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Weight Loss
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Hey everyone, hope everyone is feeling fine and outta sight! I mean Dyno-mite!

Okay, enough of J.J Walkerisms...

The basics of fat loss starts with finding out approximately the number of calories you require daily, just to stay alive (RMR/BMR), then you need to figure in your activity level (Harris-Benedict) and you will come up with an APPROXIMATE idea of the number of calories you need to consume to maintain your current weight.

Next we want to create a caloric deficit. So consume 500 calories less and in 7 days you should THEORETICALLY lose 1lb of body fat while preserving our precious muscle tissue.  This is the concept of expending more calories than you consume.

For some this is all they need, plus exercising 3-5 times per week. For these people the fat melts away and they reach their goal easily. But for most of us, we have found that this just is not the case.

Why? Well, everyone is different, and most diet plans are a one-brush-paints all. Some of us are severely obese, some of us are only 5lbs from our goal weight, some of us have metabolic issues and the majority of us have varying SOMATOTYPES.

Who the, what the, huh? Somatotypes? Yes... these are body types that have very different physical characteristics and have very different METABOLISMS!!!

Each somatotype, regardless of gender, will also have various nutritional needs and exercise needs.  Yup. No cookie-cutter approaches. Each of us are unique and our approach to fat loss much be treated as such.

Now we are moving into an area that will discuss that not all calories are the same, not all people metabolize starchy carbs the same way, not all people build muscle the same way and some people can't even gain weight!! It can get really confusing.

No worries, I am gonna keep it very simple.

You'll need to take a really good look at yourself in a full length mirror, with just your undergarments on. Ask yourself...

Do I look like a PEAR, with a big ass, hips and thighs, but I have slender shoulders and a smallish upper body in comparison to my lower half? Do I resemble that Grimace character from McDonald's? Do I tend to crave sugary junk food items? Do I have a fair amount of muscle and at some point in my life did someone tell me I have an "athletic build" Then you are most likely a MESOMORPH

Do I look like Big Bird? You know, arms that are fairly thin, and thin legs that taper at the ankle but lots of fat around the chest, breasts, and stomach. Like an APPLE? Do I have a spare tire? Do I gain weight just by looking at food? Am I tired and sluggish alot? Do I seem to have alot of trouble losing weight no matter how hard I try? Do I like pastas, breads, and potatoes? Then you are most likely an ENDOMORPH

Do I look like a string bean? You know all arms and legs, thin shoulders, and hips, small chest and maybe even a longish neck, and I just can't seem to put on weight no matter how much I eat? Do I seem to have lots of energy and need very little sleep to function properly? Then you are most likely an ECTOMORPH

Now you may actually be a blend of two of these body types but one will always be the dominate one. So don't fight it, work with your body, not against it.  Here's some tips how to do that!


You need to reduce you starchy carbs particularly breads and pastas, get your starch from sweet potatoes or boiled new potatoes. You need to avoid sugars, especially processed white sugar, and eat brown rice, not white. Your body type stores fat, and does not like to let go of it. Your body is sensitive to starchy carbs, so eat less of those and more veggies and the less sugary fruits like berries, peaches, pears and apples.  FIBRE is your friend. Oh and increase that protein intake but keep the fat low.  40-40-20 is your best bet.  

Also you may need to exercise more than 3 times per week. What actually works best for you would be low-medium intensity cardio sessions no more than 30 minutes at a time, or 2-30 min sessions per day.  This means lots of walking biking, swimming and dancing.  Do not get out of breath, break a sweat, but do not get out of breath because you need oxygen to metabolize the fat to burn it off, so sweat it out, don't work so hard that you are out of breath.  This is called Aerobic Glycolysis. This is how to melt that fat off.

Also when strength training your program should be using compound movements such as bench press, dead lift, squats, shoulder presses and leg presses because these exercises are great for overall strength building and because so many different muscles are being worked at once, you burn more fat and calories, because our muscles burn fat for energy too you know!!! Oh and you're better off being an early riser! Too much sleep will keep the metabolism for an endomorph at a stand still 6-8 hours is plenty. And if this was high school, the endomorph would be voted most likely to kill the ectomorph. Endomorphs clearly have the most difficult time losing weight and keeping it off.


The mesomorph at their "fighting weight" is characterized by a good rate of muscle growth. Lucky them. They have large bones, solid torso combined with low fat levels. It is also noted that they have wide shoulders with a narrow waist. An example is an Olympic gymnast.

In fact, the composition of the mesomorph provides the foundations for the best bodybuilding physique or individual seeking improvements in their physique. By keeping their fat levels down and their rate of muscle growth high, they are the ideal physique. Therefore, they will find it simple to build muscle, and if I may say so, they should take advantage of this trait and aim for a balanced physique.

