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Hello people Smile

I need heelllppp!! So, I am completely dead all day long. I dunno what my problem is. Might be fighting off the start of a cold though, can't tell. Anyways, right before bed i just get this crazy BURST of energy and have trouble sleeping. Problem is that my boyfriend is a light sleeper and has to be up to get ready for work at 5:30 am every morning, so i can't go work out when i get this energy burst b/c it will disturb his sleep.

I don't know what my problem is or how to fix it. I go to bed between 9-10:30 every night, including weekends and get up 6-6:30 every morning, so my bedtime/wakeup schedule is pretty regular.

I was working out 5-6 days a week, 50-60 min. cardio and weights about 3x a week, but for the past 2 weeks i have just been dead, so major slacker. Occasionally i have gone for walks but that's it. I'm still losing weight b/c i decreased my cal. intake to compensate (1200-1300 usually). But i want to feel alive and be active again for cardiovascular health and so i can be fit of course.

please help me figure it out people!


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What fixes it *mostly* for me is just gettting up early, around 7am, and going to bed around 9.  I rarely have trouble sleeping and boy am I tired the next night.
LOL!!! I'm the opposite. I'm awake at like 4 am and then I could just drop into a coma at around 20.00....... hubby complains I always fall asleep in the couch. I think every person have their own inner clock on this, and if you're lucky, you'll find a job to fit your clock. How about a night time job?
Hi kiwi.

I say work out before you go to bed. Then shower and you should be ready for bed without disturbing the b/f's sleep.
Yeah, I was like that for a while, just dead tired all day. I work out after work and before dinner now, at around 5pm. I also try not to eat really carby stuff in the morning or at lunch, I'll have them as little snacks instead. It's really helped not being in a "carb coma" anymore at 2pm. That's when it was the worst!
Out of curiousity, is the last meal of the day your biggest?

Hi kiwifruit, i've been a creature of da nite for a couple of decades now and it really is freaky to have that burst of energy just when you really should be falling into bed. Don't feel like you are a freak. People really do have different clocks; i figured out that i was living two twelve-hour 'days' for every 24 hours. Each 'day' would have a 'wired' time, a 'dormant' time where my eyes kind of glazed over like a fish, and a two-hour nap time. Yes, that's two hours of sleep at night and two hours in the afternoon. And i ran like that for about twenty-six years without any problem! You are still young and can probably go on 'insomnia time' for quite some time yet.

 However. I recently changed this pattern, since i now am getting old and have health complications. Time to simplify and stop running my system into the ground! What has worked is to first of all keep careful logs on what is eaten, when energy ups and downs are, and what sleep patterns are. Then manipulate the data. I take coffee just before my daytime dormancy to stay awake (sometimes it takes a cup at two hour intervals 3x during the afternoon) and then take carbs to slow down and feel sleepy just before the big energy burst at night. It works. I hope it can also work for you.

If not, just enjoy the years you can spend as a night crawler!

Wow, I have the same problem! It's like I'm not meant to be awake during the day, and I really perk up around 11 pm.  I try doing my workout in the early evening, and taking a lukewarm shower before bed, but I think it might be counterproductive, since the workout seems to give me energy.  Or maybe it's just that I gain energy around that time anyway.

I've done all kinds of things to try to force myself into a "normal" sleep/wake pattern, but no matter how early I get up, I still feel wide awake until at least 3 am. Frustrating!
I workout first thing in the morning, like around 8am after dropping my son off at school.  But I am lucky enough to have a treadmill in a separate building outside of my house.  I'm usually pretty dead after that until lunch.  I drink a coffee after lunch time and then later in the day have a drink (like wine) at night after dinner.  I sleep like a rock.  If I don't have a drink I have a backup like a valium (only if I feel like I'm going to need it).  I don't take sleep meds at all, never have and never will.  Give the wine a try, if you don't like to drink, try a valium.  I prefer that over sleep meds because if I need to wake up for any reason (noise in the yard), I still can wake up with no problems.

If you want to talk about it more PM me.
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