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Excessive sweating while working out - is something wrong?

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I'm in what I've considered good shape. I'm a 23 year old male, about 6 ft tall 165 pounds. I've noticed lately at the gym I have been sweating massively. So much that afterwards I can literally squeeze my shirt and see sweat come off. More so, when I'm working out, I sweat in normal places such as my face, neck, but I also sweat a lot on my arms and hands (I can liteally see sweat on my arms and hands!). It's quite embarrassing cause I leave the gym with a soaken shirt, and the area around me that I work at (the eliptical for example) has sweat spots from me dripping that I have to wipe off. I have been drinking a lot more water than usual (about 4 to 5 liters a day), but I've been doing that for a few months now.

Is this normal, or is something wrong with me?

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I sweat a lot when I am working out too.  I think some people just sweat more then others.

My arms and hands get shiny too...I sweat alot but not as bad as you. Sweating a lot to me means I gt a good work out :)

Actually, I read recently that as you get in better shape, you sweat more profusely.  Apparently it is a good sign.

I actually sweat a lot too.  I've also heard that you sweat more as you get in better shape.  I think it means that your body is becoming more effective at cooling itself while you are working out.  Just thought I'd add my two cents =]

Wow, I sweat alot, too!!

I've never worried about it too much. Sweating helps get rid of excess sodium and toxins, so I just always assumed that it was doing more help than harm.

But I'm glad to hear that people sweat more as they get in better shape! That just boosted my ego. Tongue out

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Seems okay then. I was just worried..I leave the gym soaken wet..and I look at others and they might have "patches" of sweat here and there..I've yet to see anyone really like me!

It's not so much the sweat that bothers me, but the smell!  lol

I seem to end up smelling of ammonia by the time I've finished my 50 minutes of cardio.  Is this normal?  I've read various theories as to why this happens, one being that it means you're in ketosis??? 

I thought it might have been a chemical reaction between my sweat and the washing powder I use.  Laughing

sound normal to me. I know I worked hard when I sweat like that. I sweat so much sweat drips off my elbows. I get sweat allover the treadmill. I as well always thought it meant you are working hard and I'm getting the sodium and toxins out.

I sweat like a little piggy. Feels good!

As you build up your endurance, your body gets much more efficient at cooling itself off.

I start out fine, then about 5 minutes in it's like I took a shower.

The good part about it, though, is that as soon as I'm done, the sweating stops.

Between the 5 minute cooldown and about 10 minutes of stretching, I stop sweating completely.

This was my shirt after a 30-minute elliptical session the other day: 71480226619/home/04-16-10_1819.jpg


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