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Exercise during a period (sorry for the men, but I need to know!)

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I have been working out everyday, and seeing great results, but is there a way to safely workout during ones menses? I know that yoga can be detrimental because it can reintroduce toxins back into the body, so thats out. But what CAN I do?
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I'm not familiar with the exercises you can't do...but I workout all the way through my period. I swim, cycle, run and lift weights. It's never affected me. I've even run races with my period. That would be a good question for a exercise physiologist...anyone here one of those?
Definitely not an expert (in fact, had a hysterectomy 7 months ago) but everything I've read recommends exercising during 'that time'. It helps reduce irritation, bloating and can even reduce cramping. I'd say, do whatever you're comfortable doing!
OhNo, I can't exercise during my period. I take three days off for that. My cramps are sooo bad I can't do anything.
well during that time i just don't feel like doing anything, but for those who love to still work out...congrats...i know that while on your period you loose a lot of extra calories a day because of that believe it or not. so if you do work out you should eat some extra cals so you don't pass out.
I've always worked out during my period. It helps with my cramps and gives me a lot of energy. I've never heard of any exercising being bad while on your period but I'm definitely not an expert.
I'm with katromig, it does help with cramps, though I usually give myself at least half of the day to do absolutely nothing lol. and i've never heard that it was bad for you, but then again i'm onl 17 in a small town so that makes me far from an expert lol...

makes me think of my history class, we were talking about progressivists and how people thought that women can't work or do any activity especially when they get their period because it was "bad for their health" so girls were limited to the amounts of thinking about activity during that time of the month, even got some time off of school (haha too bad that still didn't work lol)... but yeah times have changed lol
i have heard also that working out during that 'time' is good for ya but i also believe a bit of pampering and RnR is great for a day or two! i think u do sometime need to take that week into consideration with ur diet depending on how bad ur blood flow may be and such.. i bought a bottle of Hollywood Diet and wnat to use it just to jump start my dieting attempts but since i knew i would start my period any day now *hah started last night* i have just stashed it in the fridge til i am done.. figured starving during that time would not be good for my physical health.. nor for my children and husbands health HAHA!
can i ask another question related to this topic? WHY do i become a bottomless pit at this time of the month?? like 1 or 2 days before i start i feel like i could eat 10000 calories a day and still not be full (i'm still on track for 1200 today but it's REALLY hard!!) is it because i need more nutrients or is it psychological? i've noticed that i can controll my hunger every other day except these 2. does anyone else have that problem? oh, and exercising doesn't help because i worked out this morning and when i was done i was so hungry i wanted to rip a sucker out of a little girls hand and eat it.. (not really but it's not far from the truth) haha
its because when its our time we loose like 350-400 extra calories. thats why you can be hungry more and thats why if you work out you should eat more during that time so you don't pass out.
Obsidyan ... I know what you mean by the bottomless pit feeling. I can eat non-stop and still feel empty that day or so before my period. I actually don't think I could gain weight on these days...no matter what I eat.
I try to exercise if I can but eat sooo much!I try to eat lots of veg but need to eat meat or else feel like passing out
i heard exercising during your period reduces cramps. I exercise during it and i haven't experienced any problems.
Thank you all for your advice, I DID infact exercise and I feel better actually, less like a slug and more like a human being lol! I have more energy too. So its working for me. Thanks Again!
LMAO@ obsidyan! I hear you girl..I have been known to "borrow" some of my kids chcolate around that time.. I do find walking helps alot with cramps but at a much more sedate pace..pampering elevates the mind and soul therefore soothing the body. Warm baths with lavender and geranium oils (tiny amounts) also help..warm NOT hot. slow walking..hot choc and a great soft robe with a favorite movie also helps.
i can't wait to be able to take baths.. haha little known fact.. people who are close to 300 lbs. don't fit in conventional style bath tubs.. :( my hubby usually helps by giving me backrubs but he's on a business trip till tomorrow night.. i think maybe i'll train one of my dogs to do it but they both have such sharp claws.. oh well.. i'll just put my heating pad on my back and moan till i fall asleep tonight.. hahaha j/k i dont' have cramps right now.. just insane amounts of hunger..
So, related question, does anyone feel more sluggish and less able to do their normal workout during their period?  Last month I didn't notice it, but tonight I barely got through my usual routine, and at a much slower pace than normal.  I know everyone has off days, but I haven't had one this bad.  And yesterday was a day of rest for me, so it's not because I've been working too hard.

Anyway, didn't know if it's related to my period starting today, or if anyone has thoughts on the subject.
I walk when i am on the mary week. I don't do a lot of heavy moves do to the cramps... I try to get in 3 miles a day when i am in that kind of trouble. My kids call it. Mom working out side of the house. Or i ride my bike. Something low impact for that week. That is what i do.

Good luck

Can anyone give a link to a website that proves you burn more calories during your period? I'm on it right now and I have munchies like crazy.

I told my husband I could increase my calorie intake on period days, but he doesn't believe me!

I normally take in 1500, but today I'm doing 1900, exactly what I burn.
towards the end of the page

http://www.betterbodz.com/Tom/metabolism_theo ry.html
in the middle

i found these 2 for now
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