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Weight Loss
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Enjoying the 'Game'

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Hey Everyone - I've been on and off of Calorie Count for a few years, with spurts of Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, and losing and gaining back the same 12 to 15 pounds.  I'm so broke these days I had to quit the paid program and returned to CC to really get a handle on my poor eating habits.  I've been super sick the last few months and also struggled with constant fatigue.  So I thought CC would help because we can track our food choices in terms of vitamins and nutrients.  

So far I've been going along just logging - most days between a C and a B+ ... but this morning I decided to really play around with my menu for the day - what I could add or take off that would give me solid green bars all down my nutrition report.  It turned into a sort of a game for me - but I really love being able to see how each food choice effects the days totals and I'm sure, how I feel.  (Also surprised to find how 'good' Slimfast shakes and a multi vitamin are for your days totals.)

Just something that I really enjoy about CC and I'm so glad that its free and has such a good system.  I do really want to lose weight - but I also want to be sure I'm making the best choices so that my nutrition is at a good point.  Fun when you can see all those green bars add up - and a big fat 'A' for the day - I love that!  


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I should try that! My totals are nowhere near being all green. Close but not there and my sodium is always too high. How do you log your multivitamin by the way? I tried the other day.


I also have did weight watchers and it did work for me but I gained 10 of the 15 I lost back. I liked weight watchers because of having to go weight in and be accountable but I love CC because it is free and cause of all the support here. Good luck on your weight loss journey. You can do it! : ) 

I put my multivitamin in as a custom food.  Just make sure that you go down to the bottom and expand the area that lets you put in the vitamins for your food (it actually took me a bit to find that, and it's good to do for any custom foods).  You also just want to be sure to put zeros in all of the fields that have no information (like fat, sugar, etc.) because all of the fields have to be filled out in order to give it a grade.  Hope that helps... Logging the multivitamin definitely makes a difference.

Thanks, TIOD, I just found it surprisingly fun to work it out and figure how to get those red bars to change to green.  Today I just logged in a multi-vitamin from the search tool - not the one I'm using, but when I go home tonight I will get the bottle and put it in under a custom food so it is super accurate.  But I do think it helps make a more accurate account of what I'm taking in each day.  

I love Jenny Craig - just always have an easier time on it - but its just too expensive.  I always want WW to work for me - but I get so obsessed with points and never find the support at meetings helpful that I resent the $40/month.  And ... I tend to make poor choices on WW but stay within my points.  So I'm hoping if I see it breakdown a bit more with CC it will help me.  But we will see. 

Just a caution on multi-vits (I'm in no way saying don't take them)...

There's some pretty decent evidence that we don't process the vitamins/minerals from pills the same way as we do from food.  So, of course, it's fine to use them as a supplement, but the goal should always be to get the goods from real food as much as possible.

Course this is coming from the girl who can't absorb B-12 through her guts and has to have it injected - lol : )

I'm glad you're enjoying the site and your journey - it certainly makes things easier and more attainable when you like it!

honestly, when i quit worrying so much about just calories and started worrying about my nutrition levels is when i really started losing.  i could stay in my range on a diet of chips salsa and diet coke but that doesn't really get me anywhere.  it's like running a household budget for me.  i look at my daily calories allotted as my 'income'.  i look at my key nutrients as my bills.  i have to pay those first before i can spend on anything else, and then any calories left over are 'free' as long as i don't go over budget.  normally, by the time i 'pay those bills' there isn't anything left anyway.  if there is, then i have myself a treat and don't feel bad about it.  if there isn't, i look at what i ate and try to figure out how to maximize that caloric spending for a better nutritional return next time.  

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I find less proccessed food is the ticket on weight loss and getting most of your daily required nutrition.   Read your labels, less is more :)

Also, vitamins and minerals can be absorbed easier if they are in liquid form. They are available in powder form and can be added to a protein shake or juice.  Isagenix has a wonderful B-complex product...tasted very herbal, but it is works!  They also have calcium powder, which has vitamin D and magnesium. 

I have food allergies and digestive illnesses in my family.  We can't take gelatin capsules that most vitamins and supplements come in.  This is a great alternative!

Good luck!  


I've been a "failure to lose" person all my life. Approaching my 60th birthday with rising blood sugars and the threat of increased diabetic meds, a lagging thyroid, stage 4 pernicious anemia and advanced peripheral neuropathy, I am truly in a do or die situation.  I stumbled onto CC while looking for a calorie count on something and lo and behold ~it is just what I needed to get going.  I appreciate "the game" and I'm just that kind of person.  I probably put more time into it than I should, but for my efforts, I've shed 25 pounds and I'm managing the gym twice a week with home exercising every day.  I'm excited because its working and I'm finally on my way.  I was told six years ago that I'd never walk again, and I overcame that, told again that I'd always be with a walker and a cane and now I've beat that, thanks to my new strength and balance.  CC didn't take the weight off of me, but it has taught me how to eat better and make good choices.  I think that is the only way one can ever hope to accomplish weight loss for life.

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Maggie Jean, it is amazing what you have achieved.  I usually just read form posts and almost never post anything myself, but when I read your post I had to tell you how impressive your achievement is. Good luck in the future.


GO, Maggie-Jean!  That is just remarkable!  Very inspiring, thank you!

I'm finding that if I log in my complete day's eating choices, it works better for me than logging as I go.  This way, I can check the nutrients (and calories) and see if I need to adjust.  I'll be 65 next week and am in the normal bmi, but want to lose another 15 lbs. to feel my best.  Not enjoying exercise, but got out my Denise Austen dvd's and giving it a go one more time.  Last time I lost I did WW and the Denise workouts daily.  WW didn't work for me the past few times, or I should say maybe I didn't work WW properly.  I love CC because of the nutritional counts.  Have to watch my sugar and this helps so much.

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