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How much fat loss = an inch?

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I know there aren't exact numbers to this, but I'm just curious, around how many pounds would constitute an inch loss?  I'm very anxious to lose 1-2 inches on my thighs and 2 inches on my waist :)

I know building muscle can factor into this as well, which I am also doing, but I'm just looking for a rough estimate, so I have an idea of time range
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I heard somewhere that 10 lbs is 1 dress size for women.

As a man, I've dropped 25 lbs and went from a 38 waist to a 35 (yep, I actually found some size 35 and they ft better than the 36).

Don't know if that helps or not..
Yes it does, thank you!
We're all different so there is no hard and fast rule.  You just have to try and find out what is true for you.
Everyone is indeed different. For me, since May I have only lost 7 lbs but I have dropped 5.5 inches in my abdomen, 4 in my waist, 3 off my hips and 3 off my thighs. So it doesn't always go together. But I often hear of people who lost a lot of weight losing the same # of lbs and inches. For example, losing 10 lbs and 10 inches from all over their body. So I would guess that you would have to lose 5 lbs ?? That's just a guess!!
Each persons genetics will determine how many inches they lose, where they lose them, and how quickly they lose them.

I first lost fat in my upper body, and only now, after 4.5 months, have started to shed some hip/thigh fat.  In terms of numbers, I lost about 35 lbs. in 4 months and went down around 7 inches on my waist.  That averages to 5 lbs/inch, but that is how *my* body reacted to the weight loss.  Your mileage will certainly vary.

As far as the building muscle factor: if you're on a weight-loss diet, it's doubtful that you're building up muscle size fast enough to counter the lost fat inches.  So don't feel like you need to sacrifice proper weight training to avoid putting on inches.  Keep up those weights so that when you DO get your waist/hips down, you'll see nicely toned muscles underneath.

Hope this helps.
Just to illustrate that there's no hard and fast rules:

Over this summer my weight stayed in the same range (mostly 206) but I've lost 6 inches off my abdomen, and a few inches off my hips and bust.  It's just that goshdarn number *206* wont budge!  I went from wearing size 18W/20W to 16W and one pair of 14s fit me (but are tight).  So, I've lost fat, but my weight has remained the same somehow.
Thanks guys.  This is exactly the topic I was looking for.  Time to go toss out my scale cause I've noticed my clothes fitting better and the most important thing, I feel better.  Longevity is what I need.  Day by day.  Again, thank you for picking up my spirits.
It is different for everyone- I have lost almost 20 pounds, wear the same size clothes, and have lost 2 inches off my waist...  I don't think there is a real number out there that applies to everyone.
I hadn't lost any weight for over a year but have gone down 2 pant sizes just from exercising so it all depends on the individual IMHO
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