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fat burning mode

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I'v been reading that when we first wake up we are in fat burning mode which can take up to 30 mins to reach at other times of day.

Is this when we wake up at a specific time eg 5am  or would I still be in fat burning mode if I didn't wake up until 8am and start exercsing then? or what if I had to walk my dog first and can't start exercising until got back...  if I hadn't had breakfast before I start... am I still in 'fat burning mode'?


I just wondered as I seem to sweat more and burn more calories even from same routines if I start between 5-6am, than starting later in day?

I wondered if its a specific timeframe or anytime between first waking up and first time you eat after waking?


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Where did you read this? "Fat burning mode" sounds like a bit of bologna to me. It might be referring to the fasted state that you're in when you wake up - where you will be burning more fat for fuel as opposed to carbs, as you will have less stored muscle energy in your system to burn. The "taking up to 30 mins at other times in the day" could refer to burning through your glycogen stores during heavy activity, I guess, after which you would burn more fat. Just trying to make sense of where that silly idea would have originated.

Anyway, forget that whole idea. There is no 'mode' that you have to 'catch' by waking up at a certain time of the day. If you work out in the morning before eating, you'll burn more calories from fat, but at the end of the day it's going to come down to how much you eat vs. how much energy you expend - if you eat more than you burn, you're going to end up storing the excess as fat anyway. 

Don't overthink it - just exercise if you want to, whenever is convenient and whenever will guarantee you'll do it, and eat healthy and less than you burn. That's it.

Work out whenever is most convenient to you.  laur3nmae has it right - the only reason to call it "fat-burning mode" is because your glycogen stores are a little lower than at other points of the day.  But exercising with low glycogen stores isn't going to burn more calories, and that's all it comes down to in the end.  Eat fewer calories than you burn, and exercise whenever you feel like it.

ok,  though I have tried exercising - same routine at different times of the day and later on I don't even break into a sweat..   this morning I woke up at 4.30am..  got started.. within 10 mins.. I'm hotter and palms were wet through.. i have to dry myself off with a towel when I've done...  never happens when I do it later.


Maybe its just me..  related to my thyroid problems or the effort it takes me to do stuff....  I know I'm slower with the exercises later in day cos I'm stiffer so maybe I'm just not able to move fast enough to get heart rate up later in day? 

For whatever reason I do better first thing.. lost another half inch off waist and another inch of stomach measurements today, even though water has gone up as I'm starting to bloat (monthlies due first week of october).


just wish the pounds would come off as fast as the inches seem to be!      maybe I'm increasing muscle too with the workouts?


From body fat scales I got in june.. body fat has gone down (though it goes up temporarily with monthlies no idea why.. then goes back down), water and lean muscle mass has gone up. 

Readings have gone down sometimes get a different one each time but they are usually within a specific range for example when first got them the numbers would be between 12st and 12st 5....   now I'm getting weights in 10st range to early 11's ( 10st 8 - 11st 2)  etc....  the digital scales still show me at 12 or over everytime the monthly water goes on..  and I only seem to get back down to 11st 12 or 11st 10 in between. 

I have been eating fewer than I burn sometimes 1,000 cal deficit but I'm not losing 1-2lb a week. ...  lost 9lbs in 3 months. 

Well if working out at 4.30am is what you want to do, then great. Breaking a sweat is not a good a measure for a good workout, however. There's no reason why working out later in the day would make it harder to get your heart rate up. Why do you care about losing pounds, if you're losing inches? Scale will fluctuate wildly according to a number of different factors and is not a good measure of weight loss at all. 

I don't like the sound of that 1000 calorie deficit. Eat a bit more to increase your metabolism, cut down on sugar, exercise whenever.

Sep 22 2011 12:03
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9 lbs in 3 months isn't so bad. Something is better than nothing.

The idea of early AM fat burning interests me, because I'm always at lowest daily weight before breakfast. Based on my experience, I think that I lose weight during the night, as the body is restocking glycogen. But that's from the whole effect of what I did and ate in the previous day. If I had an end-of-day deficit I restock from fat, if I had a surfeit I restock to fat. Since weight loss is slow and long term, I don't think that exercise has to occur at a specific hour of the day. It just needs to be done regularly and as often as possible.
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