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Weight Loss
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embarrassed about dieting?

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I haven't told anyone that I'm on a diet, because I hate telling people.  I hate the words, 'no thanks, i'm on a diet,' instead i use, 'no thanks, i'm not hungry', or 'i don't like those'.

To me, admitting to my friends and family that I'm on a diet, feels like I'm admitting I'm fat, or that I'm overly image conscious, or that I'm becoming 'one of those girls', the ones my friends and I scoff at because they wear too much make-up, and worry too much about what other people think.  But yeah, actually, I am kinda worried about what other people think, and I suppose my diet is a little bit image related... BUT WHOSE DIET ISN'T?!?

It makes dieting about 10 times more stressful not telling people, because then they're always offering you contraband foods, and you have to make excuses...

Does anyone else feel embarrassed about admitting to other people that they're on a diet? 

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Heh, My boyfriend labels me as "One of those girls" and says I I changed all because I try to eat healthy .

But fortunately for me I don't care what people think or say ..

You shouldn't either.

Theres nothing wrong with trying to be healthy
and if people aren't there to support you,
what's the use of them ?

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I used to feel that way along time ago but since I have lost some weight my confidence level has risen so I dont really care what they think and I tell everone what I am doing and I get alot of support.

You should just feel good about yourself and not worry about what they think.
I sometimes say -no thanks I'm watching my sugar, fat, whatever intake.  At my age it's allowed.
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I feel embarrassed about dieting all the time... like when my friends all go out to the bar, and have chicken wings and cinzo sticks, then while everyone is chowing down and I reach into my purse and pull out a baggy of carrots, and nuts for my supper -  HOW EMBARRASSING IS THAT!?! 

Fortunately my friends are good natured, and although I get hooted at and laughed at for my 'horse chow', which a carry with me in my purse (it's even embarrassing to write it, lol), they often tell me I have amazing will power.

Anyways, yes, I agree, at times it is embarrassing it's all part of the process.  If you have good friends/family you should be able to embarrass yourself in front of them.  IT'S WORTH IT!

First you should not look at it as a "diet". These are hopefully lifestyle chages so you should call it "food modification program". I used to be very embarassed  by admitting that I needed to lose weight..and very defensive too. I would say the same thing to people as you did. Now I just tell them "That's not on my menu for today"...or you can just tell them that you are being a bit more aware of what you put in your mouth.

There is nothing wrong about wanting to better yourself and if it starts with what you eat, then so be it. Who knows...your dedication to wanting to better yourself could change someone else. For the most part, I could care less about what people say about me changing my eating habits. They don't have to live in my body...I DO.

I no longer find it as stressfull. I like the new choices I make about what to eat. Even watching what i eat...I make sure I have lots of variety.

Well I hope that helps

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Thanks guys. 

I love that Soare, how you carry baggies of carrots and nuts in your purse - that's gotta take some guts to drag those out in a bar!  Good for you!

I guess you're right, in time I'll probably gain a little more confidance, and be more open about it.  (I telling them is inevitable anyway - my friends are catching on, I've told them I didn't like chocolate sherbert, and caramal chip cookies one too many times - or else they'll conclude I've gone insane - one or the other)
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i think some of the comments here are right on the mark -- once you lose some of the weight you feel less embarrassed about your eating habits in general, that includes everything, if you want to eat junk, if you want to tell people you're on a diet, it's easier to do in front of people if you have the figure to back it up. 

Also, its more natural when your older, because then people EXPECT you to be responsible and watch your health.

Anyway, stand strong.  I say, just go tell them all, you'll feel better, and i bet you anything they're supportive.  good luck.

You don't have to say the words "I'm on a diet". In fact, I don't like those words either because they relate too much to self-image instead of lifestyle changes. I use the following excuses:

-I'm not hungry

-I'm trying to eat healthy (my favorite b/c it focuses on positive food choices instead of weight)

-No thanks, I just ate

-I don't really like those

-Oh no, I've already had way too much junk food today! (even if its not true)

All of these focus on your own food needs or the food itself. Therefore, its not really an insult to the one preparing it or offering it (unless you are saying you don't like it). Either way, those are some alternatives.

I haven't told anyone yet that I'm on a "diet".  I can't even fathom mentioning those words.  I actually deny being on a diet.  I don't want people to think they have to comment on my weight or image; basically, I'm trying to avoid awkwardness.

