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enemies... food vs. exercise

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Usually, its exercise people have difficiulty with. They can't seem to find the right, get bored of routines, or just simply to lazy to go to the gym. However, I am the opposite. I look forward to the gym and running. But what I have the worst problem is with food. I exercise, eat within my calories but I am ALWAYS hungry. I don't know why or how but I don't want to feed myself because i'll surpass my calorie limit and that 1 worth of treadmill intense work out will go to waste. My stats are female, 19, 160pounds, 5'4.. I want to be down to 140-145. In 2 months, i've only lost 4 pounds because I always had days where i messed up and it only led me to beinging the following days. Helppp on hunger control? And WHY WEIGHT isn't dropping?
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Weight loss is mostly diet.  If you keep binging on the diet you are on now, you might be better off eating at a smaller deficit and sticking with it.

what are you eating? eating high calorie foods that don't fill you up can have that effect

I have the exact same problem! But see in aware of my over eating and it's been taking a toll on me. At the end it's all a choice, I want this lifestyle because I feel good, I still need to lose weight and I will. I suggest that maybe you're not having enough protein in your diet?

Is your calorie intake below your BMR or is your deficit too high. If so get your intake above your BMR and keep deficit around 500. That's sustainable over long periods.

I have a hard time understanding how people can complain about always being hungry and not losing weight... If you're hungry, it's because your body needs fuel. So if you're hungry - EAT! If you eat enough you won't be hungry.

Now obviously you want to eat healthy foods, that goes without saying.

you have never been a girl on her period.....

I imagine at least 95% of women at some point in their lives has a period. And a lot of them are skinny. I don't see the connection.

Original Post by maddyp1:

you have never been a girl on her period.....

Glad about that !!!

My understanding is the weight gain during that time is water retention. Monitor that number for a few months n you should be able to discount for that.

Welcome to my life! Except I give in to the hunger and just eat WAY too much almost every day. But like you, I love working out. Although sometimes I do need a push to get there/get started, it is very rare for me to have a "bad" workout. I push myself very hard and enjoy that. I just need to get my food intake in check!

Dont know your cal limit but might be worth checking that your eating enought for how much exercise your doing because eating to lillte can slow weight loss the same as eating to much.

What are your macros? If you're not getting enough protein in your diet, that could affect your hunger. How much water are you drinking? If you don't get in enough water, especially when you are exercising so much, you may mistake thirst for hunger. How much rest are you getting at night? If you aren't resting, your body can't repair as well, those muscles you've been using during your exercise. Less muscle, less furnaces to burn calories. Protect those puppies. :)

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