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Weight Loss
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Can you "feel" weight loss?

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I'm I imagining this? A few weeks ago the area around my face was very tender. A couple of days later it went away, and then people started commenting that my face looked slimmer! I lost my double chin!! Now I'm feeling some tenderness on my hips. I hope this means the same! Has anyone else ever experienced this, or I'm I just imagining this?
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no, fat does not have nerve cells. you can feel weight loss in your pants, but not in your fat.

I can feel when I'm losing weight.  It's an overall feeling in the morning before breakfast.  No, it's not hunger, it's sort of a vibration.

I think I can feel it - a bit like restless legs only in different areas. Hard to say, though. And it only comes when I lose a whole chunk of weight, like in the last days.

But it could also be my overactive imagination.

Before I lose weight in an area, I often notice it starts to look more lumpy, like the fat is actually breaking down in that spot.  Its like a rippled appearance.

Congrats on losing the chin, that was the last straw for me lately for motivating me to change my lifestyle.  I really want just one chin.

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