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Feel Sick when reduce calories?

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I'm curious if anyone else feels ill, headaches and sick to my stomach (feels like motion sickness), when they diet?  I have heard people comment on headaches when they cut sugar or caffeine, but never hear anyone mention stomach issues.  I usually last about a week when I try to cut calories and give up because it literally makes me sick, it's confusing and frustrating.  I think I'm being realistic eating about 1700 calories a day because I have a desk job where I sit all day @ a computer & I am 5'5" 166 lbs.  Does anyone else have these symptoms or have any suggestions?

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I have not had this experience.  When you cut cals, do you cut sugar, processed foods, caffeine, etc from your diet as well?  Maybe it is the dietary changes.  You could try pushing thru to see if your body adjusts over time or you could log a normal week of eating then just gradually cut back by 100 cals or so every few days and see if that makes a difference.  Good luck, that would be frustrating.

Yes! I feel nausea, head aches, tired, light headed. It's awful. Fruit helps me a lot.
Hey! This has always been a big problem for me, mostly because when I don't have food or something in my stomach I get very nauseous and if I don't force myself to eat I vomit. I went to the doctor a few years ago and she told me that my stomach was producing too much acid, and so having an empty stomach would irritate it. Now I just take Prilosec, an over the counter acid reducer, and I'm able to go without eating for longer without having stomach issues. (: I hope this helps! If its not what you're talking about then I'm sorry (:
I've had similar symptoms ( mostly headaches and fatigue) on days when I went for longer periods without eating...have you tried bringing healthy snacks to work (100-200 calories each) and eating them every few hours? Almonds, fruit, veggies and dip or individual sized popcorn, baby bell light cheese are a few suggestions. Good luck!
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When I eat under 2,000 calories (what I guess would be a low-cal diet for me), I also get lightheaded, fatigued, and weak-feeling.  Thats why you have to make every calorie count when you aren't eating as much as usual, ensuring that you get as much energy and nutrition as possible out of limited calories.  I agree that fruit really helps spike up the energy a bit, giving you important carbs and natural sugars to get you going.  Fruits are a very important part of a low-calorie diet, especially for those who do exercise.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions....I will try adding more fruit, having a few extra 100 calories meals during the day, and give the Prilosec a try if those do not seem to help.  Thanks again!

I have low blood pressure already - when I lose any weight, my blood pressure drops lower, and I have very noticeable orthostatic hypotension that I have to work around. I don't know the science on this, I only know when lbs drop I go from a bp of about 110/65 to 90/60, with illness if it drops any lower than that. Low blood pressure can cause dizziness, nausea, weakness, coldness, tiredness, blurry vision etc. When I notice an uptick in this stuff, I know I've lost a lb or so that week. And that makes me a bit more tolerant of it, anyway, lol. So - check your blood pressure! If you find it's low, you can make sure you're doing things to bring it back up - increase your salt, increase your fluids. Avoiding alcohol, caffeine and using compression stockings can help too. If it's dangerously low - and that would be low bp that causes symptoms, naturally a Dr. consult is in order.

You are not alone!


When trying to restrict calories I had alway felt sick, irritable, and most upsetting, I felt like a failure. The trick I finally figured out was to consume 1800 calories a day, but instead of unheathy foods, I had to modify my food choices. Cliff bars were great at sending away true feelings of illness brought from hunger. I would start off with one of those and then had about five snacks of fruits and vegetables with a small spoon of peanut butter or slice of turkey. Once I spent a week exchanging microwave items for leaner foods, I could eventually cut down my calorie need. It was very shocking to my body to go from my comfort eating to limited, healthy calories.

Good Luck

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