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Weight Loss
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facing the scales

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I use calorie count to work out points as I am with weightwatchers online.  I have lost just over 9 stone in just over 17 monthes and have now, I would say mastered the "points" system to the extent I think there may be a fundermental problem.

I know that ww uses points but is a calorie control system as well as keeping the saturated fat content low. 

I some times face the scales - I weight every saturday moring and find that I have stayed the same or even gained a pound even though I have kept strictly to the points system. 

Question 1 -  to all calorie counters - does this also happen to you even though you keep strictly to your calories.

I think that the problem may be that the point and be streached.

A point can be bettween 70 and 86 calories. .5 points can be 40 - 50 calories approx. So eating at the high end of a point can take you over the calories that you burn each day - in effect will hinder weight loss?

Also Weightwatchers do not counts many vegitables like sprouts and green beans and salad  - lettise onion and carrots but they do contain calories.  So in effect eating to much veg can hinder weight loss?

Do you see where I am going with this?

Please comment.....

My pictures of before and after are on

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I don't know how much 9 stone is but DAAAAANNNGG!  Dude, you've lost a ton of weight.  WOW!  You look AWESOME!

Just had to say that.

Maybe you've reached your body's goal & don't need to lose more?

Maybe you're eating too many carrots (hi cal for a veggie).

Anyway, great job!
1 stone = 14 lbs

You've lost 126 pounds? Damn... You've lost a whole me! I envy you. And you look great!

I really have nothing to contribute to this thread, I just needed to tell you that. Congratulations.
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