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Eating ONLY when my stomach that ok?

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Well is that ok? i just thought of it today..i mean will that work? is it healthy? o:

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That depends entirety on the amount of calories you get in by the end of the day.

It is not when you eat but what and how much.

But if my stomach craves food, it will growl right? so i should be able to get enough calories? but if i keep track, and im running a little low ill add more :) is that ok?

Original Post by lazybuttmunch:

But if my stomach craves food, it will growl right?

Not necessarily. Sometimes I skip the growling phase and go directly to absolute hunger, without ever hearing a peep from my stomach. Other times my stomach growls after eating.

oh ok thanks for the help (: so what im thinking is that is not a good idea to eat until my tummy growls? o:

I disagree. If you wait to eat when you are growling and super hungry there is a good chance you will over eat.  As soon as I think I might start to be getting hungry, I will eat something, that way I can satisfy the hunger with a snack or whatever meal time it is. I usually eat something every 2 - 3 hours. That way I never feel like I am starving. But that is only my opinion!

OOOOH, i get it now!!! thank you so much kcnae <3!!!!

Although it is never fair to generalize, I think many people that use this site are here because intuitive eating has failed them/us/me.  This results in either under eating or overeating.

If your are eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full and you are maintaining a healthy weight then you have no reason to change your habits.  But if you are trying to gain or lose weight I think it is a good idea to keep track of what you're eating and even plan meals and snacks and meal/snack times in advance so you don't end up over or under eating.

Your welcome!

All it means when your stomache grows is that there is nothing in it.  The growling sound is basically your stomach muscles moving around and contracting.  If there is nothing in it then it gets smaller.  If you google "why stomaches growl" you can get some explaination.  But it generally can be as big as a gallon or as small as a fist.  The noise it just your muscles.  I have gone some days not hearing it growl at all and others when it does multiple times, I would not use it has a determining factor of when to eat.  I would just listen to your body and eat when your hungry but eat within reason and eat healthy food.  Then, the trick is to stop eating when you are full. 

I can't give much help because my stomach only usually makes noise when it's full.   In fact I often don't get hunger singles at all.  I got from fine to dizzy and light headed with no growling at all.  So that would never work for me.

I am learning to pay attention to more subtle hunger signals, because getting light headed and dizzy sucks.  If you plan your meals, keep track of your calories, and pay attention to your body, you can eventually learn the more subtle signals  and be able to keep from getting too hungery. 

Only eating when your hungery/when your stomach growls makes about as much sense as only filling up your car when you're already out of gas.

my stomach doesnt  growl for me when Im hungry. I feel like im going to pass out if I eat my snack just 10 min late, no warnings before hand.


Edit: Lunaripyros im exactly like you. I get weak and dizzy if I miss my morning snack or afternoon snack.

floggingsully...that is a really good analogy! Love it!

no.. that's not okay.

if you wait until you are starving then it's already too late. Your body needs to refuel every couple hours to ward off those hunger pangs and keep functioning efficiently.

when you skip meals, your metabolism slows down, making you more likely gain weight.. and when you are really hungry you are more likely to overeat or binge at your next meal, resulting in.. you guessed it, weight gain

have you ever written a test, or played a sport while really hungry? it's not fun or comfortable is it.. you lose a lot of your focus when you are hungry; your brain sends signals telling you that it is time to eat, and your moter functions slow as your fuel depletes... notice how much more cranky and irritable we are when we're starving?

you should eat frequently; about every 2-3 hours, and not go any longer than 4-5 hours between meals (except for sleeping).. this keeps your metabolism running smoothly and your energy levels up. It will also allow you to regulate your hunger, as your body will become used to eating 5-6 SMALL meals/snacks a day and "yell" at you when it's time to eat

I too like floggingsully's analogy!!

another thing.. most people are on this site because intuitive eating has not worked for them in the past

I know every one always says "just listen to your body, eat when you are hungry, and stop when you are full"

but come on, we all know that's not that easy... if I were to "listen to my body" I would probably be polishing off an entire box of chocolates right now.

the fullness factor is problematic when it comes to calorie dense foods like peanut butter, cause before the feeling of "fullness" kicks in, we have already consumed hundreds of calories in mere minutes, and just a couple tablespoons of peanut butter is enough to blow your entire caloric budget without even being a proper meal

it takes about 20 minutes for your body to realize that it has had enough, but if it only takes you 5 mintues to suck back an entire 1000cal milkshake, you are still going to be hungry


most people don't wait until their cell phone dies to charge it, they'll throw it on the charger when the battery is low but not dead... don't wait till your body starves to feed it, but when your energy starts deplating, it's time to refuel

I tend to find by each expected meal time ie Breakfast, lunch, Dinner etc that my stomach is getting pretty growly.  I think it is best to plan your meals. Eating only when your stomach growls could mean you might end up either overeating in one session due to ravenous hunger and so binging or not eating enough thoughout the whole course of the day.

