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Feeling cold on a 1300 cal diet?

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I've recently started on a 1300 cal diet and feel cold constantly, does anybody else have the same problem??

 BTW I'm 5'2'' and 176 pounds...

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I'm 5'2, 148, and have been eating around 1200-1300..last night I was in sweats, socks, hoodie, gloves, and I was under covers. I was freezing but no one else in my house was cold.

Thanks, I'm a little less freaked out now... I guess it's just one of those days
Bodyfat is insulation, and when you start to take some of that away you're going to feel colder...
Your metabolism is the totality of your body's reactions. Reactions cause heat. You being cold means you're having less reactions, which means your metabolism is slowing.
dont be silly kajkit.........body fat for heat becomes an issue at levels of low body fat seen in anorexia and elite athletes. wistfulthinking is right. the coldness is due to a slowdown of metabloic rate....one of the signs of statvation mode. you will most likely lose weight more efficiently by upping you calories somewhat maybe 100-200 cals... do this slowly so your body does not see a jump. maybe over the couse of a week

I've been consuming between 1400-1500/day for a little less than a month, and I've felt colder than usual.  But usual for me is feeling overly warm/stuffy.

I don't know if feeling cold is because of cutting back on calories though -- I suspect it has more to do with the fact that I'm sick of winter and ready for spring!!

Hi everybody! I am still new to this but wanted to add my experience to this topic. I have been eating around 1000-1200 cals a day and also am usually hot natured but have noticed a feeling of freezing. Also I have completely stopped losing any lbs!!! I'm getting discouraged. I am stuck at 143 now and really want to at least get to 135. Any suggestions? I have started walking on a treadmill with an incline but only 30 to 45 minutes a day. Is this not enough? I wasn't exercising at all before??? Help somebody!
You're just starving cantlose.  Calories are energy and when the body burns the energy, heat is generated.... Like putting coal on a fire if you don't put enough on, there's nothing to burn and the fire gradually gets cooler and cooler.   When you don't eat enough - and if you're exercising you should be on about 1500 minimum - then your body starts to conserve energy rather than burn it.  So you chill down and you stop losing weight.

Eat more.  You'll regain warmth, start burning fat again and possibly lose a pound or two.
Thanks gi-jane. I will do that. I've just been so discouraged I wanted to lose that last 10 lbs or so that I am getting desperate.  Are you an exerciser? Is the treadmill on an incline a good calorie burner? Its kinda my only option until warmer weather at least. I have asthma but am on meds that able me now to start working out which I HAVE NOT DONE and have lost 23 lbs in 3 months without it but like I said am now stuck at 143! Also will the exercise make me gain lbs due to muscle? I know thats not a bad thing but right now its a number thing I can't weem to get away from.... Any advice will be MORE than welcome from any of you.
Also I hope you don't mind that I added you to my friends list! I just tried to add you to my friends list but it wouldn't do anything...what am I doing wrong? Like I said I am new to this....Hope I'm not more trouble than I'm worth already!!  LOL

It sounds kinda weird that you have to eat more to loose more, but I did my research and it backs up the claim, that feeling cold (in my particular case) is most likely the result of my metabolism slowing down, so I've uped by a 150 Cal. I'll see what happens...

 Again, thanks for all the input :)

I'm 5'3" and 172 lbs ... eating 1300 cal a day this time a year is sure to make you cold! Just work out and that will get the blood pumping and circulation going; you'll warm up in no time!
Hi julianewyork! I am just afraid I will stay where I'm at or gain at this point but I will definitely take both of you guys kind understanding advise and will let ya know the outcome! 
Hello again.  Anything that isn't 'sitting down' is good, as far as I'm concerned.  Whether that's running up the stairs in the ad-breaks, taking a brisk walk at lunchtime (wrapped up if it's cold), a treadmill or dancing along to the radio.   I've recently heard that 2 x 15 minute sessions is better for getting the fat-burners burning than one half hour session or a one hour session 3 times a week.  The important part is to do it every day.

