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Feeling Cold, why?

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Okay, I concider myself healthy, now anways. I eat my calorie intake, sometimes I go over and sometimes I'm under (I try to go from one to the other ever few days, it's about 150 over, or 100 under). Breakfast is generally yogurt with nuts, coffee and cream (the one with calories in it, hehe). Lunch is either a BIG plate of fruits and vegetables (like an apple, 15  baby carrots or more, lots of grapes, an orange, so on) or an omelette (with fried vegetables (olive oil)....cucumbers, onions, red peppers....with a little sour cream on top, oh and 2 egg whites, with one egg). Then dinner I have chicken with lots of vegetables. Snack....sweet and salty nut granola bar (on days that I "work out" a little more, I have 2. It's my treat to myself). I try to stay away from sugar in general, yeasts (bread/pastas), and focus in on protien. This of course is all in general, I don't eat the same things everyday.

Now I was just reading in a previous post that when your body goes into "startvation mode" that you're really cold, with mind fogginess, and fatigue. I have a lot more energy since I've lost 27 lbs (can't even begin to explain how much), no mind fogginess (bit sharper now, actaully) but I am COLD COLD COLD!! Granted I'm always pretty cold, and I live in a basement. But yesterday I had two pairs of socks, sweat pants, a shirt, and 2 sweaters, with my blanket. It took me about 3 hours before I wasn't cold anymore. I don't think I'm starving myself, but what could be the cause of me feeling so cold? Is it my diet? I mean when I was 145 (back in the good ol days...high school. ha!) I would shiver so bad that my muscles would tense up and I couldn't turn my head or drive, or move! And I wasn't on a diet/eating healthy then. I've told a few doctors about this, but no one seems to care. Any suggestions? Why am I so cold ALL the time?

Oh and I take FiveLac for my IBS (works wonders!!), calcium + Vit D for my Depo provera shot, and a multi-vit for general health. I'm just a little worried and thought maybe someone has an answer for me. Thanks for listening!

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bumping, cause I would really like to know.

If you've been on the same kind of diet for quite a length of time and if it's a reduced calorie diet then your body can learn to adapt by slowing down the metabolism to match.  One of the 'symptoms' would be feeling very cold.  To boost the metabolism it could help to have a day where you eat more than normal.   You could maybe have a more substantial breakfast than yoghurt and coffee?  A bowl of hot porridge, perhaps?

Second idea.... by dropping things like wholegrains, bread and pasta you may be missing out on some nutrition.  B vitamins springs to mind.   Or you could be low in iron...   Your diet doesn't seem to include many eggs, much red meat, beans (legumes/pulses), lentils ... and you don't mention dark green vegetables such as broccoli or spinach.  Low iron stores can lead to chills.  So perhaps that's something to look at.

Next idea.... movement! You mention that you work out some days.  That's a good way to perk up a sluggish circulation and get the heart pumping the blood around a little quicker.   Some exercise in the morning could raise the temperature.   A brisk walk in the fresh air before your heartier breakfast?

Another thought.... your body-weight.  You don't mention if you're now a healthy weight.  If your body isn't carrying much fat or if it's underweight then that can also cause chills.

I haven't been on this diet for too long. Maybe a month. I didn't lose all 27 lbs by this diet though. I just started out by eating less junk food. Then I started to eat more vegetables. Then I started to cut out sugar. Then I increased my fruits. This has been a work in progress for about 8 months now. Just slowly giving up my vices one by one, and eating healthy things.

Now what I listed as eating food is in general. I mean it isn't always yogurt. I generally eat a smaller breakfast because if I don't I feel sick and sluggish if the meal is too big. And oatmeal only makes me really hungry in about an hour. Sometimes it's an omlette. And as far as red do I put this? In the house that I live red meat is a staple for EVERY SINGLE MEAL! We never eat chicken, or white meat, or fish. It's always elk, deer, cow, and buffalo. I just got so sick of it, that for the last 2 weeks I've been eating chicken every other night.

I do take a multi-vit with vitamin B's in it. Also I eat a lot of spinach and that fruit/vegetable tray has broccoli, or sometimes corn, peas, or my fav raw green beans....I try and mix it up.

Movement.....I work outside generally for about 6-8 hours a day (just recently though). I lift rocks, rake, hoe, all that fun gardening stuff. But it's not constant, I do take breaks.

And my body weight....I started at 187ish (about 8 months ago)....and now I'm down to 158. I've lost a majority of the weight in my belly, some in my arms, and some in my chest.

But what I'm trying to emphasize is that I've been cold ever since high school. And last night was just pretty bad. Maybe it was the iron thing. I'm just soo sick and tired of red meat!!