I've recently found that a simple, "No, thanks.  I'm trying to eat healthier" or, "I'm already stuffed!" works without speculation.
yes. omg i hate telling people. they always ask me "WHY are you on a diet?" as if i'm crazy... since all i wanna do is lose a few pounds & get in better shape, it's like it's not allowed. people act surprised & start questioning me. i've only been dieting for almost 2 weeks now, & i havent gone back to school yet- so we'll see what happens i guess..
I avoid mentioning it too.  I just don't need people giving me advice, or, like my mother, constantly asking me how the diet is going.  I notice that they are not pushing unhealthy food at me anymore, because I always turn it down.

I usually compliment whoever cooked it and then say I'm afraid I ate so much I can't manage another bite.  One of my cousins insists on sending some home with me, and I thank her and toss it in the garbage at the first opportunity.

Anyway, I don't call it a diet.  I call it a lifestyle change.  I'm going to be eating this way for the rest of my life, not just for now.  If they ask me about it, I just say I've had to change the way I eat for my health.  Can't argue with  that!
I was only embarrassed before I was willing to admit I was overweight.  My boyfriend said one day "we're not fat, but neither of us are twigs either, ya know"...and right after he said that, I was much more comfortable talking about it to him and other people.  Once I came clean, I was more than happy to say I was :)
I have this same problem  I am still working up the courage to tell my hubby, I want his support though ... its very akwards right now.  LOL
My father-in-law has been on a diet, and when we have them over and offer dessert, he just says, "I'm trying not to eat that kind of stuff".  Instead of it making me judging him, it actually turns it around, and makes me feel like a pig for eating dessert... and makes me feel guilty for even offering.  And I only made it because we were having company over in the first place, and I felt like I'm expected to serve a dessert with the meal.
"My father-in-law has been on a diet, and when we have them over and offer dessert, he just says, "I'm trying not to eat that kind of stuff". Instead of it making me judging him, it actually turns it around, and makes me feel like a pig for eating dessert... and makes me feel guilty for even offering. And I only made it because we were having company over in the first place, and I felt like I'm expected to serve a dessert with the meal."

Good attitude, that's what I use to say too :)

The other day I was out with some friends at work and used that phrase when it was time for dinner. However I don't think they know I am counting cals(hate the word diet ^^). I ate that fried chicken like there was no tomorrow, they are just wondering how the heck I am losing weight, I let them wonder on for some time I guess :)
to be honest, i used to eat like crap, and when i saw a friend or anyone making a smart food choice, i was kind of envious that they had the willpower to do so.  so you should all be proud of your choices, because someone will take notice, and it might nudge them in the right direction.  and if they make comments or give you a hard time, you know they are just jealous!
I didn't let anyone know till I lost about 25 lbs, and then couldn't hide it anymore. I too felt totally embarrassed to be on a diet. I felt like if I admitted it, suddenly everyone would realize I was fat, or at least make it more of a reality. Looking back it seems kind of silly, cause I was obviously overweight. I still hate talking about it, after losing 60 lbs, cause there's always a bombardment of questions about how I did it, how I shouldn't lose anymore (I still have 9 lbs to go) and that they are going to lose weight too! but, they never do. Within about 5 minutes they usually are reaching for a big bag of chips or some pop, mumbling something about "starting Monday..." and the next time I see em they tell me how they've been doing what I told em, but haven't lost a lb! (and usually they are scarfing down some sweets as they say this)

I agree with clairelane and others that it is not a "diet", its a healthy lifestyle. I never tell people I am on a diet or that I am dieting...usually because everyone tells me I don't need to be on a diet. But, if I tell them I am trying to live the healthy lifestyle, then its no big deal. I'm just being a health-nut.

If people start pushing food on you, just tell them you are exercising later and you can't exercise on a full stomach. Works for me every time.

i agree with clairelane and yalcekim.  being "on a diet" allows suggests that it will end at some point - either when you have reached your goal or when you give up on it.  living "a healthy lifestyle" implies that it will continue for good.
I get embarrased to tell ppl because of the many failed attempts... I am afraid of getting that "here she goes again" look.. so I'm keeping it to myself.. until they notice then i could be like " I am not dieting just.. taking care of myself"
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