, from inner ear disturbances to painless migraines.  Keep track of when you feel like this and ask your doctor.
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do you have a fake sugar sweetner like splenda or something

symptoms of those are dizziness, also if you loose weight too fast you get very dizzy
I also drink roughly a gallon of water each day and also feel dizzy. When I cut back the water I feel less dizzy ... maybe cut back a little bit.

Also have some blood work done. You may be low in iron or some other essential blood component which could easily be fixed.
If you're drinking that much water, and have low blood pressure (you can get that tested at almost any drugstore) it's possible you have low sodium levels in your blood. 

I have low blood pressure.  I've found that when I drink a lot of water, I need to eat more salt than usual to keep from getting dizzy.  (The opposite of this is when people with higher blood pressure need to have less sodium and more water to keep their pressure low!)

So, as clairelaine and nycgirl said, get tested to find out your blood pressure.  Also, get bloodwork done to check your blood sugar levels - mine are low, and that also contributes to the dizziness if I don't eat regularly.
Maybe the way you are sleeping is affecting oxygen flow in your body and making you dizzy.
...maybe  you are pregnant
Low sodium could be it right there.

You are eating 1500 to 1600 calories... how many calories do you burn exercising.

Remember to subtract them off what you eat and make sure you are above 1200 for the day.

It's possible you are burning 500 calories working out and thus only getting 1000 to 1100 a day, which would cause you to feel dizzy.

Also at your height and weight a gallon of water is more than enough.  You only need 2.5 liters a day.
Happens to me too. Go figure. Most of the time it is in the morning during a shower.  At what times do you get dizzy?

Could be a ton of things.  For me a lot of it had to do with the heat of the shower and the steam. I'd nearly black out and that only started during dieting. The rest was low iron.

Low Iron (Anemia)
Low Blood Sugar
Low Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure
Not enough water or Low Sodium

If you are honestly concerned, I'd talk to a dr and have a blood test done. Just my $0.02
If it's blood sugar, then the symptoms should go away after you've eaten something.

I've just started a diet (6 weeks ago) and I have random dizziness. At first I was sure it was from eating too little, but it's also the time of year that I have inner ear congestion (from allergies) and am taking a new allergy medicine (which might make me dizzy).

So, it's hard to tell what it is. Experiment with eating more, or eating with a different pattern (e.g., eat something more substantial in the evening). If you can't figure it out, go see a good doctor.
I feel the same way, you are definitly losing wieght too fast and your blood sugar levels are too slow, try taking a few hundred more calories a day and eat fruits high in sugar like bananas.
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