You're unlikely to have low iron stores if you only stopped eating red meat a week or two ago and if you eat plenty of dark green veggies.   And you only need 1 or 2 portions of red meat a week for good heart health anyway.

It sounds like a circulation problem if you've had it from being at high school.   Have you ever had your thyroid function checked?  Been tested for diabetes?   Cholesterol levels?  It's certainly worth going back to the doctor or asking for a second opinion.

How's your blood pressure?  Mine is ~90/60-ish and I get cold very easily.  I can't wait for summer to get here.

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Well it seems to me that if you've lost 27 pounds, that might explain your being cold all the time. Less fat means less insulation for your body, which translates into your being colder than you're used to.



Original Post by smileyman:

Well it seems to me that if you've lost 27 pounds, that might explain your being cold all the time. Less fat means less insulation for your body, which translates into your being colder than you're used to.



 Living in Michigan - I can relate.  This winter has been brutal.  I"m down about 30 and have had multiple people tell me the same and assure me that next winter will not be as bad as my body will have adjusted.  Presuming I can keep it off.


My mother has hypothyroidism, so I went in about 2 maybe 3 months ago and had a lot of labs worked up. My blood is fine, and so is my thyroid. Although, I don't know if this has to do with me geting cold, I was told I have orthostatic hypotention ( I was once hit in the arm and fainted from it. I get light headed getting up, all the time)

"Orthostatic hypotension (also known as postural hypotension[1], and, colloquially, as head rush or a dizzy spell) is a form of hypotension in which there is a sudden (less than 3 minutes) fall in blood pressure, typically greater than 20/10 mm Hg,[2] that occurs when a person assumes a standing position, usually after a prolonged period of rest" (

I don't know if it affects my being cold or not. I've never read anything about being cold with Orthohypo. The doctors told me (I was probably 11 or so when this happened) to just becareful standing up, and sent me on my merry way.

Maybe it is the weightloss. So it will take a year for my body to feel warm again?? Good thing I have a lot of sweaters and an awesome blanket!

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I lost about 15 lbs and in the first few months I was freezing when everyone else seemed fine (especially my hands and feet) so it is probably just the weight loss although your orthostatic hypotention probably doesnt help because its probably a little harder for your body to get the warm blood pumping through your body

i would tell you it gets better because i feel warmer now, but i cant tell if its my body adjusting or just the drastic change from cold to hot we experience here in louisiana

I have lost 105+ pounds, and I am FREEZING this year.  Michigan winters are tough!  I am used to being the one that was always warmer than everyone else, but this year, I need more blankets, and my snuggie (corn sock) is never far away.

I really hope I adjust this year, but I am still losing weight, so I will probably just be cold another season.  At least shivering burns calories, right?
I lost 50 lbs last year, and for the first time in my life I started getting cold all the time.  I swear I was cold all winter.  I've read that this is common during weight loss, and as the body adjusts, you stop feeling so cold.

Just thought I'd l'd let everyone know that that was a bad day for me. I had just gotten back from a 2 week vacation, and I jumped right into working. I did hard labor all day, and didn't really account for the calories. It just blew right past me. Plus the fact that someone wanted all the windows open on a 30 degree day, totally nuts! Soooooo, not enough calories for the day......working over time on a body that just rested......and then a heatless home all just got to me. I'm still a little cold now, but nothing I can't handle or cure with a good sweater in about 15 minutes! THANKS EVERYONE!!!


ps. This is totally off topic and I might even post it somewhere else, but how many calories do you think 4-8 hours of manual labor is worth? Raking, hoeing, pulling weeds, moving tree trunks, hauling dirt, building fences. It's all rather random. Breaks are taken, of course. It's in general, throughout the day. Thanks.

When I lost 35 pounds I found that I was freezing all the time as well. I went to the doctor to check my thyroid and everything came back just fine. I persoanlly think the reason I am colder than I was before is because I lost quite a bit of the fat that was keeping me warm before.

I dont' think you are unhealthy, or starving yourself, by the sounds of it, you are eating really well. :) Maybe after loosing the 27 lbs you just aren't as used to not having that weight on your body. When i lost 10 lbs, i got cold too, but i wasn't starving myself either, I think its just your bodies way of not being used to loosing the weight.

I can't answer the question as to why you are cold... but I can tell you that I am sometimes very cold as well.  I have lost 65 pounds so far.  I have a friend who also lost about this much and said she is very cold often too.

When I am feeling that cold feeling coming on, I will do one of two things.... Either sit on the couch with two blankets if I'm feeling lazy... OR... sometimes I'll get down on the ground and do some exercises and that tends to help too.

If being cold means I'm losing weight... BRING ON THE COLD! ha ha ha

Good luck with your goals!


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