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Fat arms anyone???

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Hi, I am 5ft 1 and 129 lbs.  I don't feel that I am too overweight but my arms are so big compaired to the rest of my body it makes me look so fat in pictures.  I hate that!

Does anyone have the same problem?  Are there any exercizes known to reduce arm fat?  I hate my arms.  Its not the shaky flab we all get after 30 its big thick arms.


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If it is fat then you have to lose weight to get rid of it.  If it is muscle which is what it looks like from the picture you are going to need to over train it.  By that I mean train it everyday for 20 reps.  This should cause a reduction of muscle in your arms.

Send a message to Melkor he seems to know quite a bit on this type of thing.

We don't all get shaky arms after 30: that's a definite misconception. I'm 35 and my arms don't shake at all because I've been lifting weights for 18 years. So there is no reason to think that once your arms are toned they will be shaky—not unless loose skin or some such is involved. It's simply a myth that every woman must deal with that.

Unfortunately, I don't think you can slim down your arms without losing some weight—unless the problem you have is with too much muscle. If it is muscle, decreasing the amount of weight and increasing the repetitions will decrease the size of the muscle and give you instead a nicely toned appearance. I've done this myself: as I got older, I wanted to still look muscular but have a more lithe body overall.

You don't need to over train: you just need to do more reps with smaller weights. Every day is not necessary.

If it is fat, or in part fat.... You can definitely build muscle under the fat, but it may make your arms look larger rather than achieving your ultimate objective. My arms looked large for my frame, too—large but muscled—until I dropped from 129 (at 5' 3 1/2") to 113.

There's no way of telling where the weight will come off, however. That is up to your body. You might lose it in the waist or the hips or the face.... Everyone is different.

It looks to me like it might be a little of both: muscle and fat. As I say, I both lost weight and switched to lighter weights and a higher number of reps. It worked beautifully.

i know how you feel! im 5'1 currently like 120 my arms are big too! i would love to just make them skinny! i need help too!

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Its a mixture of fat and muscle. 

I have five kids and am always lugging my three year old around.  I also walk on a treadmill for 45 min 2x a day and lift 3lb weights about every 10 min in between the walking so I don't get bored on the treadmill.  I got up to 145lbs after my 5th child and have lost down to 129lbs.  My goal is about 123lbs and then well see after then how I feel.   Out of the 16 lbs I have lost nothing has come off my arms.  Fat or Muscle  

I have an arm problem too, and it didn't go away until I was 110 lbs (I'm 5'2) but at that point, there was neither muscle nor fat. Wouldn't really advise that way though. Now I'm 122ish and the fat and muscle are back. I've noticed that working my triceps has really helped, but that may be because my biceps were never the problem. At the gym, I pile on the weight for my triceps, instead of just relying on reps. It seems to help a little, and I'm sure it'll be better when I lose a few more pounds. I think swimming would help too, one of my friends is an avid swimmer and has sculpted arms, so since it's nealry summertime, I'm going to jump in the pool as much as possible too.

I agree that more weight for the triceps can add definition. Those are harder to define than the biceps. But I still don't use the largest weights I can anymore. I use heavy weights that still enable me to do high reps. And I do many different kinds of exercises for the triceps.


It looks to me like your arms go with your face and body. Maybe you're hiding something under the sleeve, but it really doesn't look like it. You seem to be in proportion.

But, yeah.... The only way you are going to make a real change in your arms is to lose weight, and even then, you might not lose the weight from your arms. And while you can tone with high reps, that will add definition and potentially make your arms look a little larger. Without accompanying weight loss, you won't see much of a difference.

I notice that your forearms are a little more defined than your upper arm. You could lose some of that muscle and have the arm look slimmer, but since it is very likely from lifting your kids and such it would be hard to lose that. And, well, personally I believe in definition. I work on my forearms as well as my upper arms.

Talk to your doctor; it could be a sign of glucose issues...that tends to put weight on your arms and around the "spare tire".  Other than that, you look great!  Don't sweat the small stuff.

I have the same problem!  I'm 5'2" trying to get down to 110.  My arms underarms especially) look horrible!  I've been trying to do push ups...do you guys think that will help?

Oh, I'm at 128 now...

According to your height (if you have a large frame) you are at a healthy weight.  You actually do look like you are very well proportioned.

Do you you know your body fat %?

Even if you have muscle, it hides under fat, the muscle could be pushing the fat out making it appear like you are bigger/fatter.

If you want to look "defined" you should lower your body fat, then build muscle.

Great on the 45 minutes of walking!  Try adding a couple of jogging intervals/power walking in that routine start with 30, 60 seconds, then try to get it up to 2 minutes, to make it more of a "HIIT" workout which burns fat.

Oh and Up your lbs on your weights!  Try 5 lbs, 8 then build it up to 10lbs.  Take care!!!


I love the "arm bike" if you don't go to the gym you can order one online between 50-100.  Great for looking "toned" (once you get your body fat % down of course)

Take care again!!

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