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Is Your Fat Evenly Distributed?

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Is Your Fat Evenly Distributed?

Mine is driving me batty! One side of my stomach sticks out more than the other. There's a noticeable "hump" in it. I assume it's a higher concentration of fat. The same goes for my back fat. Gods, how I loathe those "wings" of back fat. One side of mine is about twice the size of the other side. Heck, one of my boobies are way larger than the other. I'm sorely disproportioned. Cry

Well, I've gotten 35 pounds gone so far. If I'm lucky, my body with somewhat even out when most of this excess fat disappears.

Please tell me I'm not alone?

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Yes, my fat is evenly distributed.  I gain in my arms, back, stomach, butt and legs.  It's even from side to side, but I can see where you are coming from.  Really though....who will ever notice except your reflection looking back at you?  I think the uneveness is a little sexy.  I've seen other girls with this and it adds a bit to their natural beauty.  I have a good side on my face.  I always try to be photographed from the left side of my face.  It's the same thing, right?  I think so.  Hopefully, as you lose the weight, things will even themselves out a bit.  Your body takes a while to adjust to a dramatic change in weight/fat.

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As I lose/gain weight the size differences between my right and left boob are more apparent.  It is something that bothered me when I first noticed and again when my roommate told me that she could see it as well.  But there is nothing I would be able to do about it, other then possibly plastic surgery and I refuse to go there.  


Basically, I have resigned to the fact that they will never be twins, but the are mine. Wink

My fat is pretty evenly distributed... I've been cursed with the "watermelon" figure and I'm not very tall, so I feel like a round tank most days. I hate that... as for the symmetry thing, most people aren't symmetrical at all, and have breasts, hands, eyes, nostrils, testicals, labia, and more that are quite different from side to side. I'm guessing it seems a lot worse to you than to anyone else- I rarely notice other people's asymmetry, and when I do it doesn't bother me. Give it time and see what it all looks like when you've reached your goal weight. Chances are you're perfectly normal and will feel better about everything once you're at the weight you want. Don't obsess about this stuff, because you're probably the only one who notices, We're all like that.

Left-to-right, it's pretty much even.  Top-to-bottom, though, it's all on my torso (chest/back/stomach).

I'm an apple shape, so my main areas of weight gain are: stomach, back, upper arms, face. They are all even from side to side though.

Same as susiecue, left-to-right is even.  But whenever I gain weight, it goes straight to my bum and stomach.  Never my chest... (sigh).  Pretty much everything above the bottom of my boobs stays the same.

Good luck with the weight loss!
I'm sure things will even out with time.
x Caroline

everything on my right side is bigger than my left. Was and still is. Bigger right calf, bigger right breast, bigger right foot, etc. I just try to accept that there's always going to be a measure of asymmetry. sigh.

I'm a mesomorph.  My tummy hips, butt and thighs will always be disproportionately big - but I've got pendulous breasts, as well, so if I were.... oh.... about 100 pounds thinner, I might have an hourglass figure of sorts.

I have noticed that as I lose some of this blubber it's coming off in bug chunks from different parts of my body and keeps looking like some parts aren't catching up.  Then those parts catch up and the parts I originally lost fat from look like they aren't keeping up.  And ayup, my left pendulous breast is bigger than my right pendulous breast now.

I'm just constantly doing spot reducers, massaging the fat (except for my boobs - I don't like me enough THAT way), and flexing and releasing the muscles on the areas I don't think keep up and it seems to be evening out that way - studies on spot reducers not working, be damned.

I'll sort it all out later.  Right now I'm just trying to get rid of fat, fat, any fat, take any fat you want.  I have plenty.

It was when I was 250 (though a lot of it was in my stomach), and is now that I'm 167 (and counting!).

I imagine I'll continue to be proportional, though I think I'll end up with large calves, medium boobs, a large-ish tush, and large thighs.

I'm not pear shaped really, more an hour glass (though at the top of my weight I was more just a bucket for some fat sand)

I almost laughed out loud when I read your post - I thought I was the only one with asymmetrical fat! One of my love handles is significantly bigger and higher than the other. I don't really sweat it though - I just figure it is one of my body's quirks, and leave it at that.

jeez i don't know if anyone read the original post... No my fat is UNEVEN!!

GRRR on my abdomen I can pinch & feel & see much more adipose tissue on the left of belly button than on the right side. I too hope it evens out the thinner I get.  Good luck with all your goals


Unfortunately, no. I have nearly none on my upper body and more than I need on the lower. My body fat is around 10-12%, but you wouldn't know it to look at me; my upper body is a slightly more muscular version of skin-and-bone, and my lower body looks average.

Nothing I can do but work out my arms/chest/back and hope I slowly gain muscle and drop a little of the fat from my lower body, since I don't want to lose or gain weight overall yet I could use a little redistribution.

I think my fat is evenly distributed side-to-side, but my muscle definitely isn't; my right side is dominant, so my right thigh is an inch bigger than my left (I've measured!). I can see the difference, but I doubt anyone else can. I think my right bicep might be half an inch bigger, but i don't remember.

In terms of top half/ bottom half fat distribution, it's not at all - my legs are kind of stocky and my upper half is kind of bony, but oh well, it's how i'm built and not all that abnormal.  It's something I need to learn to accept.



I wonder sometimes if this has any baring on me, like I wonder if I just have more muscle on the left side of my abdominal hence less fat??? hmmm

the right side of my body is a bit bigger than my left : /

I can notice but no-one else has to my knowledge...maybe they're just being polite.

Yep!  My fat seems to enjoy residing on my stomach, butt, and thighs with an equal amount of pleasure!  :)

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