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EuroWave? Working out without even moving??

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First of all I would like to say this is not a promotion or me saying "Hey, look at this and go buy it". This is a "What the heck is this?? Do you think it really works?" thing.

My mom is doing sessions of it in Alberta and she swears by it. Actually she is buying a machine and starting a spa in my old bedroom (nice).

http://www.bodybeautifulcanada.com/testimonia ls.html

Just think. Now we can sit on our ass-ets all day and get fit! Hahaha!

What my mom told me:

This was invented for the astronauts as they lost muscle mass when they came back from space & they would build it back up using this machine. Yes I feel stronger- my muscles are stronger so I have more endurance. A young girl who motor cross races wanted to  build her arm muscles & she told my instructor that she feels a big difference when she turns corners on her bike- more strength... If in doubt ask dad.

 I love her.   Opinions! Thoughts!
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These gimmicks have been around forever.  All it takes is a good salesman to part a fool with their money.  Once they are sold, they'll believe in the product they bought (because it's hard to admit you wasted your money).  Soon, their friends buy it because "she said it works for her".  And now you have "the next big thing".

Save your money.  Buy a real exercise machine, or don't bother exercising, and stick to a lower-calorie diet.  Calories in vs calories out.  It stinks, but it's the only way.  If that ever changes, I suspect I'll read about it in the headlines before being told about it by a salesman.

Ooh, I'm being kinda harsh today aren't I?


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Not allowed to diss my momma

I do something similar (Vibration Therapy) and I actually did find it helped with toning, but not losing weight. Mt arms were the first to tone up (I do arm exercises while on the machine) and my core felt strengthened. I took it with a grain of salt and unlike the previous poster implied, I am not a "fool". It actually does help in toning muscles, but I think it's claims of weight loss is not totally accurate...

Good for your mom though! It is good for overall wellness I think.
You do arm exercises while in a vibrating contraption and you believe that it was the contraption and not the exercises that toned your arms.


Don't knock it till you try it......So the saying goes...You cannot cut something up until you try it and have proof for your point of view...
computertechgirl - didn't say that...read the post. The machine does help - I've done tons of research on it as well.
How hard is it to seriously just work out for 40 minutes a day? I don't understand stuff like this. 
From what I can tell on the website, it looks like it's reducing the appearance of cellulite. And isn't massage supposed to work somewhat to those ends anyway?

In other words, it looks like an expensive massager, really.
It is the fact that some people can't get the results by doing weights themselves the Eurowave will give you better results because it is focusing on your deep muscle..Also it is very hard for a woman who has had a c section to get right down to the deep tissue muscle...It is am amazing machine for everyone that wants results and has no time...
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My question is what happens when you stop using and paying for a eurowave treatment. These are not inexpensive treatments. How long does your result last ?

My guess is this is a very temporary result without die and excercise.

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I've done eurowave!! I had a free coupon for 2 free sessions, so I thought I'd try it out.

My thoughts:


I can honest to god feel a difference just after having only 2 sessions. I also noticed that there was quite a bit of sweat under the "belt". Now, this would be a huge waste of money if you didn't work out 2-3 times a week or eat decently healthy, but it definitely helps out with toning & inch loss.

This weight loss is just as temporary or permanent as it would be if you went to the gym for 3 months/ate healthy and then suddenly stopped. Obviously it doesn't give you magic abs that last forever, you have to keep up with it. Whether you have back problems or your just too lazy/weak to do sit-ups, eurowave is the way to go, and IT WORKS. I believe it is worth every penny, and i plan to buy a package of sessions next week. Cant wait to see my new summer body :) Just don't diss it till you try it! 

zombie revival of the zombie way to exercise by a brand new poster with no profile...gotta love it!

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