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Weight Loss
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Feedback, please? Not sure what is going on?

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I started losing weight and it was coming off really nicely. Then after about 10lbs gone (200lbs moving down to 199lbs) it just stopped. For a couple of days I just stayed at exactly 200lbs give or take a few ounces. Then the next day I weighed myself and I went up to 201, and the next day back down to 200. Another day goes by and I shoot up to 203, then go back down to 201 on the following day and now I keep sticking at 201. I wouldn't be weighing myself so often either if it wasn't doing such crazy things (besides, I look at weighing myself as more of a data collection so it doesn't really make me feel bad, just frustrating).

But anyway, I count my calories very closely; I know there are no mistakes there. I usually eat between 1600-1800 calories depending on the exercises I do each day and my activity level. For exercising I do 45 minutes of cardio on odd days. On even days I do 40 of cardio plus about 20 minutes of strength training. I drink about 8 cups of water per day. I do struggle with constipation but during the days that the scale was going all wonky I went pretty regularly and I always weigh myself in the morning. It's nowhere near *that* time of the month. I don't believe I've lost any inches either. I have been changing up my exercises and fiddling around with my caloric intake but nothing seems to be improving. I mean, I keep plugging at it but is there anything else I can do besides to just keep trying?

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The irritating part about weight loss is that the downward move is not linear. Somtime you will find you lost 5 lbs in a week. Next 2 weeks nothing. Assuming you are keeping say a 500 calorie daily deficit you are still above the amount you should have lost which is 3 lbs based on a total deficit of 10,500 for the 3 weeks. Basically your weight loss over a period should average out to your deficit. The fluctuations you see are water retention etc related. Keep it up. youseem to be doing good.

Thank you, I'll definitely keep this in mind. Hopefully if I keep plugging along with this I'll start to see change again.

Having the exact same problem :(

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