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Are enemas a good idea?

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I have found some info on enemas. It says they are good for overall health. What caught my eye was it says it is good for fasting and weight loss. It explains something called a coffee enema and high enemas. It says you can lose weight and get toxic substances out of your body right in your own home. It is not trying to sell anything just telling you how to do it for yourself. Is it safe? Is it a good idea for weight-loss? Will it improve my health? Should I do it? I am willing to try anything that will help me lose weight !

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.. That would not be what I would suggest to lose weight.

I can't imagine how an enema will help you keep weight off, or teach you what you need to know to keep it off yourself.

Also... Iew. 

Original Post by ssczm30:

I am willing to try anything that will help me lose weight !


What about switching out bad foods for good foods, portion control and exercise. That's all i've done, no gimmicks or fancy diets and no books by Kevin Tredaeu. It may sound harsh and simplistic but it works and it's sustainable. Getting an enema all the time and fasting isn't realistic.
Not safe, ineffective for weight loss, and potentially dangerous.

Our digestive tract is full of good bacteria. They help us break down foods and protect us from any bad bacteria that get in there. An enema flushes out a lot of this bacteria (called normal flora). It can take your body a long time to regain the right balance of beneficial flora.

The weight loss is temporary. It is just that the food wastes that are usually there have been flushed out. When you start eating normally you will weigh the same as before the enema.

Our digestive tract is NOT full of toxins and deep dark corners where junk can build up. Our bodies are very efficient at getting rid of toxins. Really.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you'd like to learn more about the risks and potential damage to your colon. As someone who has had serious colon problems, I feel very strongly about this issue and I hope you'll reconsider. There are no shortcuts to healthy weight loss.
Bad idea... not to mention that to many to often can lead to incontinence in that area because the muscles get damaged
i would only suggest using an enema if you are severly constipated. All that extra "weight" you loose from them is sadly just POOP.
Original Post by ssczm30:

Is it safe?
Is it a good idea for weight-loss?
Will it improve my health?
Should I do it?

Yes, if you follow the directions exactly, and don't use them too often, enemas are perfectly safe. As for weight loss, it's not a good idea. Diet and exercise are your tools for weight loss, unless of course, you are carrying around 35 lbs of fecal matter (which you would know, by feeling like **** all the time.. ha). It will improve your health if you are not eliminating at least once a day. You should definitely have at least 1 BM a day. People who fast do not go to the bathroom (for #2) so they use enemas to eliminate. If you don't poop everyday, you are holding more toxins in your body than you should. And enemas, in that sense, will help cleanse and improve your overall health. It is up to you if you think you need enemas. But they are not weight loss tools, so keep that in mind.



From the above poster: "You should definitely have at least 1 BM a day. People who fast do not go to the bathroom (for #2) so they use enemas to eliminate. If you don't poop everyday, you are holding more toxins in your body than you should."

This is an interesting subject to me. I've done a lot of research in the past about this because I don't go every day and it used to worry me. I've learned that you can still be healthy even if you don't have a BM every day. Here's part of an article from Familydoctor.org:

Question: How often should I have a bowel movement?

Answer: Not everyone has bowel movements once a day. Don't believe ads that say you must have a daily bowel movement to be "regular." A normal range is generally 3 times a day to 3 times a week.

You do NOT accumulate toxins if you don't poop every day.

ser25 was absolutely correct in her post.

Enemas are not good for you unless you have an actual medical condition that makes your gastroenterologist recommend one. But I can't think of anything for which they are a treatment, at least from what I have learned so far in med school.
Original Post by ssczm30:

.... I am willing to try anything that will help me lose weight !

Trust me before calorie Counting I was too and nothing worked. I was getting fatter and losing control. Then I found Calorie Count and lost 25-30 lbs in 5 months. You can too, use the Tools here and you will lose weight in a sustainable manner. Enemas cannot guarantee that.

By the time waste reaches your colon, all the nutrition and calories have been extracted.  Toxins do not pass from the body through the colon.  They are extracted by the liver.  There are medical reasons for enemas, but they are ineffective for weight loss or for removing toxins.

I'm giving references to back up what I say - From the Mayo Clinic

"Frequent home enemas can increase the risk of injury to your anus and rectum. Also, home enema solutions can irritate and cause changes to the lining of your large intestine (colon). Frequent enemas can be dangerous for people with kidney or heart disease, who are more likely to experience fluid overload (hypervolemia) or electrolyte imbalance.

Over time, frequent use of enemas can impair the natural ability of your colon to evacuate stool. If this occurs, you may have to retrain it to go without enemas. You can do this by consuming plenty of fiber and water, taking a bulk-forming laxative, increasing your exercise and taking time to have bowel movements."

Is colon cleansing helpful or harmful

"Although doctors may recommend colon cleansing in preparation for a medical examination of the colon, most don't recommend colon cleansing for better health or to prevent disease. This is because:

  • It's unnecessary. Your colon doesn't require enemas or special diets or pills to eliminate waste material and bacteria. It does this naturally on its own.
  • It may be harmful. Your colon absorbs water and sodium to maintain your body's fluid and electrolyte balance. Some colon-cleansing programs disrupt this balance, causing dehydration and salt depletion. Long-term or excessive cleansing programs can lead to problems such as anemia, malnutrition and heart failure."
Great answer, clairelaine, trustwomen, and deedus!

