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Eating only 700-800 calories per day. Is this bad for me?

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Hey. I have been for the last few months, living on close to 700-800 cals a day, and possibly burning off 100-150. And I have only just discovered how bad that is. The problem is, thatā??s just me eating normally, not cutting back. I havenā??t cut anything out and I canā??t eat more than I do atm coz then Iā??d  be over doing myself. Just donā??t know, will this be damaging to me in some way?
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I had the same problem and I thought hey so what?  *Im losing weight this is awesome! But then without realizing for a year I went on maybe 900 calories and you know what?  it completely messed me up.  I feel weak, I look weak, Im alwaystired and sad, Sometimes I evenfeel in a diferent world as if im psychotic, I gain weight from every little thing I eat, And from what I know im starting to think I really do have a mental disorder all because of a 3 month 100 calorie diet.  not worth it.  So stuff your face.  Right now go eat a peanut butter jar  =)
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Eating too little is counter productive.  You need to increase the calories you are consuming or risk malnutrition and permanent health damage.

If you are looking for an excuse to undereat, you won't find it here.


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Hi. I have been eating close to 700-800 cals (give or take) for a while now.  I have also been burning off around 200ish. This is just how much I eat and exercise per day. I can't eat more as I'd be over eating then. What I was wondering was, what are the health problems that can happen to me if I continue doing what I'm doing now? Even though I don't feel asthough I am dieting, just eating normally?

#1 spirochete (Edit) Jul 16 2007 17:24 Your body is going to burn off a good portion of your muscle and you start to lose all your energy. If you're not careful, you'll start losing your hair as well. If you insist on eating so little, you'll start stealing muscle from other places, like your heart. People die from anorexia, please get help IMMEDIATELY if you feel like you're eating a normal amount.

Like NOW.

#2 ashalee_88 (Edit) Jul 16 2007 17:28 Well I eat breakfast, lunch & dinner with snacks. I think that is normal. Anorexics don't eat. I do. Just don't over eat.

#3 spirochete (Edit) Jul 16 2007 17:29 700 calories with 200 worth of exercise? Are you looking for someone to validate this? My sister ended up in the hospital for a month eating like that

#4 ashalee_88 (Edit) Jul 16 2007 17:32 Well I've been doing this for a while longer than I stated. About 2 months. I don't think I have a problem. How much should I be consuming at 18?
How much should I be consuming a day. At 18?
Okay I have said this somewhere before:

when you eat that little your body will necessarily consume your muscle, not your fat, so that it can use the little calories it does get to fuel its primary biological functions.  You can only loose good amounts of FAT consistently, and without damaging yourself not to mention driving yourself batty, if you have a small caloric deficit and are consistently feeding your body well over what it needs to function normally. 

It does not matter if you *feel* normal.  Your body plays tricks with your mind so that the suffering you are putting it through by starving yourself does not register.  But trust me it is suffering and pretty soon you will either have to do something more drastic in order to keep loosing weight, like stop eating alltogether, or start eating normally and be rational about this. 
Use the tools here to calculate your normal calorie expenditure.  Click the tools tab at the top,
I'm not going to stop eating all together because I know that is unhealthy. But how much calories is 'normal' for my age?
How much do you weigh now? The number is different if you're 110lbs vs if you're 180 lbs
Well I am 5"5 weighing 120lbs
Hi Ashalee :)  I was thinking you were alreay in your 20's!
sorry 121
ash-- go to tools and go to expenditure and put in your height and weight and such.  it will tell you how much you expend each day without doing anything (if you have it set on sedentary).

then come back and tell us about your height and weight and such.  a lot of how much you should eat is your activity level, whether or not you need to lose, and your age.
at 5'5 and 120 you are at a normal weight (for both under 19 and over 19 if i remember right).

if you still feel you need to lose weight, you should talk to your dr or your mom.
"Also, because you are still growing as a teenager... the medical community often does not recommend actually trying to "diet" ~ there are other more appropriate things to do, like increase activity, change types of foods to more nutritious more balanced foods." This is all I have done really. And now I'm confused/
Of course you'll hurt yourself!
I don't think ANYBODY only burns 800 calories a day, since, according to the calorie-count expenditure tool, using an impossibly low weight, like 50 pounds for an 18 year old 4'10" female would still burn 1200 calories to stay alive, without exercise of any kind. So I'm sure you weigh like twice that and are much taller. If you keep eating like that, you're going to get very sick, and you won't be making any progress toward a healthier you. In fact, it's probably healthier to be overweight than severely underweight.
According to the expenditure tool on this site, if you were to sit and watch TV all day or sit at a desk all day, you would burn 1600 calories, DOUBLE what you are currently eating.
ashalee ~ you are in a very normal to low end weight range for your age and height.  did you take a minute to look at calorie recommendations from this calculator?

  • calculator and calorie information for Teens 
  • also, have you recently gained or lost weight?  have you recently gained height?
    also, wanted to ask ~ what is your goal?  are you trying to keep your weight the same?
    Well I'm not sure about my goal, I just wanna do something with my thighs I guess. Not so much lose more weight.   That site said I am healthy, and need 2930 daily I think, for very active which was over 1 hour a day, so.   I have recently lost weight 2-3kgs (4-6lbs) But like I said, I don't think it'd be healthy to lose anymore. Just tone up and what not.
    aaah, good for you....
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