Mesomorphs should train with basic exercises and continue a balanced meal program 50-30-20 of carbs protein and fats. Avoid the sweet treats and eat whole grains and lean protein. Aerobic/cardio activity should be kept at average maybe 3 times per week for 30 minute moderate intensity sessions, but focus on strength training. Actually come to think about it, the ECTOMORPH and the ENDOMORPH may join forces to beat the stuffin' out of that MESOMORPH.


Many complain that being an ectomorph is just as challenging as being an endomorph. One of the goals an ectomorph should focus on when following a body type diet is creating more lean muscle weight. This will help fill out an ectomorph's figure.

This does not mean an ectomorph should indulge in greasy overly fatty foods. Doing so will only increase their risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, whether they are naturally lean or not. Rather an ectomorph should focus on eating multiple times per day and eating nutritious and calorie dense foods. Ample proteins, carbohydrates and fats should be included in the diet. Extra protein may help build more lean muscle. An ectomorph would probably do well to concentrate on more strength training exercises rather than endurance or cardiovascular exercises to help fill out their figure. An ectomorph needn't worry about buying skim milk but should drink 2% instead. Small changes like this can help an ectomorph fill out their figure and maintain a lean but shapely appearance.

I hope this helps a few people today to understand, that you need to work with your body, not against it.  KNOW THYSELF!

If anyone wants references regarding this post please e-mail me for the full listing.

Take Care
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Sure to be another classic!  Thanks coachdee =)
i think i'm a peaple... definitely no part of the bean family here!
I am a mix of endomorph and mesomorph, but deffinatly lean towards endomorph! Life is fun, not! Eh, I will survive.

Diet on!
Yup, apple sittin' right here.  I knew that already, but I didn't know about the correct ratios.  I'm going to give that a try. 
Ever-Lovable! Woohoo! :D

And yet, that leaves me confused, because I have slender nothing. I'm  just plain big-boned. (I don't mean fat, I mean my bones are big. My father's genetics at work. I've NEVER looked string beany)

I guess my question, though is.. Endomorph and Mesomorph.. is that just about where the fat sits? Or Body Types?

I'm a BIG guy.. I'm not a string bean, even if I weighed 185, I doubt I'd be a string bean. I'm just big-boned. However, my fat DOES tend to sit in my middle. I've got love handled, beer belly, whatever you wanna call it...
So, I guess I'm just making sure I understand. Endomorph was nothing to do with how I taper, so much as where the fat sits.
Pear with narrow shoulders. The last time I was working out in a gym to lose weight and tone, I actually GAINED inches in the thighs. Not what I was hoping for! (1.5 inches in 30 days. No no no!!!) That made me shy about strength training; now I go out for fun. To the pool! Onward, bike trail!

The big clue to your body type is where your body likes to store the fat. That ab flab is very dangerous, this is often visceral fat and it has been documented that those of us who hold fat around the middle of the body are at the greatest risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes type II.

Genetics play a part in all of this too you know, but the fitness and diet industry refuse to address this because then their dumbass diet plans and fitness myths would be debunked and that would mean a major loss of $$$$

I'm very much an Endomorph, and from my experience, lowering my starchy carbs, and staying on top of the veggies and lean protein really helped me break many a plateau. I also refuse to kill myself with cardio, I mean jeez louise... I'm not a hamster... It will come off, the fat I mean, but for an endomorph, you need the patience of Job.  Oh and we need to make sure that we do not cheat with those pizza's, and hoagies, and pasta dishes.  We would be better off cheating one meal with a nice big BBQ steak and ceaser salad without croutons and light dressing.  I love my ribsteaks!!!!

Just as an example, so that you can see that I do actually eat carbs, just not white starchy carbs... (non strength training day)

Breakfast: Scramble Egg Whites with salsa, 1oz of partly-skimmed Mozza cheese, 3oz of smoked ham, reduced salt,

Mid Morning: Myoplex Carb sense bar

Lunch: Grilled Lemon and garlic chicken breast, 1/2 cup brown basmati rice, steamed brocolli and cauliflower

Mid Afternoon: EAS Chocolate Protein Shake (1% Milk)

Dinner: Baked Haddock, Roasted veggies (1 cup) and 2 small boiled new potatoes

Evening Snack: 1% cottage cheese with Strawberries and Blueberries.

Lots of protein, carbs mostly come from fruit and veggies, and very low saturated fat intake. Notice only 2 servings of impact starchy carbs. Endomorphs are sensitive to sugar, and in the end starch turns onto glucose, a sugar.  Yes we need some, but not as much as let's say an Ectomorph.
Fat around the middle. That's me. But my somatotype has changed. My son is an ectomorph and I use to be. I graduated from high school weighing 98 lbs on a good day and I ATE ALL THE TIME! Then my somatotype "exploded" one day somewhere around the age of 35. Really. One day I just woke up and *sound of explosion made with mouth*. You know, like that foam stuff in the car in that futuristic movie with Sylvester Stalone and Sandra Bullick when Sylvester had a wreck. Now, I'm definately an endomorph. It's not fair for my body to change the rules on me midstride.
I'm an apple. I knew that!