...ok I know you're supposed to be supportive on these type of websites, but I'm sorry... this has to be one of the more ignorant questions I have ever read. Of course you don't wait until your stomach growls to lose weight. If you do that, you're pretty much giving yourself and eating disorder.

Coming from my own experience from eating disorders, I was starving myself and was belimic for a measly 10 lbs. I would wait until my stomach growled, if not, longer... but then when I would allow myself to eat, I would eat way too much because I couldn't stop, and then I would feel like crap and make myself vomit and it became a vicious cycle. I was weak and crabby all the time, and when I finally pulled myself out of it, it took a while for my body to adjust to food on a regular basis. Because of that, I put all the weight back on.

I knew what I was doing to my body and it was horrible. I used to and still make comments about how people are dumb and shouldn't do that. Now, instead of resorting to starving myself, I chose a better alternative. I eat five times a day (mostly just snack size portions) and I eat a healthy dinner... and 2 to 3 times a week, I ride my bike to work. (20 mile round trip). I used to starve myself because I'm not so much into exercising, but jamming out on a bicycle on my way to work really wakes me up and gets me pumped for the day. Not to mention, the toning in my body that I would never have gotten from not eating as much.

I hope that you chose a better alternative. I know my story may have been a lil extreme but I started out same as you with the same thought that you posted, and that's pretty much what it led to. Good luck

eat breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch, dinner, another snack if desired. a growling stomach is basically your bodys way of Cying out, FEED ME IM EMPTY lol. thats not good at all.

i for one cant rely on that; i dont get growls, like the above posters--- ill be fine then within 15mins ill be close to fainting. unfortunately i too took advantage of this with my ed, sometimes going over 8hours between eating during the day. now my metabolisms every 3 hours, exercise 3x week, eat your BMR ....if you arent active and want to lose safely you, based on your stats, should aim for 1400-1500 NO LOWER...dont make mistakes here and neglect your body, its a very complex system, like a machine that needs to be kept to do this and it could spiral into something dangerous. 


basically, listen to the advice uve got here. x

eating when you are hungry is NOTHING like waiting until your car is empty before filling it.  when your car is full, gas will spill all over the ground, not be stored on the car's hips.  eating when your stomach growls is instinct, natural, the way it is meant to be.  people sometimes are afraid to let it get to that point, thanks to the media.  you will not die if you wait to eat until your stomach growls.  you will maintain a healthy weight.  if you are in the middle of class or driving, you can even disregard the growling and it will subside in ten minutes or so, but you need to eat when you can in that case.   eating healthy means eating when your stomach growls, and ceasing to eat once your stomach has reached a satisfied--not stuffed--feeling.  if you want to be an anorexic, then you are really not trying to eat healthy and there are other issues here.  eating healthy means EATING when your body asks for it and not eating when your body doesn't.  too bad we're not like cars and the excess just spills out everywhere.  wouldn't it be so simple?  hey, i guess that's like the lapband...another thing, check out for information on how flavors (natural flavors, artificial flavors, extracts, etc) cause obesity.  monosodium glutamate and freed glutamic acids are cheap and flavorful so the food industries use them like crazy.  imagine if you make strawberry ice cream. if you made it with real, delicious strawberries, you would list "STRAWBERRIES" on the label, not "natural strawberry flavor" or for vanilla, "vanilla extract".   take a look at what you are putting into your body, as well as how much.  for more info on that subject, check out the website i listed or Dr Russell Blaylock, certified neurosurgeon and author and lecturer on this matter.  as far as eating and being afraid to let your stomach growl, take some courses on nutrition and the human body.  don't listen to these people that are afraid of nature and afraid to feel what it's like to burn the calories you intake and to replace them as they need replaced and not any sooner, unless you want to store up fat.

Holy zombie wallotext.

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