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Eating after working/late at night.

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Alright so. My schedule is pretty funked up, like many teenagers'. I don't go to bed until 12 (sometimes later) or wake up until 10am. On the days I work, I usually work 4-10 at night.  Most of the time, don't get a break and wind up not eating for that whole time.
My question is: Is it okay for me to eat after work even though it's late at night? I'm not talking a huge meal.. just like a cup of cereal or something else healthy. What would you recommend eating? I usually have a fruit but a lot of times that is not enough and I wind up still awake at 3 or 4 am because I'm so hungry.
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aren't you in school?

you should definitely eat after work, especially if you can't eat at work.  but you should eat breakfast, too.  maybe a small meal at night (because a larger one might keep you awake) and a really good breakfast and lunch?
what i used to do when i worked all night and had to sleep during the day was to eat a bowl of cereal when i got home.  i knew i was going to bed almost immediately but if i didnt eat then i would wake up feeling sick and knowing that i had to eat something NOW was just wrong.  i also didnt getto eat for hours because my dinner was usually bet 11p-2a depending on how busy i was.  stick to something light and you should be ok.
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Hey- I don't get home from work until about 4 am, and you better believe I'm going to have a snack!
If you are hungry, eat!  Just make healthy choices.  It doesn't matter how late you eat, as long as you are staying within your calorie goals for the day.  Everyone has different scheduals.  Sometimes me and my fiance don't eat until 9-10 at night.  It certainly has not hurt my weight loss.  Fruit breaks down very quickly, so that's why it isn't staying with you long enough.  A whole grain choice would stick with you longer.  Lean protein also sticks with you longer, so a sandwich on whole grain bread with a lean meat would also be a good choice.
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