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Fast Metabolism

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You know anyone with a really fast metabolism? I have a friend who eats loads, far more than me and does hardly any exercise. He eats loads of junk food and one night ate a whole huge chinese banquet for 4 people to himself! Yet he so looks skinny as hell that to look at him you'd think he is anorexic. Thing is he says its not good to have such a fast metabolism coz he has to eat loads. There are some websites where people say its not good either. Some people are just never happy and just like complaining. I think having a fast metabolism must be absolutely awesome so you can just eat whatever you want and not put on weight. I have a really slow metabolism and just put on loads of weight in no time if I eat unhealthily. A couple of months ago I injured my foot exercising and put on half a stone in about 6 weeks through not being able to do exercise, although I eat healthily most of the time.  Wouldn't you guys love to just have a really fast metabolism?

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i know several people with really fast metabolisms (all of them guys). some of them don't mind it so much, but for some it can get totally frustrating. First off, cause they're too skinny to get a girlfriend, and secondly, cause eating becomes an expensive affair (they spend a lot of $$ on food and trying to gain weight). The grass is usually greener on the other side. But really, moderation is probably the best.

Few people really have either a freakishly fast metabolism or a slow metabolism.   A lot of people overeat or undereat, however.   Your friend may eat 'loads' when you're with him and chug down chinese banquets but chances are he skips meals and skimps when you're not around to observe.   I have a very slim friend of 20 years who loves cakes and pudding.  Every time we go out shopping she'll find a cafe and tuck into large slices of chocolate cake, big milky coffees and a toasted cheesy paninis.  But I know that when she's home she lives on diet sodas, salads and bits and pieces of this and that rather than cook a decent meal for herself.

Gi-jane.. what you said is very true! I have to agree with you on that one for sure.


And I know this one guy who is SUPER skinny.. but in a scrawny way. Yet he eats like 4000 calories a day..

He's always working out though because he wants to be more muscular.

Wish I had his problem..

would I like a faster metabolism....sure.  Not that fast though.  Imagine walking around all emaciated looking with people thinking you have some sort of ED and there is literally nothing they can do about.  We can eat well and exercise to take care of our bodies but they have to have very special and expensive diets just to gain a little weight.  I think that would be even more frustrating.

Original Post by agana:

would I like a faster metabolism....sure. Not that fast though. Imagine walking around all emaciated looking with people thinking you have some sort of ED and there is literally nothing they can do about. We can eat well and exercise to take care of our bodies but they have to have very special and expensive diets just to gain a little weight. I think that would be even more frustrating.

I guess everyone just wants what they can't have! I would love a super super super fast metabolism.. I don't care if people thought I had an ED because I'd just be eating in front of them all the time!

My roommate's aunt had colon cancer and apparently they had to take out some part of her intestines so she needs to use a bag to defecate.. but she's SUPER thin now. She can eat whatever and it won't get digested so now she seriously looks like a walking corpse.

Gee..I would love to poop in a bag as long as it meant I was thin.  Weirdo.  I never thought that walking corpse look was very appealing.

Well I actually am one of those people who have a ridiculously fast metabolism, and I can honestly say that I don't like it. I burn 3,000 calories in a day doing absolutely nothing. Add in daily activity and then I have some problems. Now maybe for a girl it would be all right, but as a guy I don't like being thin and scrawny. To be 6 foot and weigh 133 pounds even though I stuff my face all day isn't fun. I'm always hungry, and I'm tired of constantly feeling dependent on food. And as someone already mentioned, it's expensive to have a fast metabolism. I know my mom can't wait until I go back to college because I eat a month's worth of groceries in a couple of a days. But I understand why having a slower metabolism can be worse. My sister has celiac disease and as a result as an underactive thyroid. She gets very upset because even though she gains weight easy even though she eats a normal healthy diet. So I would say that the ideal metabolism is the one that is not too fast or slow.

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you all say how much you'd love to have a super fast metabolism/Hyperthyroidism, but there are some serious side effects that can have on someones body.

here are a few:

       &nb sp;               Pal pitations
Heat intolerance
Increased bowel movements
Light or absent menstrual periods
       &nb sp;               Fast heart rate
Trembling hands
Weight loss
Muscle weakness
Warm moist skin
Hair loss
Staring gaze


i dont know, maybe some of these sounds ok, but i'd take my diet and exercise any day.

