Weight Loss
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Everyone knows it's spring break, which usually means seeing relatives you haven't seen for a while.

In my case, anyway.

And, even though I hadn't weighed myself in over two weeks - I got way too obsessed with the number, not good - and didn't know if I had lost anymore, they all told me I looked great.

Like, at different times. And I could tell they really meant it.

Even one of my friends said that! :D

I guess, even though I still reeeeaaally dislike (bordering on despise) the way my body is now, I've come a long way.

Thirty-ish pounds, to be not exact. ^^

I guess I just wanted to share that, cause if people around me are noticing, then I must really be making progress.

And, it's pretty exciting to be getting tons of complements for once :)
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YAY! You deserve to be happy about the positive comments people are making. Sounds like your hard work is really paying off! May you continue to get compliments. Congrats to you and enjoy your spring break.

That's great! Congrats :D

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