Now I'm confused. I had settled on 25-27% protein, 51-55% carbs. I don't want to increase my protein because too much protein is hard on the kidneys and I'm diabetic anyway. Besides, I really would rather not increase the amount of meat I eat - seems wasteful (vegetarianism continues to tempt me). I suppose I'll keep on with what I'm doing and see how successful it is. But I do eat a lot of bread and stuff.
I've never been told I have an athletic build and I, er, grimace at the Grimace description (couldn't help myself!) but I think I am a pear.

I do have bigger hips and thighs and broad shoulders. And the hips and thighs are the last place it comes off. I respond well to weight training, too. My goal is 50/30/20 so it looks like I am on the right track.

Thanks, Coach Dee.
Flamel, you're fine. With diabetes, you are definately right, don't over do it with the protein, but you should be safe by eating a gram of protein for every pound of body weight.

My mother was a diabetic, and I know that she was to get most of her carbs from fresh fruit and veggies. If you do tend to eat alot of bread, may I suggest eating weightwatchers multigrain?  I often use that and it  tastes good.  Increase your cardio exercise, but keep it at a moderate intensity level. The more cardio you do (everyday) the easier it will be for you to burn fat for energy.  Once you start losing your breath, you are on the brink of moving form Aerobic Glycolysis to Anerobic Glycolysis which will stop burning the fat effectively.  Anerobic means without oxygen.  For fat burn, we need oxygen.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks Coach Dee! You rock! I really appreciate the effort that you put into these posts. I am tagging this one for future reference and sharing with newcomers. You're posts are full of great information and presented in a way that is easy to understand.
Ya know, I'm really REALLY glad I like greek yogurt.  And even gladder (more glad?) that I'm learning to like it plain with fruit cut into it.  I dunno how else I'm going to get my protein up.  Unless it happens that I DO like fish now.  That would be nice.

Thanks again, Coachdee
Thanks coachdee! I've been consuming about 160g of protein, and I weigh ~215, so I could definitely up the protein to 30% no problem. So long as it's not all deli meat sandwiches! (my weakness).

Cardio: I walk for 45 minutes each day. Anything more intense and I'd be into that out-of-breath excercise you warned about (I'm also a recovering smoker).
Sounds good to me Flamel, you've made some big lifestyle changes, and that is something to be proud of. 

One additional protein shake, with about 20-30g of protein per serving with some blueberries or strawberries thrown in for a snacky poo would cover the increase and balance out the days 40/40/20

As an apple we need to move around more...the 45 minutes a day is super...

Shake what yo' mamma gave ya Flamel!!!

Thank you  for the posting very educational,

I was wandering I am a Pear shap bu tdo not eat sweets, I like more salt and carbs from things like potatoe chips and bread.  Where do I stand.  What should I do?
Coach Dee,   I am definitely a pear.  In highschool I was in gymnastics.  I was very slim with big thighs from all of the exercising and weight training and now I am 60 lbs over weight and now I have "hugigantamungous" thighs and when I try weight training or walking or anything with my legs they get larger.  I know it is from muscle but why couldn't I just lose the fat or turn it into muscle and they get smaller.   I always quit working out when my measurements in my thighs go up. 

If I continued working out would they eventually get smaller?  

I have 60 lbs to lose and I don't want anything getting larger.

Thanks for your help. 
MORE protein?? You've got to be joking, I fail to get to 20% as it is! It's all carbs carbs carbs, luckily it appears I can keep the fat low if I buy the cheese that doesn't taste as good. Bah.

You know, I actually just stripped and checked myself out in the mirror and I'm still not entirely sure. I have pretty normal legs with slightly big thighs, I have the biggest and wobbliest belly but then I have a beautiful and big chest area, my shoulders are normal, my arms a pretty normal apart from a bit of flab (but that HAS come off). I really really enjoy aerobics, pasta and couscous. And I don't eat meat. Oh, what to do, what to do...*sadly shakes head*


As for the thighs, I would not work them out as much as let's say your upper body. The legs still need training, but maybe only do 2 sets of 15 for the leg press and that is it.  Focus more on shoulders, chest, arms and back. Balance out the body. Focus more on ab work, but reduce the amount of leg work, I am not sure what you're doing now, but 2 sets of leg press, 2 sets of calf raises, and then a decent ab routine to finish off with, you should be okay.

Oh and no they won't get smaller, but that's okay. Chances are you are also carrying alot of that 60 excess lbs of weight around those thighs, so once the fat melts away via cardio training 30 minutes 5 times a week, low to moderate intensity (never lose your breath, always be able to talk easily) you may see a drop in size.

Be patient. It will happen. It did for me, but it wasn't overnight!

Keep up the good work. You'll do it. Ya just gotta believe!
Yeh I am an apple. My protein intake is about 89 grams right now. Everything about this is so true.

coach dee what would we do without you? :)

thanks for the litte extra tips....

coachdee  what qualifies as starchy carbs?
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