Gentle exercise is unlikely to make you bulk up on muscle and is more likely to help you burn fat.   But do increase the intake slightly and then you just have to be patient.   When I lost 50lbs-ish a few years ago the first 15lbs went in about 6 weeks.  The next 25lbs disappeared in 4 months but the final 10lbs took another 3 months.   I stayed on a steady 1400-1500 cals a day the whole time but had a 2000 cal days every 2 or 3 weeks to make sure my body didn't get too comfortable on less food.  The closer you are to a healthy weight, the slower it goes.
Thanks once again gi-jane. I also heard that about exercising. I have just recently quit the Nutrisystem diet and working on my own so I am trying to keep up with the best foods exercise etc to help change ALL of my habits. I am determined I will look or at least feel healthier before I turn 50!!!!!! That gives me about a year and a half if I can't do it in that amount of time I'll just go and have a pizza! LOL Not really. Hope we talk again!
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Hi Julia, my husband and I both get cold when we don't have enough calories.  It's most likely your metabolism slowing down.  If you excercise more and maybe eat a little bit more you will feel better.  We take sea kelp tablets (very cheap) since they have iodine which helps to stimulate the thyroid.  We also take fish oil about 1/2 hour before eating to help you feel full.  We keep it in the freezer so you don't taste it later.  If you eat lot's of cruciferous veggies they are goitrogenic meaning they can attack the thyroid some.  We juice broccoli or cabbage very often with fruit to kill the taste.  I hope you are eating mostly whole foods & avoiding processed foods from a box!  If you don't have a juicer I highly recommend the Jack Lalanne one but don't buy it off T.V.  They will try to sell you magazines.  Costco carries it and it's about $90 and worth every penny.  It works super fast just like on the commercial and when you juice you don't even have to think about getting enough produce in your diet!  This sound gross but it tastes really good in juice:  Carrots, broccoli or purple cabbage, lemon, granny smith apple, grapes, & ginger root.  This is loaded with antioxidants, gives you lots of energy and as a bonus it fights cancer & makes your skin look great!  Hang in there!!
Hey everyone!

I'm currently 5'5'' and 139 pounds.  Every since I started dieting, I'm always cold.  On average, I eat about 1300-1500 calories a day and I'm always shivering.  My long term goal weight is 120-125.  By April, I would like to be borderline 130.
I'm currently a student and it is beyond difficult to get my workouts in.  Recently, I haven't made time to work out on a regular basis (bad, I know...but I'm going to start back up hopefully towards the end of this week). 
My suggestions are more in the diet rather than excerise: lean protein and whole wheat.  I absolutely LOVE whole wheat ANYTHING (pasta, breads, etc)...and it really is a GREAT source of fiber and protein.  Fish and chicken = great sources of lean protein.  KASHI goLEAN bars- absolutely fantastic.  Go vegetable heavy rather than fruit heavy because there is a lot of sugar in most fruits.  Make sure you get consume atleast 1250-1400 calories a day (and that IS the minimum!)  Try new recipies!  Cooking is a great stress reliever too =).
Does anyone have any suggestions or motivation for fitness and exercise?  I really want effective fat burning workouts that are fun and not ridiculously time consuming.  It's really hard for me to stay motivated in my fitness, so any help would be wonderful!
I wish everyone the best of luck with their goals!  You are all wonderful and just keep believing in yourself-- you can totally reach your goals!

holy moly...it all makes perfect sense!!! i have felt like this dieting or not. npw i know that it just means that i have waited too long to eat. OMG...i can't believe i didn't figure this out. it is a plain as the nose on my face...ha!

i am going to be paying attention from here on in. when i get the...freeze...i will learn that it is time to get something to the tummy, as in sooner...ha! to feed the "furnace" again amd rev it back up. after all, when we think about it, after we eat...we feel warm!!! i could never figure it out before. at last i know the answer.

thank you for posting the question julian, and to everyone for your answers!


ps: boy, do i have alot of people to relay this info too!


At weekends, when I tend to be outside a lot taming the garden, I will often make a big pan of some kind of vegetable soup.... usually with chunks of potato or a good handful of cooked beans or lentils to give it a bit of body!  I find that regular bowls of hot soup get the 'furnace' burning on two levels... a few useful calories plus the heat of the soup warms the cockles. 
I was experiencing getting cold when I first started on the website, but now that I eat and exercise. . .I am usually warm again. Thank you all for clairfying the coldness.
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