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feel sick after eating unhealthy foods?

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hello all!

i was wondering if you ever feel sick after eating unhealthy foods. i personally try to steer clear of any processed carbs/simple carbs, trans/too many saturated fats, and any "junk" foods. as a result, the foods i eat are typically pretty healthy (i usually get As) -- even if i "cheat". but today my co-workers bought a really rich strawberry creme cake from a bakery for my going away party, so i ate a small slice and now i feel ill. it's strange, i feel hungry and like i'm going to be sick all at the same time. i had a big salad for lunch, and fruit and whole grain cereal for breakfast, so i'm not over on calories, but i just feel.....sick.

has anyone else had this problem? what's going on?
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Your body just sees that junk as toxic. It's a normal reaction to want to get it out of your body especially if it's been used to such a cleaner diet.
I used to love Krispy Kreme lemon filled doughnuts.  I'd get myself one every week as a treat. After 6 months with no Krispy Kreme, I had one.  Boy was I sick!  I ate half of it and had indigestion all day.  That's a good thing!  They don't even smell good to me anymore.
yeah.. I can't eat half of the things I used to. But.. I see it as a good thing. I keep treats to very small portions and don't get the urge to "cheat" hardly at all now. veggies just taste better.
When I eat junk, I'll usually feel sluggish, have a general feeling of "ugh, gross" (if you know what I mean, haha), and about half the time I'll get an upset stomach. Even when I was eating bad food all the time, I still felt the sluggishness and grossness, I just didn't care. The upset stomach part I think is more related to my body now being used to digesting whole foods now instead of such highly processed and refined goods.

Also, chocolate (in an amount any more than a thin coating over something else, like my protein granola bars) gives me a terrible headache now.
My stomach feels like it will explode after I eat a McDonald's meal. Which is a good thing except I never think of that when I go to eat there and then suffer for it afterwards..
moniepenny... the post read:
" i was wondering if you ever feel sick after eating unhealthy foods."
Since when was McDonalds classified as food? :)
Started on a diet three weeks ago and have been making better choices regarding my food intake.  I got extremely ill at a dinner party when I ate the meal that was served.  The food served was very high in fat and oily.
I've definitely noticed that when I eat things that are high in fat I feel sluggish and seriously crapped out for the rest of the day.

Today at lunch I had a cheeseburger and I almost fell asleep at work. :)
Just like your palate changes, your system also adapts. Doesn't mean you can't enjoy indulgence food anymore, just eat it in moderation and take it easy.
I feel physically sick (headache, stomachache, and just awful in general)  when I eat really fatty and sugary foods too, even if my total calorie intake for the day is fine. My stomach isn't used to eating fatty and sugary foods anymore, so it revolts when it finally does have them. Even a bit of olive oil with my salad makes me sick now. Shame, because I LOVE the taste of olive oil - but my stomach doesn't.

Even fat-free whipped cream makes me sick! Because it is so sugary.

I also don't do well with a lot of dairy products (indigestion). Or raw vegetables (headaches, indigestion). I can't eat tomatoes either (heartburn).

Yeah, I am pretty restricted when it comes to what food my body can handle. My main food intake consists of fresh fruits, steamed veggies, lettuce, egg beaters, soup, cereal, soymilk, plain yogurt, whole grain bread, and brown rice. I consider soy ice cream and dark chocolate the only treats I can have without getting physically sick. Which is fine by me! All very healthy and delicious.
I know just what you mean..

I always knew my body would let me know when I ate REALLY bad stuff, but I guess I always ignored it.  After a month of eating healthy, any greasy food bothers my stomach a lot.  I don't know if I just notice it more since I'm not used to that feeling anymore, or my body's not used to it anymore, or a little of both.. but it's keeping me in line.
yeaaa....EXACTLY happened to me, i guess it's when your body gets used to healthy food...and not used to unhealthy sugars and greasy food. my tummy churns. i've been exercising n dieting for over a month....and last week, i remember taking A COUPLE of bites from my brother's quesadilla from taco bell....omg....BAD IDEA.
yaa who doesnt feel sluggish after eating unhealtyy..i hate wakeing up the next day and having to weigh myself cuz i know my weight is going to go up lyke a pound ..and i drink a lotta water the next morning for some reason..i realli hate that feelingggg!!

I just had that happen today, and first I had a stomach ache... now I have a splitting headache. I ate a cupcake, which is completely off my regular diet. :-/ Now I feel so sluggish. eerr

it doesnt make me feel sick.  but definatley sluggish and guilty.  The thing that it does do is make me crave more bad foods within two hours.  I think I was totally addicted to all those fast foods and sugars and fats because it's almost like once i eat one unhealthy meal or thing i have to fight my body to not have any more.

The #1 reason I started eating healthier was because of my GERD. My stomach would hurt, throat would burn, I'd feel gas pressure in my "back", and my esophagus was so raw it hurt to swallow sometimes.

The main irritant for me is preservatives & very processed foods. The more natural it is, the better. Even if I eat packaged food, I look for ones which have no preservatives and which mainly have natural ingredients over all (Trader Joe's is great for relatively healthy convenience foods).

I mainly avoid junk food & eating out (especially fast food), but I am not fanatical either. As long as I limit it & don't make it an everyday thing, then I can eat a little of those foods now & then (because let's face it - some taste good!).

The things that don't bother me, which bother most GERD sufferers: coffee, spicy food, acidic foods, etc. I can eat those with no problem as long as they're not filled with preservatives or very processed.

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I came across your post by accident while searching for information and let me tell you I am so thankful that I did, reading your words was like looking into a mirror and seeing myself, most of the things you struggle with I am also struggling right know and I totally understand you I've always have had a very sensitive stomach I cant eat a lot of things and yet I still do only because with my busy schedule i sometimes don't have time or don't make the time to eat healthier so I take the easy road and eat unhealthy food which in the end I regret it and I feel worst. I am lactose intolerant and it sucks because the things I like the most usually have milk  I also have a bad habit of skipping meals and after im starving I eat lots of unhealthy food and that when I get really sick, I usually get this really bad headache along with stomach aches its horrible and well, im really tired of this.. So I am taking action and I am doing something about it but I really need encouragement because sometimes I feel like I dont have the power to over come it myself.... Thank you sooo much for your post it gave the courage to do something about it :)

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