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Weight Loss
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Eating WAY too much at night.

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I start out the day really good. I don't eat breakfast, never have I wake up too late.  I usually eat lunch, but only once or twice a week.  I usually end up sharing  starburst or chips with my freinds when I skip it.  My dinners are usually salads or weight-watchers meals, sometimes chicken or salmon. (I can't get enough of either of those) Occasionally I get take-out, only once or twice a week. I make sure I get enough calories to be healthy, I've already gone through a few eating problems, and I don't want to go back there. But yeah, so I eat good all day, but at night I go crazy (like desserts) I start out with a bowl of cereal or fruit, or ice cream (depending on my mood), then I eat a yogurt or something, still not that bad. Then I move onto the nuts, chips or pretzels. Then the granola bars, then the pop-tarts... It gets out of hand, but I don't feel like I can control it. Any tips?
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you are skipping so much during the day that it leads to binging at night. i do the same thing, i understand it completely. but if you can break the cycle cuz it's really frustrating when you don't lose weight. and you wont lose weight because are messing up your metabolism by not eating breakfast and lunch. and then wehen you comsume so much at night your metabolism can't handle it and you gain weight
i'm going through the same thing as you and it's so hard to break
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Sorry, but I wouldn't call the way you eat good.  I'm a big fan of breakfast, most people will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  And I don't think there is any valid excuse for not eating breakfast.  If you don't have time, make time! Get up 5 minutes earlier, it doesn't take long to pour yourself a bowl of cereal and eat it.

I agree with Saaaspm, the reason you're bingeing is probably because you're not eating properly during the day.

Best thing you could do is to start eating regular meals, that means breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I imagine that the reason you get so ravenous is that you've made a habit of starving yourself all morning and afternoon.  This does wonky things to your blood sugar levels.  By the time you get to evening, your body is begging to be fed.  You are basically fasting for 20 hours and then expecting yourself to only eat a little bit.  Of course that doesn't work efficiently.  If I went all day without eating, my body would be telling me to grab anything in sight.  It wouldn't care if it was healthy or not, it just wants some fuel!  Look at it this way, say I told you that you had to drive a car from New York until Los Angeles, but you can't have any gas until you reach Nevada.  It wouldn't work very well.  Bodies don't work well without fuel either.
Ok, you said you eat good "all day" yet it sounds like you're eating nothing during the day. Is that right? Yes, you would most likely not overeat at night if you ate more during the day. I tend to do that myself, though I don't skip eating all day -- I tend to eat more as the night progresses. I have stopped overdoing it though -- you just have to make a plan and follow through with it. Sometimes you have to suffer a little -- fight the urges to eat crap -- but it's totally doable -- and you break the habit. 
if u are in a hurry grab a luna bar or something and a piece of fruit or some time of yogurt smoothie ( store-bought,pre-made) u NEED breakfast! as for lunch try a sandwich or something quick and remember plenty of FRUITS and VEGETABLES to snack on!
I have the same problem - it was out of control, especially when my husband was at work.  You know, the whole "if no one sees it, it didn't happen" mentality.  Last week, I have started trying not to eat after 7 pm.  If I find myself wanting something to eat, I have been drinking some hot tea and that seems to help.  Most of the time, I am talking myself out of eating ... so far, so good.  I lost 2.5 lbs last week, so it seems to be working.
You are not eating good all day.  You have bad eating habits and if you truly want to be healthy, they will have to change.

How many calories are you eating in a day?

Skipping the first 2 meals and then eating supper, you get what 400 calories at that point?  Then another 400-500 with your "I'm eating too much at night" eating?  And if you exercise at all during the day, your 900 total is dropping by whatever you are burning off.

Sounds low.   Way low.

The reason why you are eating so much as night is that your body is crying out for more nutrition, more energy. 

Your body requires constant nutrition during the day.  After sleeping for x hours, your metabolism needs to be waken up in the morning (or whenever you wake up).  Call it breakfast, call it the food you eat when you wake up, call it whatever you want, you should be eating more when you wake up, and again at lunch.

You said you had eating problems in the past, it seems that they are still part of your life.

How old are you?  What are your stats (height, weight, ...)?
To start with, put some water in the refrigerator and grab a glass for cold water.  Everytime you're not eating, drink some water.  The cold water does three things for you.  One it makes your body use a few more calories to warm it up and process it.  Two, it makes you feel fuller.  Three it keeps you from having fake hunger pangs when you're really thirsty.

The other things that should help you are actually eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You don't have to make them huge meals if you don't want to, add light snacks in between.  If you're constantly eating during the day, it will easier to not eat at night.  Feel free to drink water or non-caffeinated tea after dinner or your last snack.  The last snack should be at least 2 hours before you go to bed.

Use the calculator on this site to find your minimum calorie needs.  Add some exercise, even if it's only stretching for 15 minutes.  From everything I've been reading, women need at least 1200 calories a day and men at least 1500 so that their bodies don't think they're fasting.  If each meal is 300-400 calories and each snack is 100-200 calories, you easily make it.  Add 15 minutes twice a day of stretching and you will have a good impact over time.  If you really want to lose some weight, then get an exercise DVD that appeals to you and do that once or twice a day.

Premeasure your snacks so that you don't eat the whole thing.  For instance, cut up some fruit and then eat it someplace other than the kitchen so that you have to at least make another trip to the refrigerator to get more.  Let the grocery store store the candy and junk food so you have to get out of the house and drive if you really want it.
Although I agree that it might be beneficial for you to eat more during the day, try to interrupt your evening eating with a bowl of a very high fiber cereal such as Fiber 1. If I'm still hungry after I eat dinner, I eat a bowl of this with skim milk before eating anything else. Usually I'm so full from all that fiber that I don't have a desire to put one more thing in my belly. Another thing that helps me is keeping a scrap of paper and forcing myself to write down what I want to eat before eating it during a binge. It slows down the eating and has often helped me eat 2 cookies rather than 10 because I hate the idea of logging 10 cookies.
~You are not alone! Think of this as a bump in the road... once you've figured out a solution, you'll never have to go back again.
tips? eat. yes, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!

you don't eat breakfast, and then you eat starburst or chips for lunch? i don't believe you don't know that is not 'eating good all day'

you can't control it, as others have mentioned, because your body is fed up of (literally) starving all day and goes on autopilot in order to get some calories in.
Hey, i completely understand with pigging out at night and it's terrible for the waistline but i only do it when i've been skipping meals. 
It seems most people say you need breakfast and i couldn't agree more.

I really have to force myself to eat breakfast but i normally start with egg whites. They're low in calories so i'm not wasting any of my allowance on something i don't really feel like i want to eat, but if you want to lose weight it's really important to kick start your metabolism.

I'm sure you've heard it a million times before but if you keep skipping meals your body goes into starvation mode. So when you do eat you're body then stores the fat because it thinks there's a shortage.

Hope this helped. X
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I hear ya.  It happens to me often when I don't eat much during the day, usually on the weekends since I wake up so late in the first place (around noon).  I would try drinking more water and don't eat any trigger foods (sweet/salty junk food) after dinner.
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