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Eating right and exercising but still gaining weight

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HELP! Ive been Exercising, weightlifting, and eating right. I'm 5'6 and was138 at the first of the week. Ive exercised and watched my calorie intake and 5 days later I've gained 3 lbs.

I was on Ideal Protein and the weight fell off but I felt horrible. I'm kinda want to go back on the no carb diet but I know it's not the best for me. HELP!!!! What am I doing wrong?
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Nothing!!  Any big changes you make take time for your body to get used too.  Muscles that are not used to exercise take on extra water as they heal, especially if you are lifting weights.  Give it a few weeks before you make any changes.  I just started a new lifting program and don't expect to see full results for months!  Patience :)

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Okay that makes sense. I guess I'm just confused. I'm scared to eat anything mainly because I don't know what to eat in order to lose weight but gain muscle at the same time.

I've heard to only eat 1200 calories per day but then I've heard eat more if you're active. So how many calories is enough? What do you think?

My typical day

Breakfast: Coffee, Supplements, and Atkins Advantage Shake

Snack: Supplement shake

Lunch: Atkins Advantage Shake, can of mandarin oranges

Snack: Veggie (edamame)

Exercise: Supplement shake before, weight lift about 20-30 mins, cardio for about 20-30min.

Dinner: Meat, carbs, and veggie.

Snack: Atkins shake or bar

You can't build mucle on a caloric deficit and if you cut too low you will actually lose muscle!  1200 is way too low for your goals.  Try 1800 if you are working out reguarly and see how that goes.  Also, what is with all the supplements/shakes?  You are better off getting your nutrients from "real food".  This is not teaching you how to maintain a healthy weight long term either.  If you don't know where to start, there is a ton of info on this site about nutrition, start there.  :)

Edit to add:  eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats.  Cut out processed/packaged foods and sugar except for an occasional treat if you want it. 

I found as well that when I started faithfully drinking my 8 cups of water a day my weight temporarily increased as well, but then it evened out again now that my body is used to this and expects this water- it is not holding on to it.


You can't keep eating that. Listen to tina and add real food and get rid of that packaged stuff. You basically eat nothing until dinner, that doesn't make sense. And then once you straighten out the diet and start eating healthier - be patient. 5 days is not enough time for anything to happen.

I agree you are eating no natural foods it is all processed stuff. If you cut a food group, like carbs when you start to eat carbs again you are going to gain weight back. Im sorry but its tru I have been there. You need to immediately revamp your food plan and up it to around 1800 as said before. Here is a sample 1750 cal day with REAL food only:

breakfest: orange, 2 eggs, 2 ww bread, .5 cup green pepper, 2 oz turkey, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 cup almond milk unsweetend.

snack: 1 cup grapes

lunch: 1 ww tortila 3 oz beef, 2 tbsp salsa, 1 cup peppers

snack: granola bar

snack: 20 almonds

dinner: 1,5 cup low sodium chkn noddle soup, 2 cup mixed greens 2 tbsp cranberries, 2 tbsp slivered almonds, 1 tbsp balsamic, 1 tbsp olive oil.

This is much healthier and will help you lose weight and gain muscle.... Please stop all the supplements you do not need them if you eat properly and get your nutrients from food.

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This REALLY helps! I did a no carb diet that was successful for getting 25lbs off so now I'm scared to eat any carbs. :(I was on and off that diet for a year):

Your example of a food plan makes my mouth water lol and seems more sensible. Where do you get meal plans like the one you wrote? I think my biggest problem is I don't know how to put together meals/snacks for the day so I rely on the supplements and shakes.

Let me know if you see results after you change things up.  But why are you trying to lose weight if you are 138 and 5’6”?

Since you have been eating like this for a while, be prepared that you may put on a little weight when you start eating better. That's OK, it's healthy and temporary.

Just try to eat as much natural food as you can. When you walk around the grocery store ask yourself this: did this grow out of the dirt or eat something that grew out of the dirt?

Vegetables are generally very low in calories but have tons of nutrients. Try to eat as many of them as you can. Go to the vegetable isle of a good grocery store and take a look at what is there. Leafy vegetables are particularly good.


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Yeah I'll keep you posted. I'm that "skinny fat" body type. Last summer I was 133 so I wanted to get back to that. I want to be able to wear a bikini without things hanging over the edges. Besides I would really like to tone and build muscle which I haven't really done before so I'm going to try to eat to fuel my body.

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Great advice! Thank you!

I had a nutritionist for a while and learned how to combo foods and what my body needs. The example I gave you is high calorie and like the OP stated you may gain at first but it will come off again that I promise.

I did Atkins I had great success with it, I also destroyed my kidneys in the process as they cant handle that much protein. There are a lot of down sides to a low carb plan, Im not saying you have to stuff carbs in but they really have made a difference in how I feel and how I lose.

I am working on getting my carbs down some and my protein up but really concentrating on getting good nutritious foods in my diet! 

Breakfast can be:  2 eggs w/veggies in an omlette, oatmeal w/fruit or a TLB of PB, or berries of some kind, etc  I eat oatmeal a lot for my cholesterol.

Lunch:  big salad with lots of veggies, low cal dressing and 3 oz of some lean protein, chicken, turkey, tuna, etc  or a wrap w/veggies and 3 oz of protein, soups with a protein and lots of veggies, homemade are much better than canned and lower in sodium.  Can make in big batches and freeze extras.

Snack:  apple w/ 1 TB of PB,  1/2 c cottage cheese w/fruit or yogurt, hummus on veggies or whole wheat crackers

Dinner:  protein and veggies, side of brown/wild rice, sweet potato, etc

If you check out the recipe forum you will find a lot of healthy stuff that members make :)

If you don't want to be "skinny fat" you need to eat to support muscle growth with good nutritious foods and lift heavy weights.  Don't worry so much about the scale. Check out this girl, amazing transformation!  Not saying we can all do this but. . .  I find her story inspiring every time I read this.  :) taci-your-new-powerlifting-super-hero/

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Wow! That article was very eye opening. It made me feel better about gaining on the scale. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing that link!!!!

You're welcome!!  Kinda makes you look at all this from a whole new perspective. I know it's furthur evidence that the changes I have made to my goals/eating strategy are on the right track.  :)

Edit to add:  I just started the program "New Rules of Lifting for Women" the end of Dec and am hoping to see some significant changes in my body shape and body fat percentage in the next 6 months.  My cal range is 1800-2200, depending on my workouts and other activities.  So far I have lost 6 lbs since I started but have to give probably 4 of that to holiday bloat.  Wink

Was this the first time you weighed yourself in the week.  Sounds like you are doing the right thing - I know if I eat ham or anything salty, I will pack on pounds of water retention immediately.  During pregnancy, I had ham for a few days and had put on 20 pounds  As soon as I watched my salt intake, I lost it all. 

 Does your weight fluctuate during every  month anyway because of hormonal changes?   Again as I mentioned before, a little bit more sodium in my food and boy do I retain fluid which shows weight gain immediately.

 I really don't know of anyone who was able to maintain permanent weight loss on these high protein no carb diets.  Whenever someone makes a change to eat healthier meaning to not eat as much sweets or fry food than what they were eating before, normally they lose the weight at a slower rate than the fad dieters and it was more permanent weight loss for them. 

Does your exercise program include aerobic like walking, running, etc?  If you go slightly beyond your target heart range in your aerobic exercise, meaning to speed up the walks or runs occasionally, it suppose to help burn more fat since our bodies adjust getting use to the same ole speed and routine. 

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