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Does excess sugar intake really cause stomach fat?

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I've heard this before...that sugar makes you gain around the tummy...

I've always been a Sugar LOVER. Always eaten lots of candy...even in place of meals. Always drank lots of softdrinks (in the past) and even at 100 lbs I ALWAYS had a little tummy. Anyone think there is any truth to this?
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I don't know of any scientific evidence but I know several people who were thin and exercised and had a little belly until... they gave up sugar and then *poof* no more tummy.
haha it's not sugar.. a lot of it is carbs in general. I barely ever eat sweets and i have a little bit of a tummy. Granted, I've always had it even when I was skinnier. It's not because of sugar. I was raised in a household where the staple food was rice with curry everyday. All of us had atleast 2 plate full servings of rice. I think i acquired my mini tummy from that. I wouldn't say avoid the carbs or anything because carbs are healthy but just work the abs more that's all i can say. Obviously sugar is not the answer when losing weight. Chocolate etc don't have a lot of great health benefits, however, once in awhile they're find. I do not think sugar makes u get a tummy. How do u explain beer bellys then? lol Hope I could help
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Excess sugar, salt and fat causes bloating and water retention. It also causes weight gain [fat.] Eating too much sugar spikes your blood sugar which causes you to eat more and your metabolism goes down. You don't have the proper nutrition for energy. That's why people feel sluggish after eating sugary candy, even though people think it makes them hyper. I don't think it's the one and only cause of stomach fat, but I think it's a contributing cause of fat in general ;)
And I have a serious sweet tooth and have a flat tummy. I put weight on in the thighs and butt if I do gain. I don't think sugar calories are directed to the stomach in particular- why would your body do that? If you gain, the fat is put where your genetic make up says it should be put. I gain in exactly the same places as my mother.
I TOTALLY believe it, but like with EVERYTHING, there are always exceptions to the rule. You are obviously an exception. Carbs/sugar = same thing. Simple carbs = bad; complex carbs = good. Carbs hold onto water -- that's why you get the bloat. Carbs bloat me big time.

Sugar (and simple carbs) is bad for many more reasons than just belly fat. Sugar causes inflammation in the body which leads to a whole host of health issues, one of which is hardening of the arteries. Sugar ages you. Sugar causes "inflammation" in the body. It doesn't DIRECTLY go to the belly but it causes reactions in the body that cause the body to lay down fat in the belly.
Where you gain weight is directly related to genetics, no type of food goes one place.

I am addicted to sugar, most people find things too sweet that I find just right.  It's pretty nasty all the crap I've consumed in my life.  yet, I have a tiny tummy and HUGE thighs and bottom.  It has nothing to do with bread, sugar, carbs, fruit, vegetables, fats, or protein, ect....
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