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Eating patterns around your period?

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what sort of eating patterns do you get around your period? usually I don't notice anything too different except I get bad cravings. But this month was really crazy. 1st it was delayed a bit for some reason (I'm not very regular anyway though).

2nd, yesterday was technically the first day but I didn't know until the evening. Yesterday over half my calories for the day were spent on chocolate chip cookies. It was pretty bad (and sooo good). I didn't know what the heck was going on! And then I got it and I was like..oh...lol...right. I only went about 200 calories over my target but I was eating right up until I went to bed! I was so hungry.

Then today I woke up and had 2 granola craisin bars for breakfast, and an apple and 3/4ths of a banana for lunch. I couldn't even finish the banana..I'm saving it for afternoon snack I guess. So I'm at 400 calories today so far. But my appetite has pretty much just disappeared. And I also ONLY feel like I want healthy food for the whole day. It's crazy because i've never been able to listen to my body so closely before. But i've discovered my body has WEIRD TASTES and it also changes its mind often!

What happens to you around your period? is it always the same each month? and do you get different things happening on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd day etc?

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hey. it really depends some months i ham ravonous and cant eat enough and other months i cant even look at food without wanting to puke. Ah isn't it lovely being a girl!

i know lol. bump?

I'm almost always very, very regular, but this month I was 5 days late (just started moments ago, yay) I don't usually notice food cravings or anything like that, really. But this month (yesterday) I was STARVING. No matter what I ate, I felt hungry in an hour. Bodies are weird.

Dude. I get CRAZY hungry right before my period & eat a lot of food. When my period finally starts I usually want fresh whole foods. Maybe I'm just burnt out from all the crap I eat before! Anyway, my weight fluctuates 5+lbs & then goes back down over the week. Ahhh... the joy of being female Tongue out

Same for me carley...I tend to be a ravenous animal for a week or so before...as well as being terrible tempered. Then after I get "it" I am nauseous and don't even want to look at the very same food I wanted before. I get about two weeks a month where I am not on a rollercoaster. Undecided

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this is perfect timing to see this post.  I didn't have my period for about 1/2 year, so I'm just getting use to it again.  I should have it in a little less than a week, but I have the same thing...I'm sooo hungry!  I run about 8 km (5mi.) a day and I was wondering if my exercise is just boosting up my appetite (although I've always done this), but I definetly have more hunger these past few days than normal, and I'm up 2lbs since 4 days ago, so I'm hoping it goes away soon!

i'm just getting mine again, too - this past year it's been REALLY irregular if it comes at all.  it seems to be trying to start up again regularly though. 

but it is just. terrible. this time round - not *heavy* but painful. and this is only day one.

and i just ate a monstrous bowl of oatmeal and a pile of raw almonds and walnuts that definitely were not meant to be in my calorie count for the day.... i'm fighting the guilt. 

i remember though, when i used to get it before - i'd just want to eat TONS the week beforehand, and then, a few days into it, it'd be like a cork was popped - i wouldn't look so puffy and my cravings would be gone. 

I'm 47 so coming up to the menopause - you know tons of mood swings even more than "normal" Yell  I started about an hour ago and yesterday I was absolutely psycho.  The only food thing is I really crave chocolate.

Having said that can I ask if any of you have actually been sick with your periods cos my daughter (14) is usually terribly sick with hers and I've not encountered that before with female friends/sisters/mum etc etc.

i get ravenously hungry the week before.  during, i crave sweets and salty snacks.

LOL. I was SOOOOO Hungry yesterday. Ravenous. So much that I made my husband drive me to Carls jr and ate a freaking Famous Star and a box of chili cheese fries!!!! Surprised

It was totally weird for me to do that, I NEVER eat junk like that. Anyway, TOM came today, so that explains it. I havent had much of an appetite today though.

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LOL. Apparently some people get cranky, too!

veganmamma: i have known many people that get physically sick during their periods. on my first and second day, i usually feel awful - just overall weak and my joints hurt and i'm prone to migraines during this time, too. 

a friend of mine used to throw up each cycle. isn't that terrible? it does happen though. 

if i were you, i'd just let her laze around. stay away from excess starchy and salty foods and get a day off from school.  

I binge SO much, mostly on carbs and chocolates and stuff, its horrible! I've been working on changing that behavior, but no luck...

About a week before it starts I start having yearnings for carbs like bread and pretzels and stuff- which I generally don't eat. (btw I'm writing this as I'm halfway through a bag of pretzels so guess what time of month it is for me!) However, during my actual period I don't have much of an appetite.

thanks juliadil - she and I are very close and so we decided to look at her general health, food choices, exercise etc and she has now found that the sickness has gone.  For her it was chocolate and salty stuff and if she avoids that.  As for the day off school she is lucky - she is home educated Laughing (I wish I had been when I was a kid!)

My periods are regular, (not on BC) but I have a long cycle (33 days) so predicting arrival time is kinda hard.

Usual symptoms for the week before..  sudden craving for all carborific foods esp bread and potatoes, and anything sweet. Generally I am much more hungry that week and get GRRRR about the slightest thing and of course, there is bloating!

Symptoms for the Week of.. for the first 2-3 days the cramps are pretty bad (even WITH midol or whatever) and my appetite practically vanishes. I also tend to get diarrhea. I found out recently that sickness and or diarrhea at this time is associated with the sudden drop in hormones.

So, to combat all this, I have recently been cutting back on salty things in effort to lessen the bloating. And will allow myself a extra snack per day, the week before, coz I know I will hardly eat/ eat very lightly for two three days the next week. I try to make the extra snack something sweet, but healthy, like fruit so that also satisfies my sweet cravings.

I usually don't get any special cravings, but I WILL eat anything in sight. I get really, really bad cramps though, so when I get those I don't  have much of an appetite.

veganmamma:  When I was in high school I used to get such bad cramps that I would get sick from them.  back then the only thing that i suffered from were these two things.  I would throw up a couple of times and then usually stay in bed for maybe three hours with a heating pad.  After that I was fine.  (only first day of period too)  This lasted maybe on and off for two years. 

now it's different.  I get really hungry for everything the week before.  I eat sweets and salty snacks.  I always want like some kind of cake!  angel food cake, tres leches cake, or like the really light cake from the asian markets around here.  I usally get really bloated from the salt I guess too.  So my weight usually goes up like three pounds right before my period, but right after it starts the cravings go away and the weight comes off. 

This post is timely for me, too. I use the quarterly birthcontrol pill - so I have my period only four times a year. It's awesome for the most part, but when it's time - holy cow! All of the usual symptoms seem to have saved themselves up for a wild 6 - 8 days. 

 If you saw SNL a few weeks ago, they did a parody of this med and called it "Annual". I fell out of the bed I was laughing so hard - It was right on the mark. I get wild cravings for salt and sweet, and my appetite increases profusely. I get super cranky and clumsy. And, if I don't take ibprofen early enough, the cramps are dibilitating. Ah, the joys of womanhood.


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Oh OK so I am not the only one. I am hungry as a hunter for a week before my period starts.

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