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Extremely Tired from not eating enough?

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Just a quick question, so I know whether I should eat a larger dinner tonight or not.. if that would help me.

The past few days I have been extremely fatigued and exhausted. I wanna go to the gym, but I have absolutely zero energy for it. I've been getting about 8 hours of sleep every night (given I go to bed late and wake up around noon lol). I'm also currently on a mini vacation from work, so I'm not burning any extra calories there either. I'm not eating junk food or much processed stuff - mostly I've been eating veggies, lean protein, and fruit. Here are my intakes the past week:

Friday: 670 (not intended to be that low lol)
Saturday: 1,335
Sunday: 1,520
Monday: 1,100
Tuesday: 1,200
Wednesday: 1,520

This averages out to about 1,225 a day. I would normally try to average 1,400.. but I'm going to Montreal tomorrow and allowing myself a couple of free days, so I need that extra calorie room. lol My RMR is 1,240 at Sedentary, which I pretty much have been unless you count going out doing errands almost everyday. I just feel like crap though, sooo tired, and it makes it difficult to get excited over this trip - which I TRULY am on the inside but too exhausted to feel it. Do you think this is from my intake, and I should eat a little more today?

Edit: Also, can not eating enough fat be a cause too? I generally take in 20-25g a day.

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Your intakes look normal since you are pretty much sedentary. I think lacking fat causes fatigue. It happens to me too.

i know some people are against anything high fat, but i find that i am about 10 times more energized when i eat more fat and protein and less carbs.  eating a carb meal literally makes me want to take a nap.  eating protein or fatty meal doesnt--and i lose weight.  maybe your body reacts to carbs like mine.  some people can do well with lots of carbs, but some people dont. 

I've just recently began tracking my carbs to see what I usually take in, so that next week I'll hack off 15% and see I how I do with that. Not that it's gonna be very accurate. Since I began watching them I've been more cautious in the foods I choose, especially as a side to a sandwich or something. When usually I would have soy chips or mini rice cakes, I've been grabbing celery or carrots. I wasn't supposed to change it YETTTT. lmao

But in general I don't usually have a problem with how my body reacts to carbs... unless it's from sugar. Although candy does make me wanna nap for sure. Tongue out

the problem is that all carbs--including complex ones--turn into sugar at some point.  of course simple sugars go into the blood at lightening speed, but all carbs break down to sugar.  eating celery over a rice cake is great now matter how early you start.Smile

haha true... my only problem is I can't eat celery plain. It's unflavorful, so I end up dipping it something like peanut butter (so much for lower carb lol) or hummus. Hmm.... *ponders lower carb tasty dips for veggies*

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I think it could be the fat. Fats ae good for us in moeration, but 20-25 is kinda low...

Peanut butter's not high carb, to my knowledge.  (Can't stand the stuff myself, but I keep seeing it getting recommended as a food full of fat and protein.)  It's the bread you'd put it on that's carb-y.  So, celery with peanut butter might help you out with the not-enough-fat problem too.  (Which, yeah, less than 30 g fat per day isn't enough.  Try to get yourself up into the 30-50 g fat/day range.  I suspect it'll help.)

Also, I wish I had your problem of finding celery tasteless!  Smile  It's the one vegetable I refuse to eat (well, raw; I can just about tolerate it in soups and stews).  Apparently, you can be hypersensitive to some chemical in it - the same way some people are to green peppers.

I guess I have my mom to thank for the celery eating. I remember her giving me some celery sticks and peanut butter in my lunch when I was in kindergarten. MmMm..... That was like my favorite healthy snack. Aside from any kind of fruit.

Well, I managed to get my fat intake up to 63g today. Unfortunately, it wasn't in a healthy way!! Frown Well.. the sandwich was fairly healthy, the chips weren't too bad because they were all-natural, but it was the overload on Edy's Light ice cream and mini pack of M&M's that did it. Although earlier I did have a handful of almonds (healthy fat I think), and potato fries in olive oil. All in all my day ended at 2,215 calories. That increases my 6-day average to about 1,595. Not what I want for weight loss!! Cry Especially being inactive right now until I get more time next week. At least I hope... with Christmas coming... eeeks.

Last year, between Thanksgiving and New Year's, I pretty much gained back most of the weight I had lost, so it was like starting all over. I vowed to not go there again this year.

Try eating more fruits - the sugar in it will give you an extra push of energy because that's what your body turns to first in the digestive process.  Also, fruits won't weigh you down and make you crash later like candy.

Well tomorrow since I don't know if I will be stuck at the airport for an extended period of time or not.. I'm bringing a homemade sandwich and an apple with me. If I get more hungry depending how long I'm there, I'll have to suck it up and buy a piece of fruit somewhere for $2. Not something I really wanna do. lol I wanna keep my intake at about 1,300 since today was a lil' large... and Saturday will probably top 'em all off. I have NO idea what's going to be served at this dinner party! I'm hoping there will be sushi.. cuz I vowed to not leave Montreal until I've tried it. lol

You know 'calories' is just another word for 'energy'.   If you're trying to exist on 1200 or sub-1200 calories each day you are simply not putting enough fuel in the tank.  You're 'running on empty'.  You're likely to not be getting the right nutrition from your food... no matter how it's comprised.   You're highly likely to have low iron-stores... and even mild anaemia can lead to fatigue.  Your immune system could be flagging meaning that you're more prone to viruses.

If you want to feel more energetic you have to take in more energy, more calories.   A few days at 2000 cals or so, plus a daily multivitamin with iron, would be a much-needed tonic to your system.

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Nuts ae  great weigh to get you healthy fats in. Have the ice cream and potato chips as an occasional treat, but have a couple ounces or so a day. You could also drizzle olive oil over some steamed veggies or if you like pasa, that tastes great with it too. http://www.helpguide.org/life/healthy_diet_fa ts.htm

Yeah, I don't normally eat ice cream.. especially in the winter. lol And the chips I always stick to a serving size or less - I don't really get addicted to them like a lot of people. It's chocolate that's my downfall! haha

So hopefully I should be okay if I stay around 1,300-1,400 today... and tomorrow since I'll not have a clue how to count, I'll just make sure that I make the healthiest options out of what I'm presented with.

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