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Eating more, loosing weight and getting a belly???

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I was pretty much in starvation mode and found a pretty good diet that had me up the calories, and eat 5 times a day. Each meal you have to have a protein and a carb. I had been stuck at the same weight for along time. When I started this system, I started to loose weight again, but the weird thing is my belly is getting bigger. It does not just look bigger because the surrounding area is less, It is sticking out to the point it was about 2 months ago in my training. I do abs every day so I dont think it is the muscles of the abs, what could it be? How can I gain fat in one area if I am loosing overall? Any ideas?

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Is it possible you could be retaining a lot of water?  Maybe you ate some pretty salty foods recently?  Just a thought.

Thanks K9, Never add salt  to my food, never use it, don't like the taste, but I have up the amount of water slightly, but not enough to distend my stomach.  Every day at the gym, I sweat off about a pound of water during my workout. Do you think that water would just concentrate in one area like that?

what are you eating? do you get relatively full after a meal? Because my stomach balloons out after a meal like that, even if I'm not super full, just satisfied. It happens if I have more than 4 or 500 calories in one sitting. I think it could be just your food waiting to digest or .. well, you're not constipated are you? sorry to bring up THE POOP, but it could be a culprit as well.

A protruding belly in 3rd world countries is a sign of a lack of protein.  If you were in starvation mode, you might be having a similar problem.  Go to your doctor to see if this is the problem or rule it out.  If it isn't, you are probably bloated or gassy.  Changing your diet will do that.  Stick to your new healthier diet.  But def go to your doctor.

getting more protein now than before, I have been eating 400 or 500 cal per meal, which is a huge jump over before. I was doing 200 or 300 per meal 3 times a day, now average 2000 a day. It not someting so terrible that I feel I need to go to a doctor, it is flabby, before I was down to pinching a couple inches or less, now I would say I am pinching 4 inches of flab.

my guess is that once you get used to the new diet, it'll go away. But if it doesn't go away in a few weeks, maybe consider some medical advice. 

on the poop side, here is more info than most people will want to know... poop warning.... I have always had a problem since I was a child. My parents took me to the doc back then and he said it was just normal for me. I normly have a bm one time in one or two weeks. When I go, I am not constipated, just feel the need to go and the amount is about the same as a normal persons output. I think it is big part of my weight problem. Everything I eat, gets broken down and used or stored as fat. There is very little waste. I know it is not good for someone my age 53 to have this waste in me for a long time because of colon cancer and so on. I take a herbal tea a few times a week, that clean me out. It is not a pretty sight or kind of like a barnyard animal but it does the trick. I have continued to use it with my new diet, but have not really seen any increase in volume, which indicates that some food is being left behind.

I would have to agree with some of the others and would think it will eventually go away as your body gets accustomed to the new diet change.  If it doesn't improve after that, then I would think about talking to a doctor or tweaking your diet some.

is it possible that you are not getting enough fiber? that could lead to constipation and hence a bigger looking belly

oh if you have some fat over your abs muscles, it might make the belly look bigger until you lose that fat (by doing cardio)

Thanks, the only way I could eat more fiber is to eat a tree. The biggest part of my carbs is fiber. I eat only fresh food and tons of fruit. I dont have constipation as far as I know. They fat was going down with cardio and diet, it just came back real fast when I started the new diet. The diet I am following is from a ebook and there is no support group there or I would ask them. I think I have thought through most of the possibilities, just does not make sense, to loose weight and get fat. Maybe I am just burning muscle? I have increased the intensity of my workouts about 50% more now that I have extra energy from the increased food in. I thought that perhaps that I lost more fat from my sides or something and my belly looked bigger, but even my wife says it is alot bigger than last week. I guess I will just keep at it and see what happens next week. Perhaps it is just a digestion time issue. Before there was longer time between eating and less food to digest.  Thanks for your thoughts.

Have you been taking measurements?  Are your clothes fitting differently?

I say, unless you have the proof in your measurements and how your clothes feel, it could just be that you are losing from everywhere except your belly. Therefore making it look larger. Your body chooses where it wants to lose fat from, so maybe it just isnt ready to lose in the belly yet.

Start taking your measurements - i would make sure to get at least 3 different spots in your mid section - upper, middle and lower belly is what i do. 

See how that pans out after a few weeks and then if you belly is definately getting bigger and the other measurements are smaller - you should probably see a doctor or nutritionist.

I would be very careful about following diets that you get online by e-book. Many of these programs are very dangerous - i came across one just yesterday talking about how to "Lose 12 lbs a week!" and it prescribed only eating 800-1000 calories and exercising enough to have a 2000 calorie deficit!

First of all, you shouldn't do abs every day. They are a muscle just like any other and need rest. They don't get stronger when you are working them, they get stronger while you are recovering. You could be overtraining your abs.

If I remember from a different post, you are using Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, correct? In which case, check out this link:

There is a group for BFFM. I think it is called the Burn the Fat Inner Circle or something like that. You have to pay to join but when I bought my copy of BFFM, on my confirmation email from when I signed up for the newsletter mailing list, there was an offer where you could try out the inner circle for $1. It is only good for 30 days so if you signed up for the newsletters, look for the email and see if the offer is on there. It might be worth a dollar to be able to ask your question.

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