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What exercise burns the most calories?

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Hi There,

Can anyone please explain to me what burns the most calories in the gym? I dont have a lot of time to devote in the gym, but I'd obviously (like most people) like to be as effective as possible. What burns the most calories?

Also, when the machines are calculating the amount of calories, are they counting in cals or kilocals?

Please advise!

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Umm... Activity?

I get good calories burnt out of the elliptical, treadmill and stationary bike. Those are my preferences, I guess, in the gym.

But all the machines are good choices if you're willing to work hard.. :)
I think the elliptical is a great choice!
I really think running burns the most cals, so the treadmill. But it all depends on how fast and hard you go I guess.
Any cardiovascular activity where you are exercising just below your anarobic threshold will burn the most calories.  But often times if you drop the intesnity a little your body will burn more calories from fat rahter than glucose.   Honestly, speak with a trainer at your gym- they can serve as a great resource when trying to maximize your results with the time you have.

I really like the elliptical and the tredmill and I vary my workouts to train my body to burn fat most efficiently and also to build endurance. 
Running with sprints thrown in burns a lot of calories, more than running at a steady state. Anytime your body doesn't know what to expect, it burns more calories. Here's what I do: Run 1-2 min at a pace you can accomplish easily (for me that's about 6 mph) then run 1 min. at a pace that's hard for you (7 mph for me) then another 1 minute at a pace that's very challenging for you (7.5-8 mph for me). Then another 1-2 min at 6 mph. I do this for 30-45 minutes. It's an awesome workout and will make you a faster runner.

Stair stepping also burns a lot of cals. Most of all, though, go with something you like. That will keep you coming back again and again, and that's what burns the most calories of all.
   What burns the most calories?   I would say weight lifting becuase by adding some muscle mass you increase your metabolism 24 hours a day 7 days a week.   Doing cardio only burns calories while your in the act of working out and somewhat 1-2 hours after leaving the gym.  Doing some weight lifting and toneing will burn many more calories in the long term and also make your healthier overall.  For cardio I like HIIT workouts the best, do not like my muscles going into aerobic respiration, burns too much fast-twitch muscle in my opinion but its all what works for you.

I read an article 3 weeks ago which talked about the same thing, what burns the most calories..

It said running comes in first place, then power walking, then biking, and the last thing was normal walking..

I was also told by my gym instructur that the best thing is to change ur level of activity whilst on treadmill, that's very good for ur heart and burns fat quickly,, U can start by walking, then power or fast walking, u can also walk fast on an incline, then runnig, and so on!
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I read that running (not jogging) and jope ropping for an hour both burn 700 calories! but who can really jump rope for that long...
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Calories and Kilocalories, are the exact same thing. At least when it comes to weight loss. 1 Calorie= 1 Kilocalorie.

and for the other question, I would say the bike, elliptical
My elliptical trainer on high resistance can burn a lot of calories. Jump roping is also one of the higher calorie burners.
I think jump rope or running are pretty good calorie burners. Boxers have long known their value. I hate both but they work if you need to burn a lot of calories or get out of a plateau. When I don't care about burning a lot of calories but just want to have fun I just do aerobics...it doesn't feel like a workout when you are dancing!
I agree with jumping rope. I read on here that it can burn up to 1000 calories an hour, which is insane!

For the last few months, using the calorie measurements on the machines I use, I have been keeping track of the number of calories I burn per minute of my workout.  I have found that if I get a good run in on the treadmill I burn the most calories per minute.  However, if I'm not feeling up to an intense/long run I can get more calories per minute on the elliptical.  Even with a more intense run, my calories per minute on the elliptical don't fall too far behind my calories per minute on the treadmill.

 I usually vary my gym time between the treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike.  If I only have time for one machine I usually choose the elliptical because I find it easier to do at a more intense level for longer periods of time.

 I hope this helps.  Good luck.

I get the highest calorie burn on the elliptical.  While running would probably be better, I can't run fast enough long enough to burn the same number of calories I generally burn in the same amount of time on the elliptical.
I would actually have to say swimming burns the most calories. If you swim vigorously for an hour you can burn more than 705 calories an hour!

Honestly I am told the number one calorie burner on average is sex.


I would think jump rope. I'm starting to get into jogging, I try to walk/jog a mile every day.

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because after a while of doing the same exercise your body kind of relaxes and stops burning as many calories. it's kind of like the zigzag diet.

So by interval training what you're doing is starting off with a warmup, then running, or elliptical, or walking as FAST as you can like really really intensely fast for about 30 seconds-2minutes, as long as youcan handle it, and then go back to a warm up mode for 2 minutes, then go up a  bit more for a minute, then back to SUPER FAST for 30 seconds. and keep this up for like half an hour and your body will spend the next 24 hours recovering and burning calories.

this is why on treadmills if you select 'fat burn' it's always changing speeds and resistance.


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also things like mowing the lawn, shoveling the grass, vigorous cleaning of floors and windows, playing sports with family/friends, kayaking, hiking, biking, tennis, swimming at the beach...


things that don't even feel like working out are really great, especially because you can do them for a really long time

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