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Did everyone hit their first plateau around the loss of the first 10 pounds?

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I have tried this once before, I think I started in May...lost 10 pounds and then it stayed the same for what it felt like forever. Then I stopped and gained the 10 pounds back.  Shame on me!!! Now I have started again and am determined to stick with it, but I am stuck again at only losing 10 pounds.  Was it like this for you?  Did some of you lose more and then get stuck?  Around how many pounds do you usually hit a plateau and then does it drop quick after the plateau?
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Yes, I feel like I am losing the same 10 lbs over and over again.  I would lose, hit the plateau, get frustrated and gain. Never ending cycle.
For me, its been the same 20 pounds.  Check out my profile--it sux, the way the past 5-6 weeks I've been lingering around 175.  Its just absolute torture!!   But I was here, at this same point, last year, and I gave up.  This time, I will beat the 175 lb plateau!!!!!!

Before I found c-c, I was losing weight my own way, by exercising and trying to generally be healthier. Over the course of about 4/5 years I have lost 40lbs, but 10 at a time it seems!! I'd lose 10, plateau and kind of lose interest because I was happy I'd lost the weight, then I'd gain a couple and start again.

So, you're not alone in having this plateau. In fact, I think I'm there again myself!

The main thing we BOTH have to remember is that we CAN do it. We must not get discouraged by a stupid plateau. If we keep eating well, exercising and living life to the full then we are already winning... and the weight will come off.

The only other advice I can give (I've seen many others do this on the site and it seems to work) is up your calories slightly. Shaking things up a bit might "trick" your body and it will be all like, what?! Maybe I should lose some more weight!

Not exactly sure how it works, but I see other people's success!! I'm going to give it a try after this week if I see no changes.

Sorry bout my lengthy reply! Good luck!!

alice x
you know...i hear your frustration. i, too, have hit  a plateau. in '05,i lost 60lbs and this year only 5 and i'm sick of wrking out and not losing anymore pounds...help!!!!!i have 20lbs to go.
I just lost my first 10 lbs but I hit my plateau at 8 lbs. I was stuck for 3 weeks and this week I finally lost 2 lbs by eating MORE. Go figure!
Oh yes, you're not the only one.
Just keep strong and you'll break it.
I'm finding that I just can't get to 10 lbs. I'm one lb from losing 10
lbs, but I just seem to teeter back and forth. It's frustrating. 
I lost the first ten pound after I started this site within 3 weeks, and then it took 6 weeks to lose 1lb.  Still 11lbs is 11lbs less then before I started.
Yep - after the first ten pounds, things have really slowed down for me. But...I'm losing inches and my clothes are much looser now. So just keep going and look for other ways to measure success besides the scale..
Thank you all for your advice and help.  I have been teetering on 8 to 10 pounds for about a week and today it is 10.  My trend is getting closer to the 10 mark so maybe I won't go up much.  So if I eat more will I gain more then lose more?? Or will I stay at the same weight then lose?  Also, how many more calories do you eat a day to break the plateau? And for how long?
The first 10 pounds came off like nothing, but it took me about a month to lose two pounds.   I've started exercising (biking) so I think that part of the reason why I'm not losing very fast is because I'm gaining muscle... hopefully.
jennip, what specifically are you going? Perhaps if you included more details -- how much you're eating, whether you are exercising, whether you've taken measurements, how much water you're drinking, what your sodium intake is -- people could provide some specific ideas of things that worked for them.

I'll suggest not using just one measurement to find success in your weight loss journey. What a lot of people do is not only weigh themselves, but also take measurements and pictures. When the scale seems stuck, they often find they are losing inches, and that's just as good!
Giving up after hitting a plateau and regaining the weight, plus more, was the story of my life.  Then I found CC.  I did hit a long plateau after losing about 12 pounds.  If it hadn't been for all the good friends I made here, I might have given up again.  But I took some very good advice about busting that plateau and I did it and lost 8 more pounds that month. Then my loss slowed down again and I've been on a stubborn plateau since July 11. 

This time I know what I have to do.  What broke the last plateau didn't work, so I'm going back to basics.  The big difference is, I haven't even thought about quitting!  The support and encouragement from friends has made all the difference in the world to me.  I now know that if I just keep on eating right and exercising, the weight will eventually come off.  Meanwhile, I'll be healthier and stronger.
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