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eating sweets to boost calorie intake?

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For some (unknown) reason, I've only eaten 1,245 calories today, and I've had 3 proper meals and a snack. I'm not particularly hungry, but my calorie intake is way under (it should be more like 1400-1500). Can I just eat ice cream to make up my calories?! Or should I try and eat something else to make them up, or is it ok to just leave it?

Any advice would be great!

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It's not good to leave it too low too often. Ice cream is packed with sugar and may not be the healthiest way to up the calories EVERY day, but once in a while won't hurt in the slightest! My suggestion would be to include foods like peanuts, almonds, yogurts, Wholemeal muffins... Good luck :)

I personally wouldn't worry about it. Hide the icecream though cause you're going to be raging hungry in the morning for breakfast lol

I wouldn't worry about it. You're not hungry, and as long as it's not an everyday thing it'll be fine. You could, if you were hungry eat a high fat or protein with peanut butter, protein shake, glass of coconut milk, etc. But don't go for the ice cream. :)

or if you DO want it have the ice cream. ignoring cravings might lead to binging which is a silly way to undo your work!

Thanks for all your replies everyone!

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