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Fat-Free/No Sugar Added Ice Cream and Treats?

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Hello everyone - I was wondering whether any of you all have had success in losing weight by incorporating fat-free/no sugar added ice cream bars, etc. into your diet to satisfy the sugar/chocolate cravings. I like them pretty well - but I am worried I am just fooling myself thinking I can lose weight and eat desserts too. What have been your experiences with desserts and dieting?
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I eat them all the time.  But, you can even have the regular peoples kind, as long as you count the calories.Laughing

I used to love SKinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, but lately i've been getting the sugar free pudding cups.  So creamy! Yum!

What mommakitty said! I'd rather have the "regular people's" kind because a lot of the ingredients are closer to natural, but you can certainly do either.

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Original Post by jodiferjuniper:

I used to love SKinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, but lately i've been getting the sugar free pudding cups.  So creamy! Yum!

They actually taste really good frozen and oftened in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds. *hint hint* :)

Smart One's new Peanut Butter Cup frozen pie dessert is an absolute heaven sent for someone like me addicted to the PB and chocolate combo!

Can we just talk about No Sugar Added Fudgsicles for a second?  /me enjoys one right now.

40 calories.  And deliciousness on a stick.  There is no way that you can't fit 40 calories into the strictest of diets.

Mars, thanks for the tip!  Ezzied, how many cals in the PB Cup pie?  Sounds too good to be true!

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Mmm...yes,  I would love to know also. I hope it doesn't get recalled though :o

MMM love these!!!

I get these chocolate fudgesicles from Cosco for 90 calories, and they help me stay on track!

I think I might go have one now! lol

Sugar Free instant Jello pudding has saved me from binging many a time. I try not to eat it a lot just because I am weary of some sugar free items, but it does the trick especially if you are trying to cut down on sugar.

Okay, and now a voice from the opposing team :)

I avoid the sugar-free/fat free desserts for two reasons.  I find I don't have cravings for desserts when I eliminate them from my food plan.  Healthier foods start to taste sweet and/or my need for "sweet" in my diet has lessened.  I really want to divorce myself from the preoccupation with desserts and sweet snacks because this is a "slippery slope" - I put on 100 pounds scarfing down the ice cream and pudding.  I need to change my entire attitude about food - it's a lifestyle alternation I need.

I also prefer to eat "the real thing" when I do have a treat (which I allow myself about once a month).  I'd rather have a bowl of full fat/sugar ice cream once a month, than Skinny Cow every day.

I am working to learn non-food skills to cope with desires to binge.  It's an internal problem, so I am working on internal solutions.  I also keep my blood sugar level with many small snacks/meals a day, so that the desire to binge is less frequent.

However, I don't mean to put down anyone else's food plan.  We all have to find our own way on this journey.  If it works for you, great.  It just doesn't work for me.

Mad4moon, thanks for your message - I see your point and that's one of the things I have worried about. If I eat dessert, maybe I will just get that itch for chocolate and dessert... whereas if I eliminate it as best as possible, I will be satisfied without dessert. I haven't figured out what works for me. I can definitely appreciate what you said about figuring out the internal reasons for binging. Maybe this is too personal for a post, but as a kid, my parents always rewarded me with snacks at night when I was good all day... and I think that has carried over to my adult life, unfortunately, and when I want to feel good or rewarded for a long day, I eat dessert. :( Ugh, all these mental and emotional problems we all have with food! It's crazy!

I also stick with the real thing for dessert. I have never done really well on low-fat or non-fat things... I always end up feeling hungry an hour later... so, I budget my calories and eat the real thing (cheese, bread, dessert, etc)... it keeps me feeling fuller longer... that's my two cents, anyway! Then again, you can't eat them everyday, so it all depends on what you are looking for... good luck! :-)

It is interesting that everybody has there own mechanism and kind of has to figure out what works for them.  I have failed many a diet plan in the past where I wanted to eat everything perfectly so now I do cut myself some slack.  I have lost almost 50lbs and it has taken a while but I give myself the occasionally sugar free and sugared treat and keep trudging along.

^yeah. I wonder how long the people who deny themselves particular foods fare in the long term. No disrespect, I just wonder.

I can't have many sugars for medical reasons. I'm all over the splenda. I don't think food is evil and I think a lot of foods are super delicious. I don't have some power trip to prove, so I eat what I want.

You aren't fooling yourself into thinking you can reach reasonable weight goals & live a normal, non-deprived lifestyle.

I think people who are determined to deprive themselves of foods that they find delicious are probably setting themselves up for failure.

I also think that everyone who has been watching their calories for a long period of time finds that some days/weeks they overindulge, but since they're watching themselves they reign it back in.

Basically, satisfy yourself. If you feel like something in your life (food or otherwise) isn't helping you or hurting you, examine it & change it for a while. Figure out something that works for you. When that stops working, do something different.

It's a dance, you know?

Good luck.

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I see some other opinions and they make sense. And when you look into it, a lot of reduced foods aren't much different than the originals, except that the ingredient list is longer and harder to pronounce.

Triscuits- Calories: 120. Fat: 4.5 (0.5 sat)

Reduced-fat Tricuits- Calories: 120. Fat: 3

Oreos- Calories: 160. Fat: 7 (2 sat)

Reduced-fat Oreos- Calories: 150 Fat: 4.5 (1 sat)

Murray's sugar-wafers (5)- Calories: 160 Fat: 7 (2.5 sat, 2.5 trans)

Murray's sugar-free sugar-wafers (4)- Calories: 140 Fat: 8 (1.5 sat, 3.5 trans)

Jif peanut butter (1TB)- Calories: 95 Fat: 8 (1.5 sat)

Jif reduced-fat peanut butter (1TB)- Calories: 95 Fat: 6 (1.3 sat)

Hmm... What I think is that if you're going to buy reduced products, get ones that are worth it, like dairy products and condiments. 


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