It is irresponsibe to say they are safe. A person may not even know that they have a medical condition that puts them at high risk for serious side effects. A person could have a competitve nature and want to inject a greater volume or get the tool up higher in order to increase perceived effectiveness.

There is a small risk of bowel perforation depending on the length and rigidity of the tool used and how you use it. A tear in your colon lets fecal matter into your blood stream. This can be fatal.

Things should only go in your back door under the reccomendation and direct medical supervision of your own gastroenterologist (not someone claiming online to be an expert).

Ineffective at best, and totally unnecessary. Your body knows what it's doing, trust it. Ick, who wants to risk fecal incontinence and enema dependence?


THis is actually my first post on here. I mainly have been using this sight justto count calories but lately i have been reading  some of the forums. This one just hit home hard so i thought i would give you some first hand advice. I am 20 years old and recovering from years of calorie restriction fallowed by a good year (maybe a little more) of bulimia. I would over exercise and yes use laxitives and enimas. DONT DO EITHER its the worst thing to do to your body. First off  I had to leave the university this fall for a semester becasue my body got so messed up (and to just recover from this ED). Everything got out of hand. SORRY IM VENTING- but togeet back on track..... My body was completely depleted of all neutrients (from enamas and laxatives). I had to have a blood transfusion because my irom andhemaglobin levels were so low. just this past monday I had to have a colonoscopy and a stomach biopsy. Not to mention it makes you completely dependent. I was takeing 15 laxatives at a time just to have a normal bm. It dehydrates you and eventually can kill you. I have been clean from them for over 3 weeks now. I stoped becasue if i didnt i dont think i owuld be around much longer. My advice dont start!!!! o and for what its worth enamas and laxatives will make you body retain water and your weight will begin to fluctuate almost 10 lb a day!! PLEASE dont do this.

 I know you might not have  an ED like i do but you never know what you can become addicted to. I never thought it could happen to me either

jeeze! sorry about all the typo's!!!! but if you have any questions i would love to help!
tryingtobehealthy: Thank you for posting. Your words are a reality check. Congrats on your recovery so far. I'm so happy that you've stopped and you're on your way to better health.  

tryingtobehealthy: thank you for posting such a frank personal experience.  Sounds like you've had some scary problems but you sound like you are on the road to recovery!  Keep up the good work that you have started over the last few weeks and you will make it!  You obviously have learned a lot about your body and I'm really proud of you for your recovery efforts so far!!! 

ser25:  Thanks for all the info. 

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Yes Enemas are good and safe if you insert the tube correctly, They do help you lose weight, and they DONT make you retain water!!!!

I have tried the coffee enema, i didnt find it to work, but it make me feel like i OD on coffee! i now use epsom salts and this helps shift alot of it. Theres many types you can use, try a few and see what works best for you.

Even if the weightloss is just poop, at least that waste matter isnt inside of you. I cannot poo without an enema, doctor told me lose weight i did, told me to exercise i did, told me to eat high fiber foods i did.. Did it make a difference? NO.

I now have to have a colonoscopy to see why my bowels have slowed down, i may need an op to take a section of the bowel that isnt working right, then i hopefully wont need to use enemas again. I asked the surgoen who i met was it ok to use an enema, he said it was perfectly safe to use and was only clearing my large intestine, and allowing my smaller intestine to try and move more poo out.

He also said that it can be stress related. Drink plenty of fluids so you dont become dehydrated, and this will mean that your body will take the fluid it needs from your bowel meaning no bowel movements without pain!!!

agree with ser25 and trust, claire and deedus...not a safe general practice, unless recommended by your doc....

let your body do the work it was designed to do....

lorsii - no, they are not safe for regular use.  If you are that constipated you need (and I see you have gotten) medical attention to find out why. 

I already presented the best medical advice I can find from the Mayo Clinic.  Every other major medical source says the same thing - it's not good to use enemas for anything but temporary relief of temporary constipation.

As for coffee enemas - did you know that caffeine in large doses is toxic?  Did you know that if someone has an undetected heart problem, a sudden huge dose of caffeine, adminsitered in this way, can cause death?

Please be more careful about the advice you give!

All an enema can do is flush the crap out of you, literally. You may lose a few lbs but thats poo not fat so as soon as you eat and digest something your intestines and colon will refill. I would suggest eating fresh healthy food and plenty of fibre to push the rubbish through you.
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Clairelaine as i said, use what works for you. im not a doctor, and the info i gave is up to the person reading it. I gave my experience on the effects enemas had on me.

 Enemas are used widely and you can go into a salon and have one done. And a person wanting to do a home one will have researched it, and read all the info on enemas.

I dont understand what the big deal is. If you want a quick way to lose weight and be healthy try the lipotrim diet, you'll be monitered by the chemist and weighed weeky, you'll need your doctor to say you can do it. and in a week you can lose up to a stone

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