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why do I feel hungry?

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After I eat lunch I am always hugry.  Actually seems like after I eat any meal or anything I am always hungry.  Any thoughts on why this could be.  I find it happens if I have a high carb meal or a high protein meal or a mix.  whats going on?  should I give in and eat or what?  I am getting pretty close to my cals every day.
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random thought #1 - are you giving your full attention to the meal, or are you multitasking? paying attention while you eat helps fill you up, instead of your bod realizing that you're eating about when you've finished your meal.
umm.  i dont know.  Sometimes I am reading while eating other times I am just eating.  seems to always happen.  for example.  just had at 2pm a half a cup of plain yogurt with fruit (5 strawberriers, 1/2 cup of blueberries, and a kiwi) and it was filling for now (only 50 minutes later) I am hungry again.

i find im so starving hungry after i eat a meal..... esp diner, and it really gets me down becuase i feel like i shouldnt be becuase iv already over indulged myself during the evning meal, and its all just so confusing.

I do know what you mean, mayb we need to drink more fluids?

peopel do mix up hunger for dehydration... i think il try that, you could too?

hmm...thats interesting.  I have tried upping the amount of water that I have been drinking.  I just feel like I could eat like another entire meal. All I have left that I brought with me for the day is a banana and two hard boiled egg whites.  I have to make that last until dinner, which is probably not until about 7:30 or 8 (5 hours from now)...eeekkkk!!
How long are you going between meals and snacks? Sounds like it might be too long.  I'm finding that small frequent snacks and very small meals are more satisfying than big meals.  I pretty much munch all day long, within my allowance.

When you feel hungry, drink some water - sip it. 
I try and do 2-3 hours between eating.

Breakfast is at around 9am ususally

Lunch 11:30 - 12pm

Snack 1:30 - 2:00 pm

This when I am really hugry so another snack around 4 or so.

Then off the to the gym at 6pm.  Get home and make/have dinner at 7:30 - 8pm.

I have been drinking lots of water...and peeing all the time :)
I totally know what you mean...
I feel like a bottomless pit sometimes- For example, last night I decided to go easy and have a big meal... I ate a decent sized steak (Which was probably about 60% edible by the time I trimmed off all I wasn't happy with, but nonetheless...) I also ate 3 pieces of bruschetta, potatoes (About 1/2-3/4 cup) and mushrooms and onions.
I ate it all.
I wasn't even full.
LOL- My man couldn't even sit up straight he was so full... and I could have eaten more.

So yeah.... I know the feeling.  ;)  LOL
I discovered that my feelings of hunger were tied to my habit of chewing. Try chewing a piece of gum to satisfy that oral craving.
I've had a similar problem and have come to realize that it has to do with my long-time habit of having dessert after a meal, or having seconds. Planning a healthy side with each of my meals seems to help a lot. I make sure not to prepare this "extra" snack (or remove it from my briefcase) until after I have finished the first part of my meal.
I find if I consume a lot of carbs I am immediately hungry after I eat. The other thing is that if you go too long w/o eating sometimes you become ravenous. I find if I have a cup of hot liquid (tea, coffee) and move around a bit the hunger goes away.

If it doesn't then a tsp of peanut butter on a carrot or piece of celery sometimes helps. The fat in the peanut butter takes a longer time to digest.
Here is a "scientifical" (I Know thats not a word :P) explanation:

Your brain gathers information from many different parts of your body. It uses some of this information to decide whether you need to eat (or stop eating). So if your brain decides you need extra food or energy, your brain tells you you're hungry.
  • For instance, your brain gets messages from your stomach about whether it's full or empty. If your stomach is full, you feel less hungry.
  • A part of your brain also checks how much sugar there is in your blood. You'll start to feel hungry if the amount of sugar drops too low.
  • The cells in your body that store fat make a chemical called leptin. Scientists think that leptin tells your brain how much fat you have in your body.  If there's enough fat in the body leptin tells the brain and you stop eating. A very few obese people have a condition where they do not produce enough leptin. Some may be helped by treatment with leptin.
  • Researchers also think that another hormone, called ghrelin, may affect your weight. Ghrelin makes you feel hungry. It's made mainly in your stomach although your brain also makes a small amount. The amount of ghrelin in your blood rises just before you eat and drops after you eat.  Researchers are looking to see if blocking ghrelin helps people to eat less and lose weight.

    Its also important to differentiate between HUNGER (explained above) and appetite which is just your want to eat because something tasted good - or something smells good.

    Hope that helps!

increasing the fiber content aides in decreasing the hunger.  takes longer to digest and gives a sense of fullness.  It also helps with regularity.  I aim for 30-40g fiber.  I use only 100% ww bread...I eat cereal that has at least 7-8g fiber in it.  I try to choose fruits and veges that are high in fiber. If you don't drink 8-10 gl of H2O you will be constipated.  More might be better as long as your MD hasn't advised you to limit your intake of fluids for medical reasons.  Fiber intake increased too rapidly for some one used to  much less can lead to GI discomfort.  Gradually increase it.  The average american diet is sadly low in fiber.  Seems like the avg. fiber content is 8-10g/day.  One of the side effects of low fiber diets is Diverticulosis.

I am usually never hungry.  At times I get the munchies even though I am not hungry.  Good luck.

love, Karen
Try adding some more protein to your lunch time meal--it takes longer
to digest and so should keep you feeling full longer.  Also, to
uberman--didn't most of the leptin ideas of it's being a "magic bullet"
for obese people get thrown out?  I just seem to remember studying
in class that although obese homozygous recessive mice (ob/ob) lacking
the leptin gene did respond to leptin treatment, it actually seems that
obese humans are not lacking in making it, and in fact are making a
great deal of leptin, but are somehow insensitive to it like type II
diabetics are to insulin.   Anyway, just wondering if you'd
heard/read something different lately.
thanks for all of your comments.  I actually get a good amount of fiber.  I eat 1/2 cup of rolled oats each day and loads of other legumes, veggies and fruit.  I tried the more protein thing.  I just don't know maybe its a bordem thing or something.
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