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can everyone (women) become a size 0 or 2??

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Is it possible for almost every woman to be a size 0 or 2?? I am large framed, but I am a size 8 (with at least 20+ pounds to spare) and I was just wondering if women were able to get very thin?? (I am not saying it wouldn't be unhealthy)

I just don't think that there is some women who are 'bigboned' that
the 'smallest' they can be is a size 10.. Some may abuse the term to be 'bigboned' because they are heavy..

sorry for my rambling.. it is late and I am fantasising about jeans in size 27 LOL
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no. i have hips the size of texas and when i was at my lowest (around 110) I was still a size 5-7. my hipbones and ribs were protruding, so i really don't think i could have worn pants much smaller than that... ever lol.
one of my best friends is probably a size 4 up top, but has a very large bottom half. she wears a size 13 in pants, but the pants neevr fit her waist, i dont think she could ever be a size 0 or 2, it all depends on not only your frame, but also were you hold your weight the most.
yup! no two women  are exactly the same ;) We all are different sizes and shapes. When I was at my skinniest I was a size 7/8 and I probably could have lost more weight but if I had I would have been too skinny. But I dont think I would have gone down to a 0/2 I probably would have been at the very smallest a 5/6 ;) Thats why calorie-count asks for your frame size I have a large frame some people have medium frames and others have small frames. These 0/2 in my opinion are small frames .... or they are so skinny that their body starts loosing muscle mass which makes them skin and bones literally. Like some of the people on the tabloid magazines who have ED
I think I'd rather spend my time trying to be the best person I can be, and the healthiest.  I'm a lot more interested in the size of my intellect than the size of my body.
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"Is it possible for almost every woman to be a size 0 or 2??"

Not only is it not possible for many, many women, it is a bad idea for many more.

"I am large framed, but I am a size 8 (with at least 20+ pounds to spare)"

What do you mean by "large framed"? Are you heavily boned? Do you have large hands and feet?

"and I was just wondering if women were able to get very thin?? (I am not saying it wouldn't be unhealthy) "

Well, I became extremely ill with a bone infection at one point in my life and dropped to 72 pounds ... so I guess so.

"I just don't think that there is some women who are 'bigboned' that the 'smallest' they can be is a size 10"

Some women who are big-boned are much larger than a 10, even if they are skin and bones.

".. Some may abuse the term to be 'bigboned' because they are heavy.."

Some do.

"sorry for my rambling.. it is late and I am fantasising about jeans in size 27 LOL"

Why on earth would you want to be, well...nothing? Since that's what zero is. I find it frightening that in this day and age, women are trying to disappear.

I will never be a size zero. I don't want to be a size zero. The last time I wore size 27 jeans, I was 13 years old. I figure that once I lose my last 10lbs and tone up my jiggly parts, I'll be a sleek and sexy size 8.

And that's pretty darn spiffy, if you ask me. ^_^
I got really skinny at one point, I thought my body was ugly. Now I actually am learning to love my bigger thighs and bum :D

But I don't understand why someone would want to be skinny? I mean thin and trim, yes, but not skinny.
well this id really really weird cuz for past couple of weeks i am down to size 0-1 and then  2 days ago i tried size 0 it fitted me really well and then i tried size 3 then  it didnt fit me now i am confused wat size am i????
a 0 or 2 for someone my size is ok and not overly skinny that is because I am 5'2 with a very tiny bone structure.  A woman with a medium frame who is 5'7 is not likely going to fit in a size 0 or 2 without looking "too skinny" whereas I can fit into a size 2 or 3 and I am still curvy and healthy looking.... It does depend on the frame of the individual and people should not obsess about unrealistic goals or strive ot be what they are not but to make the best of what they have. Also people should not just assume that a size 0 or 2 always means someone is too skinny... I have plenty of meat on my bones at a 2-3. 
Every woman? No way.. Thank God.. I sure don't want to be a size 0-2...
In my teens, I was a size 3. I am pretty short (same height as I was in 9th grade 5"). I was happy with my body except for my thighs (they have always been very muscular). I am small framed too. I ate out all the time, and I played sports.

I am no longer that size due to a certain medicine that made me gain weight (30 lbs within 3 months even though I was excersising and eating right) Then I gained another 10 due to stress and school, mostly because of the dramatic weight gain made me depressed. 