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I think its much easier and nicer to have to eat more than the average person because you have a fast metabolism, than have to eat less than you want all the time or you'll get fat. From a health perspective its also much harder to get all the nutrition you need on less calories. Its harder to get a balanced diet on 1500 calories than 3000 so a fast metabolism is healthier. I think I have a slower than average metabolism and really hate it . I have to do loads of exercise to maintain my weight, and put on weight very easily. When I injured a couple of months back I put on 10 pounds in 6 weeks just from not being able to do any exercise for that time, even though I was only eating about 2000 calories a day most of the time. People with fast metabolisms have a diamond gift from God imo, in not putting on weight easily. If they really want to put on weight can't they just stuff themselves with boxes of chocolates.


I know one thing I worry about (I have a fast metabolism in that I eat a few thousand calories a day, but I'm really active and play football) is once I get older, I get less active and metabolism goes down.

You know, everyone is different and it is best to learn to like yourself the way you are. I have to sympathize with your friend a little here. I also have a very fast metabolism and I know what it's like to eat more than all my friends and feel hungry at odd times.  I have friends - especially ones who feel they have to diet to lose wieght - who tell me how lucky I am to have such a fast metabolism because I can eat so much and not gain wieght. The truth is that a fast metabolism doesn't just mean that you can eat a lot - it means that you NEED to eat a lot. I also know what it is like to spend my last $20 on dinner and be really hungry again by midnight - not always, but it happens. It can be a little embarrassing to eat dinner at your friends house and practically clean out his fridge. It is really a case of the grass is always greener. Like yourself how you are.

I used to have really fast metabolism too when I was young. I could eat like there's no tomorrow and still be dramatically underweight. Well, I guess my hormones have changed, I no longer have the priviledge of owning a really fast metabolism now. No more eating like there's no tomorrow lol :P

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I AM one!!! I hate having it to..but I deal with it. When I look down at myself, I think I look okay and "normal" but people ask me all the time if I have an eating disorder and it bugs me..because I don't...Would people like me more if I was normal?

skinny sucks because guys don't like bones...they like curves and figure...

at least I get to eat whatever I want..like this king size snicker bar here sitting on my desk =]

Losing weight isn't only about looks... some of us actually aim for functional fitness and health as well Wink

I know someone with a metabolism like this. His diet is still healthier and lower calorie than the average American's.

Anyway, it's just how the ectomorph body type works. Little fat, little muscle. Long and lanky.

I think the ability to get fat is a good thing. If you didn't have pain, you would always do things that were harmful to yourself without realizing it. If you don't gain weight, there's nothing to force you to adopt healthy eating habits.

Besides, eventually you adapt to healthy eating and new things taste good and different thangs taste bad. It's all relative.

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As someone who used to have a really fast metabolism in my teens and now in my early twenties has gone down to just a kind of fast metabolism, I can say I like the way I am now better. I can actually go a few hours without eating and not feel like I'm about to pass out, don't get hungry all the time etc. My experience has honestly been that I weigh more eating about the same as I used to, BUT that means it's easier to maintain muscle mass. And if I want to lose a little, well I have to eat less but I also don't have the appetite I used to, so it isn't that hard. Maybe my mind will change if in my older years I go to a truly SLOW metabolism, but so far I have enjoyed having my metabolism slow down some. I think a common misconception people have or simply overlook about a fast metabolism is that you can eat a lot but don't need to. Not true folks, it's ALWAYS FAST. They seem to think it means that it goes into hyperdrive when you wolf down a 2000 calorie meal, but then conveniently shuts off when you can't eat for half a day. Ya, I can't sit do nothing and eat a ton of junk food and stay thin like I used to, but seriously all it takes is a little self-discipline. Being hungry all the time sucks, I feel for people who still are like this well into their adult years.

Honestly, a fast metabolism is good because you don't have to worry about being overweight. But what about underweight? I think that's a worse situation for many guys.

Also, I feel like just the act of wishing for a fast metabolism so you could pig out all the time is kind of the wrong focus. Cc is here to teach us to be moderate in our intake, a lesson that can transfer over to many areas in life; moderation is key.

But what bothers me is that wishing to be able to eat everything is like saying "my life would be perfect if I could eat everything" but why is food a deal breaker on a perfect life? What about friends, family, pets, and I don't know, all the other things life is actually about. Why would food be the answer? I'm pretty into novels and shows/movies that take place in the 19th century and medieval times, and one thing I've always noticed in those is that food is not the primary focus. They got what they got, which was sometimes meager and sometimes pretty gross, and they were glad for it, but it was never the focus, whether it's a love story or a quest for self-identity or finding a murderer or uncovering a conspiracy, food is a small thing they remember to enjoy at meals in between the real events of their lives.

I love food, I think it's important and fun and I'm so grateful to live in an age where decent food is readily available, but sometimes I pretend I'm living back then and remember to focus on the actual 'plot' and 'characters' in my story, and not the minor details.
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