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Can you "feel" yourself gain or lose weight?

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I don't know if this topic has been brought up before, but I just thought I'd ask. Since I've been on my weight loss journey since '09, anytime I gain the smallest amount of weight, I can tell. It's hard to explain--it's not just that you feel your clothes getting tighter, but I feel more "bloated" & I swear I can feel a "tingling" sensation in my legs when I feel I've gained weight.

For the past 4-5 months, I have been fluctuating b/t the 150's-160's, & when my weight starts to go up, I have the effects mentioned above.

Does anyone else have similar effects?

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Sometimes I can tell if I'm going to weigh in at a loss that day.  For me I can tell sometimes when I feel lighter rather than feeling heavier.  Happens to me too!

I'm still really... Um... Big. (256 at last weigh-in up from 245) And I've been mostly off the bandwagon for a couple of months. (Boo.)

Since I'm so big, if I LOSE, say, 10 lbs, I can't really tell.

Fortunately (?) however, GAINING that weight back, while I thought I wouldn't be able to tell, I so can. That's my biggest motivation for getting back into this thing. I can def. tell I've put that weight back on and I hate, hate, hate it. So kind of sucks, but comforting to know that 10 lbs really does make a difference, even if I can't necessarily see it coming off at the time... 

Absolutely. The weird thing is, though, that whenever the scale number is going up (like recently) I feel and look thinner, but whenever the scale is going down, I feel bloated and don't like how I look, so the answer to your question is yes, but my feelings are apparently at odds with my scale!

ohhh yes.

the feeling i get is when i go to the gym after a few days/weekend of pigging out. and i can feel my "behind" and legs jiggling. such a horrrible feeling

My issue is head games. 

Sure, I *feel* weight gain (or loss) physically.  I simply love, love, love the feeling of my skinny self when I can feel my hipbones against the bed when I sleep on my tummy.  However, my problem is when I go into periods of denial.  I am new to calorie count today because I finally got on the scale after a 12 month sabbatical from hard exercise and being convinced I could tell by the feel of my clothes what I needed to do.

Surprise!  I had gained 22 lbs over12 months when I was absolutely convinced it was no more than a 10 lb variation.  I was devasated.  How in the world could I do that to myself?  For real?  Avoiding the skinny jeans for a year and thinking it was only a few pounds?  **Shaking head**  I will never again allow how I feel to dictate my diet.  Regular weigh ins now!


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I think so, i mean when i put on weight and got stretch marks on my legs, they used to hurt allot, so yeah i definately felt very bloated and fat!

And when im on a diet even if i havent lost anything i feel thinner lol

I can tell, even 3 lbs, mostly in how my clothing fits.  I'm "bigger" too (in the 200's)

yes, I can. either way. the weird bit is, I can even tell not only that I have lost or gained relative to what I had weighed before, I can actually tell when I hit the specific number of 73 kg. this is the exact amount of body weight I can carry around with me before I really go downhill as far as health, physical, and mental (!) wellbeing are concerned. it must be the point where my metabolism/hormones/brain just keel over and go into serious obesity-mode. I can feel depression assaulting me at 146 pounds sharp. and not only because being that overweight makes me sad for "cosmetic" reasons, but also because some equilibrium inside my body/head seems to get seriously messed up from there. luckily I recently managed to crawl back below that line! Laughing

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