I would never tell anyone that they have to/should be a certain size. I think that everybody is different, and you should be the size that looks good and is healthy for you.  I personally couldn't imagine myself at a 3 again even though I know it is possible that I may be back there one day. If I could be an 8  I would be estatic. If I could be a 6 I would jump up and down for joy. but that's me.  
Not a chance. I'm 5'10" and medium-framed; at my skinniest (a cadaverous 114 lbs) I was a size 4. Sizes are computed not only by circumference but by length and proportion. 
How can you go by size anyway? There is no standard size "0" or "2." It will be different for different brands.
Size is relative. And those numbers? They are just markings on the labels for practical purposes.

What is wrong with being a size 0? 1? 2? 3? 4? etc... Nothing. Just wear whatever fits best. It can be 0 it can be 20. Really, no one will go digging the label at your butt or your neck to see what size you're wearing (if people do, we'd all be carrying pepper spray around!! yikes... )

I am 5-2, 108lbs, wears size 0, also size 2, sometimes 4, Jeans size 24, 26, 27 (standard sizing? lol what standard. Every company got its own) and in Asia I am a Medium at best, if not Large :p
I hope I wasn't emplying that I and everybody else should be a very small size, It was just a random thought that I just put in the forum.. :)

I was fantasising about jeans in 27, because that was the only size left in a store that carried a pair of jeans I really wanted (knowing that I am not a 27 AND that it can be a very SMALL 27).

It actually annoys me that clothing sizes can have so much variation in their sizing.. I know that some companies do this to sell more because customers get a good feeling when they can fit a smaller size than usual, even though the measurements havent changed..

For me, loosing weight, my goal is a mix of a lot of things, but not 100 % of each.. E.g. I really want to get rid of my belly fat, I want the scale to be in the 110s, I want to fit a european 36 and so on.. some I can reach, some I can't ..

Yes, I am big boned, I have really large hands, broad shoulders, wide wrists and so on, even though I am only 5'3..
It depends to the body shape but i know i was size 10 when i had my kids and now 8 months after am size 2 . So i guess we can be size too but it also depends to the body shape .
I used to think that models in magazines and such, though (for the most part) beautiful, were definitely NOT the norm. I myself was a small size, but I still thought it was normal for women to be 8's and 10's and 12's and every other size, but most would never be a 0 or 2, it wasn't programmed in their genes.

Then I spent a summer in Paris.

If an entire population of women can have the bodies of models, maybe that actually can be the norm, and our lifestyles are more to blame for our inflated "normal" than i once thought.

they walk constatnly, they eat NO processed food (this i think is the secret), and fast food is not done. (of course these are generalizations, and fast food is becoming more popular there).

But, wink wink, most are flat chested, so I did just smashing with the european (divine) men.

Well I was a size 2 even though I'm not one of the 'skinny' teens.  [Pretty much average with excess fat I don't want.]  So you can be a small jean size without being 'skinny...' most of my friends are a lot skinnier than me and wear larger jeans.
I have 2 daughters that wear size 0's and 1's.  My youngest is my height 5'6" and underweight at 105 lbs.  She is trying to gain weight she wears a 0 tall in most brands.  My oldest is 5' even and probably 105 lbs also and probably just right in weight.  She wears a 0 short in some brands too.  When I see my youngest I think I could never wear a 0  or 2  I have never worn a size smaller than a 10 even in highschool and for me now to wear 8's is amazing.

I have large thighs and hips I could probably wear a smaller size in the waist but I'd never be able to get jeans or slacks up over my thighs to see LOL.  Maybe could do a skirt in a small size??
My best friend has Crohn's Disease and has had trouble gaining weight her whole life. Before she was diagnosed, she hovered around 95 lbs -- and she's 5'5". Even at that low of a BMI, she still could only *barely* squeeze into size 0 pants -- they dug into her protuding hip bones. Like, they left huge red marks. So, I think it definitely depends on your body structure. (Just so you know, she's much better now that she's on medication -- she dropped to a deadly 82 lbs at one point, just before being diagnosed, but she's up in the normal weight range now -- and a size 8 -- and feeling great!) =)
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